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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Colts Punter Pat McAfee Donates Hair to Cancer Patients (Video)

A lot of athletes get made fun of for having long hair. Just ask Tom Brady. It’s something we simply enjoy ripping on people for and can make them an easy target at times — especially when they get dragged down by it.  That makes it easy to forget that some of them are doing it for a great cause, like Colts punter Pat McAfee.  According to the Indianapolis Star, McAfee recently chopped off the long locks that he had been growing since 2009 and donated them to aid cancer patients.

“Woooo…donated the hair baby,” McAfee wrote on his Twitter account Tuesday.

He donated approximately 12 inches of his hair to Locks of Love, which is a nonprofit organization that makes hairpieces for children who are undergoing cancer treatment and can’t afford them.  Here is a video of McAfee getting his hair chopped off for charity, courtesy of WTHR in Indianapolis:


Tim Tebow Is the NFL’s Messiah

You can call off the search. It looks like Roger Goodell has found his Messiah. Nope, it’s not a really tall guy, wearing sandals, sporting a snowy, white beard. (If my religious imagery has been formulated through years of watching cartoons, I apologize.) Actually, he stands about 6-foot-3, dresses in an odd combination of navy blue and orange, appears to be pretty clean-shaven, and wears the number 15. Beware the Ides of Tim Tebow. Although no one would confuse Tyler Palko for Goliath, Tebow thus far in his first audition as a starter for the Denver Broncos hath runneth over the opposition in the AFC West, which is sort of, in essence, giving creed to the saying the meek shall inherit a playoff berth.

The nascent success of the deeply religious quarterback from the University of Florida has also led to the intersection of gridiron and Biblical imagery, most notably fans sports jerseys with his number and Jesus’ name in place of “Tebow” on the back. Far be it for this writer to speculate on the religious significance of Tebow’s accomplishments.

Before my Bar Mitzvah (and even at times after it), I thought that Jesus and Moses were Alou brothers, not spiritual figures. His success has also spurred the coinage of words like “Tebowing” to connote his devout beliefs, while becoming a poster-boy for the young Republicans club. If that be the case, in the interest of the Equal Time Rule, I say that an interception or fumble be considered a “Tebow-ner”; giving the Denver play-caller the benefit of the doubt, akin to throwing him a “Tebow-n.” Of course, should he ever lose his spot as starter, the Broncos quarterback position would be “previously Tebow-ned.” That last one could apply to other things, though I reluctantly hold back.

After being a highly sought-after high school prospect, Tebow landed at Florida as the backup to Chris Leak, as well-remembered by college football fans for orchestrating the Gators’ success as Pete Best was for keeping the beat early on with the Beatles. (For non-devotees of Beatles history, please keep reading, it’s bound to get better.) Tebow helped lead Florida to a national championship that year, helping to take the minds of proud alumni off the fact that they spent any measurable portion of their life in Gainesville, Florida, once listed as the one of the “meanest” cities in the country. (Probably not an accomplishment championed by the local chamber of commerce.) The following year, he won the Heisman, showing that it’s good to give, but receiving isn’t all that bad, either.


Here is Jerry Seinfeld’s Dog, Jose Reyes (Video)

Last week, we told you about how badly Jerry Seinfeld wants the Mets to keep Jose Reyes — so badly he bought a dog and named him after Jose.  This way, the Seinfeld family can still keep a Jose Reyes around if the Mets let him sign elsewhere.  On Tuesday while he was co-hosting “Live! With Kelly” with Kelly Ripa, Seinfeld introduced his dog, which he described as an “impulse buy,” to the audience.  Here is the newest addition to Jerry Seinfeld’s family:


Albert Pujols’ Agent, Dan Lozano, Reportedly Negotiated Team-Friendly Deal in 2004 Because He was Broke

Anyone who is familiar with sports knows about the stereotypes associated with sports agents. They lie, they back-stab, and they tell a player anything he or she wants to hear. An agent will give off the appearance that he is a player’s best friend, but at the end of the day we all know it’s about nothing more than money. Since it is usually strictly about money for the player, the relationship works out nicely. For someone like Dan Lozano, recent accusations could complicate things a bit.

On Tuesday, Deadspin released a lengthy report about Lozano that highlights all the sleaze ball tactics he has used to build his list of All-Star clients that includes Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols. Among the entertaining recollections of running a prostitution ring, sexually harassing employees, and drinking excessively was some information that could be particularly disturbing to Pujols.

The sources who fueled the Deadspin story claim Lozano is a a brilliant chameleon — one who has played the rowdy party animal for guys like Mike Piazza and the Christian church-goer for Pujols and his wife.  In addition to pretending to be someone he is not, Lozano also may have screwed Pujols out of millions of dollars because he was in such serious financial trouble.


Tennessee State Player M.J. Rhett’s Mom Surprises Him with Return Home from Iraq

Just before Tennessee State took on top-ranked North Carolina on Tuesday night, they had a surprise visitor in their locker room.  One particular player, freshman M.J. Rhett, was more thrilled to see the surprise guest than anyone else in the room.  That’s because it was Rhett’s mother, Stephanie Rhett, who is a sergeant in the Army National Guard and had been serving in Iraq since August.  Check out this video of Stephanie surprising her son, courtesy of The Dagger:


Tim Tebow Makes Broncos’ Defense Better Because He Keeps Them Off the Field

Tim Tebow backers like to say that the guy is a “winner.” They overlook his poor passing stats and say that he gets it done when he needs to. While this is true, the more practical observer notes that Tebow doesn’t generate many points until the end of games. Even more importantly, those who call Tebow a winner may overlook the other factors that have led to Broncos wins.

For instance, what does Tim Tebow have to do with Willis McGahee breaking long touchdown runs against the Raiders? How did Tebow influence Eddie Royal’s punt return for a touchdown in the same game? And was it Tebow who held the Jets to only 13 points? While Tebow had no impact on the punt return, he has actually helped the Broncos defense despite being an offensive player.

Allow me to explain.

Because the Broncos run the ball so frequently with Tim Tebow at quarterback, they use up more time when he’s on the field. Even if they go three and out, their possession takes more time than say a three and out from Kyle Orton that features two passing plays. The more time that elapses on Denver’s offensive possessions, the fewer times it allows the opposing team an opportunity to score. Additionally, by protecting the football (as he’s done very well), Tebow prevents opposing teams from having extra possessions. It’s very simple math, and the numbers back it up.


Hawaii Point Shaving Investigation: Spread for Utah State Game Moved 6 Points in 3 Hours

The Honolulu Police Department said on Tuesday that they are not opening a criminal investigation of alleged point shaving regarding the University of Hawaii football team because of a lack of information.

The school’s president says the office of admissions received an anonymous letter on November 3rd alleging point shaving by members of the football team. The timing of the letter coincides with suspicious movement concerning the point spread for one of Hawaii’s games. points out that the point spread for the Hawaii-Utah State game opened with Hawaii favored by 7.5 points, and as much as 9 in one book. Three hours later, the line was down to 3.5 everywhere.

“There was some wise-guy buzz about that game even before these allegations surfaced,” Covers reports.

The Wynn casino in Las Vegas reportedly opened with the line at 7.5 Sunday night and it dropped to 3.5 Monday morning.

The only thing we can think of that would cause a move like that is either wise guy money, or key injury news concerning a quarterback. Hawaii’s quarterback Bryant Moniz played the entire previous game and played the entire Utah State game, so that explanation does not hold up.

As for the actual game, Hawaii blew a 28-7 halftime lead and lost 35-31. They’re 5-6 on the year and 4-7 against the spread.

Chaz Schilens on Warren Sapp: Everyone on the Raiders Thinks He’s a Joke

Warren Sapp has made a living off trash talking. He did it during his playing career for the Bucs and Raiders, and he’s doing it now as a broadcaster. He’s made explosive comments about LeBron James and Keyshawn Johnson and received the type of attention he was seeking. But Raiders receiver Chaz Schilens sees right through the act, and so do his teammates.

“Warren Sapp is a fool,” Schilens said, apparently bothered by Sapp’s disrespect of the Raiders. “That dude is stupid. He played for the Raiders 20 years ago, no one cares what he says, nobody likes him, he’s a joke … Everyone on this team thinks he’s a joke. So, he can make his predictions next week, and we’ll watch ‘em and we’ll go out and win. … That’s about it.”

Sapp had his feelings hurt and went on the offensive. He responded via his Twitter account.


MMA Fighter Killed in Slaughterhouse by Falling Cow Carcass

A professional MMA fighter from Scotland died last week after being crushed by a cow carcass in a slaughterhouse. That’s probably not what you want your obituary to read, but then again, if you’re dead, does it really matter what your obit says?

23-year-old Alexander McCrae had been working at the slaughterhouse for about a month and was an MMA fighter on the side. He had just began a professional career and aimed to go full-time, according to the Daily Record.

But on Thursday, he was crushed by a cow carcass that fell on him. His death is being investigated, but they believe he “suffered a heart attack when a carcass fell from a hook on a conveyor system and hit him on the head.”

McRae’s friends say they thought it was a joke because that’s the type of guy he was. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Death by falling cow carcass. It doesn’t get much worse than that.

via Off the Bench

Rangers Sign Joe Nathan, Move Neftali Feliz to Rotation, Likely to Lose C.J. Wilson

The Rangers signed reliever Joe Nathan to a two-year $14.5 million deal and introduced him to the media and fans Tuesday. The deal may sound like a lot for a guy who struggled last season, but the Rangers are hoping he can be the All-Star level closer he was from 2004-2009 before getting hurt. The signing also has a ripple effect for the organization.

By adding Nathan, the Rangers can now shift young fireballer Neftali Feliz to the rotation. Feliz started 54 games out of his 80 minor league appearances. He has been a reliever the past two and a half years for Texas, and he was the AL Rookie of the Year and an All-Star last season.

Joe Nathan for $7 million a season is a much more cost-effective solution for Texas’ pitching staff than retaining C.J. Wilson. Wilson, who has been the staff ace the past two years, is a free agent and seeking a long-term deal that will pay him big money. He’s met with the Angels, and he’s scheduled to meet with the Marlins. If his price ends up around $70 million or more, he would likely be too pricey for the Rangers to retain.

Texas now has Feliz, Alexei Ogando, Matt Harrison, Derek Holland, and Colby Lewis in the rotation (with Scott Feldman as another option). GM Jon Daniels says they plan to stick with those pitchers in their rotation. If Feliz’s transition to the rotation goes as smoothly as Wilson’s did, Texas’ pitching should not suffer a dropoff.

Related: Colin at The Sports Spin explains why Feliz’s transition to the rotation might not go as well as we think.

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