Today’s Humor: Pau Gasol’s Purse

I’ve looked at this picture for quite a while now before deciding to post it.  I didn’t want to take it out of context.  At first I’m thinking, “Maybe it’s a laptop bag.”  Then I’m thinking, “Okay, it’s a crappy picture, I don’t think the trim and part of the strap are actually pink; it just looks like they are.”  I now realize there’s really no way to defend it.  This is a picture of Pau Gasol wearing a purse, and I’m fairly certain the purse has pink trim and a somewhat pink strap.

Gasol’s been called soft before, and it clearly bothers him.  He vowed to be more physical this year in the NBA Finals than he was two years ago, and in Game 1 he came out doing just that.  He took it to Kevin Garnett the way KG took it to him in 2008 and was even somewhat outspoken about how KG has changed as a player, although the media blew his comments completely out of proportion.  The bottom line here is that with the exception of Game 1, you haven’t shown that much toughness, Pau — although the numbers have been there for the most part.  If it truly gets under your skin when people call you “soft”, try not to be spotted in public sporting women’s accessories.

Photo Credit: Barstool Sports

Miami-Dwyane Wade County Now?

Realizing how valuable it is to have a quality NBA team in town, the city of Miami and the Heat organization is bringing out all the stops to try and ensure the team remains playoff-quality. At first it was the Heat organization creating a website and billboard saying “We Want Wade.” Then, they threw a surprise birthday party for pending free agent Udonis Haslem. Now, Jorge Sedano of 790 the Ticket and the Miami Herald alerts us that Miami-Dade County is considering a name change in honor of Wade.

According to Sedano, the county commission will hear a resolution from Commissioner Joe A. Martinez that will change the name of Miami-Dade County to Miami-Wade County from July 1st-July 8th which is the first week of free agency. You have to love the efforts of the county and the Miami Heat organization. Give them credit — clearly these people are working every marketing angle possible and proving to the key players that they understand their value and appreciate their talents.

Even if Dwyane Wade’s already said he’s committed to remaining with the Heat and he’s out recruiting fellow free agents, it’s always nice to be courted and feel wanted. The Miami Heat have done their part. The county’s chance is next. After that, Wade can re-sign and maybe another max contract to an All-Star will follow. Sounds like Miami is making every effort to turn their basketball team back into a title contender.

Miami-Dade to rename county after Dwyane Wade? [The Miami Herald]
Photo Credit: We Want Wade

Wuss or Wise? Matador Flees Ring

I guess that video and picture of the matador who was gored with the bull’s horns coming out of his chin and mouth must have had a pretty widespread effect on the bullfighting community at-large. How else do you explain Christian Hernandez peacing out midfight and hopping over a wall to avoid the horns? Maybe it’s because he was gored in the leg months before and didn’t want to relive it, or maybe it was that traumatic photo. Anyway, check out Christian Hernandez doing the unthinkable and ask yourself the question: idiot or genius? Here’s the video of matador Christian Hernandez fleeing the ring courtesy of Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks:

If you were wondering about the consequences of Hernandez’s actions, well they were stiff. Initially he was arrested by police for breach of contract and brought back to the ring where he fled once again. Some might deride Hernandez for his cowardice but I’ll go another direction: he’s the smart one while the other matadors are the idiots. Think about it.

No Bull: Matador Arrested After Fleeing Ring [AOL News]
Pamela Diaz; Part 2 of Wally Backman’s Tirade [SI Hot Clicks]
Video Credit: YouTube user farabuttokumunista

If The Finals Ended Today, Would Kobe Be MVP in Defeat?

In 1969, the Boston Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in an NBA Finals series that went seven games.  Lakers guard and 14-time All-Star Jerry West was named the NBA Finals MVP — in defeat.  It was the first time the league issued an award for a Finals MVP, and the only time a player on the losing squad has ever be given the honor.  Ironically enough, as the same two rivals face-off once again for an NBA title, we could find ourselves in a similar situation for the first time in over 40 years.

I’m not saying the NBA Finals are over and Boston should start celebrating; the Celtics have pushed LA to the brink of elimination, but the series now returns to the Staples Center for Games 6 and 7 (if necessary).  What I am saying is that if the Finals were to end after Game 5, Kobe Bryant would have to be named the MVP of the series.  Let’s have a look at the average stats of the MVP candidates through the first five games, not including Shrek and Donkey:

Kobe Bryant               30.2 (PPG)           6.0 (RPG)                4.4 (APG)                    2.0 (SPG)
Paul Pierce                 19.0                        4.6                             3.4                                0.6
Pau Gasol                   18.8                        10.0                            2.6                                0.8
Rajon Rondo              14.2                         6.2                             7.4                                1.6
Kevin Garnett            15.6                         6.0                             3.2                                1.8
Ray Allen                    14.0                         3.0                             1.4                                0.4

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World Cup Should Free the Vuvuzelas!

If you have seen any coverage of the 2010 World Cup, you have probably seen a vuvuzela — one of those really long horn things that make an extremely obnoxious noise. Well the World Cup has added another audio feature so that we will no longer think a swarm of bees are coming out of the TV. I for one think this is just stupid.

Although I am not the biggest soccer nut in the world, I do wish I had the opportunity to go to South Africa and catch a game or two.  But since I can’t, I have the next best thing — my TV. When I’m watching one of these games some of the highlights to me are the chants and vuvuzela sounds. And now they want to block that out? Those are the kinds of things that give you the “at the game” feel.

Yes, the vuvuzelas are annoying and obnoxious. I probably wouldn’t want to be sitting in front of the guy who had one unless I had one too, but they are part of the game. The fans obviously love them otherwise no one would have one. And who would the players be playing for if the fans didn’t buy tickets to the match or turn on their TV to watch it? That’s right, no one. You anger the fans and your revenue will be effected and then everyone looses.

Most importantly the vuvuzelas are a piece of African tradition. And since the WC is being hosted in South Africa, it’s only right to respect their customs and traditions. So I say let the vuvuzela buzz away and anyone who doesn’t like it can buzz off.

Host Broadcasters to ‘filter’ noise [ESPN]

Big 12 Can Have Colorado Back

I feel so let down. I feel like a boy dreaming of steamy, mind-blowing sex, only to get stranded at second base. The prettiest girl in school flirted with us the past few weeks, joined us for a couple of dates, then ultimately decided she wanted to try and work things out with her ex-boyfriend. Oh what could have been.

As an unabashed Pac-10 fan my whole life, I was getting so pumped up for a Pac-16 featuring powerhouses like Texas and Oklahoma, not to mention exciting programs like Oklahoma State and Texas A&M. There could have been two beautiful divisions — one to the West representing mainstays like the Washington, Oregon, and California schools, and one to the East involving the six new programs from the Big 12 and the Arizona schools.

We would have had seven games against intradivision opponents per season and two interdivisional games per year. There would have been conference title games featuring USC and Texas, Oregon and Oklahoma, and regular season games with Huskies against Aggies. And best of all, there would have been a conference television network to ensure we didn’t miss a minute of the action! After years of getting dumped on by the rest of the country, the Pac-10 would have finally received the respect it has rightfully deserved. Oh, what could have been.

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Earthquake Interrupts Padres Game in SD

It wasn’t anything near the Bay Bridge series 6.9 earthquake that interrupted the A’s/Giants World Series in 1989, but the 5.7 earthquake in San Diego on Tuesday had people rattled. The Blue Jays beat the Padres 6-3 but the game was momentarily delayed in the 8th inning after David Eckstein’s groundout because of the quake. After the brief delay, Chase Headley stepped to the plate and the game continued but the quake didn’t rattle Toronto’s pitchers. For the people from the West Coast the 5.7 earthquake was no big deal. From those unfamiliar with quakes, such as Headley, it was uncomfortable. Check out what the quake was like at Petco Park with this video of the San Diego earthquake during the Padres game:

Sorry to break it to you Dick Enberg, but that was an earthquake, not a funky chicken. Actually, it was an aftershock, not even an earthquake! If you’re from Southern California then shakes like these are commonplace. If you’re not, you’re really not missing out on anything special. Think kiddie roller coaster.

Shaky night for Padres [The San Diego Union-Tribune]
Video Credit: YouTube user Chargers705