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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Nick Lidstrom Scores Amazing Goal on Skipping Puck (Video)

Trailing the San Jose sharks 3-0 in the Western Conference Semis and with their playoff lives at stake, the Detroit Red Wings turned to a 41-year-old man to keep their Stanley Cup hopes alive.  Fortunately for Detroit that old man is not just any 41-year-old defensemen, it happens to be Nicklas Lidstrom.  As LBS reader SpinMax pointed out, Lidstrom still has it despite his age.  We sort of already knew that when he played through testicle surgery in the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals.  Lidstrom scored two goals for the Red Wings Friday night, one of which was particularly amazing.  Check out the Nicklas Lidstrom skipping puck goal video:

I hope I can do anything athletic when I’m 41, let alone pick a corner on a hockey net and put a puck that is hovering about a foot over the ice into that spot.  Given his age, it’s tough to say whether or not Lidstrom will be back with the Red Wings next season.  One thing is for certain: if he retires, it won’t be because he can no longer play.

Rex Ryan Jokes About Foot Fetish on YES

Like everything else that begins its life in the mainstream media, the Rex Ryan foot fetish talk has died down significantly over the past few months.  While we’re used to Rex Ryan being the fun-loving, joking type of sports personality, he has pleaded the fifth for the most part when asked about his wife’s feet and left the heckling to guys like Wes Welker, Charles Barkley, and Craig Breslow.  Finally, the Rex has spoken.

As the Newark Star-Ledger shared with us, via Ben Maller, Ryan appeared on the YES Network television show CenterStage on Thursday and host Michael Kay accidentally put the big guy on the spot with a foot joke.

“Would you have carved off that pinky toe to win the Patriot game?” Kay asked Ryan in front of a giggling crowd, later adding that he (Kay) “turned red through the make-up” and was “mortified” when he realized he had made a slip-up.

“Oh, there’s so many things I can say,” Ryan responded. “Yes, I would carve off my pinky toe. But not my wife’s”

Good for him.  As much as I hate Rex and his obnoxious annual Super Bowl guarantees, it’s about time he joined the masses in making fun of himself.  After all, the woman is his wife.  If he likes his wife’s feet, so what?  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  To clarify, that doesn’t mean I like feet and I’m going to join Ryan.  I’m saying he should join ’em, not me.

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Bruins’ Sweep of Flyers Will Save Claude Julien’s Job

Entering the 2011 NHL Playoffs, it was no secret that Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien was on the hot seat.  That may sound strange for a head coach whose team entered the postseason as a No. 3 seed, but that was a position the Bruins had been in far too many times.  Julien’s clubs were starting to develop a reputation as playoff chokers.  A 3-0, 3-0 meltdown against the Flyers last season headlined his resume heading into the 2010-2011 season.  Simply put, if Boston could not advance at least as far — and probably further — than it did last season, Julien was gone.


Phil Jackson Gets Upset with Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol has been completely absent during the playoffs and has struggled to produce against the Mavericks. We may have the reason why Gasol is playing without much fire, but that hasn’t stopped Phil Jackson from trying to slap him out of it. Literally. Phil got physical with Pau during Game 3 in Dallas, confronting him several times when Pau went to the bench. Let’s roll the tape:

I got the sense earlier in the series that Pau was deferring to Kobe too much and wasn’t really acting for himself. It seemed like he was conditioned to think “I don’t have to do anything because Kobe is our leader. I’ll do my job and get the ball to him.” With that sort of mentality, you lose aggression and don’t hunt down shots on your own. That’s what seemed to be going on with Pau, but the problem is the team has needed him and he hasn’t delivered.

Dirk Nowitzki is handling him on both sides of the floor and completely outclassing him. It’s a sad state of affairs and not one I expected to see from Gasol. It certainly isn’t what Phil expected, and that’s why he’s trying to shake some life into his star forward.

Derrick Rose Gets MVP Chants from Atlanta Hawks Crowd (Video)

Someone needs to remind the Atlanta Hawks fans which team they’re supposed to cheer for, because having MVP chants for an opposing player shouldn’t happen in your own building. Check out this embarrassing video of Derrick Rose MVP chants breaking out at Phillips Arena, courtesy of Mock Session:

Pitcher Cliff Lee once said Philly fans don’t need a teleprompter to tell them when to cheer. After seeing that, I’m beginning to think Hawks fans may need one to tell them when not to. What a joke.

Bomani Jones Rips on LeBron’s Hairline Again (Video)

Two weeks ago, media personality Bomani Jones filmed a humorous video for The Score where he criticized LeBron James for trying to cover up his jacked up hairline. One of Bomani’s greatest lines came on twitter when he said looking at LeBron’s hairline made him want to listen to some Wu-Tang Clan. I never really had thought about it until Bomani kept bringing it up, and now it’s all in my head.

When Bomani won Around the Horn on Friday, he took the opportunity to sound off on LeBron once again. Here’s the video courtesy of Sports Grid:

Will Inspectah Deck come to save the day? The world may never find out.

Cubs Sign Hard-Throwing 12-Year-Old Pitcher Henry Rowengartner

The Chicago Cubs have been short on pitching all season and are digging deep to try and aid their staff. The team announced today they have signed 12-year-old local Little Leaguer Henry Rowengartner to bolster their rotation.

How the Cubs came across Rowengartner is an extremely unique story. Rowengartner was sitting in the bleachers for a recent game when a home run ball landed nearby. His friends encouraged him to throw the ball back per Wrigley Field tradition, and the entire stadium was stunned when Henry threw a frozen rope from the bleachers all the way to the catcher at home plate.

The Cubs pursued Rowengartner after seeing his amazing feat at the stadium and asked him to throw for them. The youngster was consistently clocked in the upper-90s during his bullpen session. After much internal debate, Chicago decided to offer Rowengartner a contract which he signed based on the advice of his acting agent.


Kansas City Writer Takes One for Team After Criticizing Wilson Betemit

Royals blogger for the Kansas City Star, Lee Judge, questioned Wilson Betemit for not getting hit by a pitch with the bases loaded about a month ago. It was easy for Judge to write it when it’s not his body taking the punishment, so he decided to man up and see whether he was tough enough to accept the challenge. In this video brought to our attention by SI Hot Clicks, Judge takes one for the team:

Judge explains that he was only supposed to take an 81-mph slider but they cranked the machine up to 92 for him. As for taking an HBP, I’ve always said it depends on the situation. If it’s an important game, it’s worth wearing one. But if it’s not, and you’re talking about a valuable contributor to the team, sometimes I don’t want them risking injury. What’s more important, one baserunner (or run) at the cost of missing a player for two weeks? Not always the best idea to me.

Thanks to Bob’s Blitz for providing the video

Are Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant Fighting Over Girl Trouble?

The Los Angeles Lakers are down 2-0 to the Dallas Mavericks and face a pivotal Game 3 Friday night. It’s looking bleak for the Lakers and a lot of their problems seem to be related to “trust issues,” as Andrew Bynum described it.

Many people didn’t know what to think of Bynum’s postgame comments, but it’s painfully obvious the Lakers aren’t playing the brand of basketball that’s gotten them to three straight NBA Finals and netted them back-to-back championships.

A lot of the Lakers’ struggles have been pinned on their superstar power forward, Pau Gasol. Pau’s averaging just 14.0 points and 10.5 rebounds per game against Dallas in the postseason and a putrid 13.6 points and 7.8 rebounds in the 2010-11 playoffs, all below his All-Star worthy season. Now we’re hearing that Pau may be sulking because of personal problems that may also involve Kobe Bryant. The OC Register explains:


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