What was up with Brent Petway’s hair?

Saturday Ohio St. beat Michigan in Ann Arbor 65-61 running their record to 27-3. It was a game that Michigan led for the most part, so no doubt it was a disappointing loss for the Wolverines to their hated rivals. Despite the loss, senior Brent Petway bid his farewell with a memorable hair style – shaving the Wolverines football helmet into his head. While it’s not something I would do, it was definitely pretty pimpish. 

DL Alan Branch from the football team said this about Petway and his hair on Fox Sports Radio with Sean Farnham and John Fricke:

“That guy, he’s a crazy guy ever since I met him.  He’s not going to follow the norm at all.  If he feels something’s cool or different he’s going to go ahead and do it.  He’s a crazy character.” 

Continue reading if you want to check out the 360 photo views of Petway’s hair. (MGoblog has some good pics too)

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Mike Garrett says we don’t Lose Football Games at USC

Former Marlins 1st round pick and LSU quarterback, Josh Booty, was guest-hosting over the weekend on Fox Sports Radio along with Dan Moriarty and Denny Hocking. When the topic of Texas’ national championship win over USC in the Rose Bowl was brought up, Josh reacted adversely. 

Obviously the issue brought up bad memories for Josh, whose brother John David is the starting quarterback for the Trojans. Josh got more specific and explained what that loss said about the USC program:

It took a lot of pressure off JD for this year because he didn’t have that long streak and there’s a lot of things that go along with that.  But [Athletic Director Mike] Garrett came into the locker room after the game and looked at JD and said ‘We don’t lose football games here at ‘SC.’  And he looked right at JD and said ‘Don’t ever lose a game here.’ That was a tough one for JD to swallow, I know that.

Wow.  “We don’t lose football games here at ‘SC.” Don’t ever lose a game here.”  Not to put any pressure on you or anything.  So by those standards, ’06 was a disappointing year for USC I gather. Man, talk about curbing your expectations, sheesh. 

Rickey Henderson says Check Larry Brown out

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  • The Larry Brown Show (a podcast including thoughts on Duke’s dirty foul on Hansbrough, Tampa Bay’s terrible QBs, Redskins spending more money, and your darkhorse NBA MVP candidate) & here’s the show guide

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Houston Texans might ask you to Break Dance

We’ve all heard the maddening stories of the NFL combine and interviewing process leading up to the NFL draft. They ask you off the wall questions, measure everything on your body including your choade hair count, and they proceed to bombard you with tests to see if you’re fit to bang into people a couple hundred times on Sundays.

Despite all the wacky stories that have come out from the combines and interviews, I’ve never once heard of a team asking a player to break dance, which is what Alan Branch says he was asked to do. Branch was appearing as a guest on Fox Sports Radio with Sean Farnham and John Fricke when he said this:

The thing that got me was I used to break dance with a bunch of my friends back in high school so I told the coaches that’s something I like to do and they didn’t really believe me.  So they cleared out the room a little bit and I actually wound doing a little bit of break dancing right in front of all the coaches…I believe it was the Houston Texans.

I guess with the hundreds of interviews, it’s hard to keep track. If it was the Texans staff that asked Branch to break dance, it makes me wonder what secret talent they asked David Carr to show off before they drafted him.

What would the Big 12 Football Coaches look like on South Park?

I’ve already shown the Big Ten, ACC, SEC, and Pac-10 coaches as South Park characters…and now I present, the Big 12 football coaches as South Park characters.

This might be the best of all. Mike Leach is uncanny, Bob Stoops is money, and Dan Hawkins is incredible. It’s Division I football!!!!

Chest bumps for Brian Cook at The Fanhouse, Georgia Sports Blog, and Kit Kitchens for these creations once again, and unless someone gets busy, this will be the last in the South Park series.

At Eastern Motors, They’ll Drop Your Credit

So I posted early Saturday at MLB Fanhouse saying that the Rockies are attempting to market the team by making commercials. Towards the bottom of the post I mentioned that anytime I have a chance to work in an Eastern Motors commercial, you better believe that I will. 

For a little background here, I was in a football picks pool in the fall. Of course you have some clever names, a few really lame ones, several inside jokes which do the rest of us no good, and then some you just simply don’t get. “Eastern Motors,” was one of those. So I decided to ask the owner where he got the name. He replied by asking if I had DirecTV.  I answered, “no,” and he suggested I go to youtube and look up Eastern Motors. 

Well, I did, and I came across sheer brilliance. The video I posted over at fanhouse was money, but this ain’t bad either –

Sign it with me now, “At Eastern Motors-Motors, They’ll Drop Your Credit-Credit”

Aww, Carmelo Anthony’s a Family Man

Getting straight to the punch (yes, pun intended), it appears as if Carmelo Anthony is eager to embrace fatherhood

Anthony said Friday he “probably” will miss at least one game next week because of the birth of his first child. Anthony’s fiancee, La La Vazquez, is due to give birth to a baby boy Tuesday. “Oh, yeah, I’m going to be there,” Anthony said of the birth.

He’s suuuch a sweet guy, don’t you just love him? Women everywhere should long to have such a loving and caring fiance as Melo. 

Of course, being the resounding optimist that I am, I must say that quote has “image rebuilding” written all over it. You think the same people who came up with his myspace page gave him this idea too?

Naww, who would ever jump to a conlcusion like that?

I guess the next question that must be asked is what should they name the kid? Certainly it has to be VJ compatible – all suggestions welcome.

I guess I’ll go with Captain Limpwrist. After all, isn’t it my duty to bring up a man’s most memorable moment during a time of family celebration?

Run Melo, Run!