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Friday, December 9, 2016


Rob Ryan: Rex Ryan is ‘A Little Freaky,’ Who Cares if He Likes Feet?

Aside from the occasional jab here and there, everyone has pretty much forgotten about Rex Ryan’s foot fetish.  When a piece of news that is harmless and personal surfaces, that tends to happen.  Rex himself poked fun at his love for feet a few months ago which makes it even less satisfying to tool on him for it.  However, one last person that needed to weigh in on the fetish was Rex’s twin brother, Rob Ryan.

The Ryan brothers obviously have a close relationship with one another, so it should come as no surprise that Rob fluffed off the feet talk when asked about it in the Cowboys locker room on Monday.

“Aw hell who cares,” Rob Ryan said as passed along by the Star-Telegram. “Believe me, everybody has whatever screwed up thing going on. I don’t care. I’m sure you do, and everybody else that points fingers. Who cares? Everybody has a life off the field. Who gives a crap? I’m sure I’m worse than he is. So big deal.

“I mean hell, he is a little freaky I guess,” Rob Ryan said. “Hell, I don’t know. I like everything about my wife. She got great feet, too. She got everything nice. What the hell.”

It pains me to say it, but touche Rob Ryan. Touche. We may not all have foot fetishes, but we probably have something weird going on in our personal lives with our significant others.  The problem is putting in on YouTube, but it’s a free country.  They say you should flaunt it if you have it, and apparently Michelle Ryan feels she should flaunt her feet.

Josh Johnson: ‘Tall Man Syndrome’ May Have Factored Into Shoulder Injury

Many analysts predicted the Marlins Josh Johnson could be one of the breakout players of the 2011 MLB season.  The 27-year-old power pitcher was coming off a 2010 season in which he struck out 186 batters in 183.2 innings.  A lack of run support led to Johnson winning only 12 games despite a phenomenal 2.30 ERA.  Johnson was cruising along this season with a 1.64 ERA through 9 starts when a shoulder injury derailed him.  He has been on the DL since May.

As he looks to return to the Marlins before the end of the season, Johnson shed some light on what may have contributed to his shoulder inflammation.  Believe it or not, the 6-foot-7-inch right hander told the Miami Herald his doctor says “tall man’s syndrome” could very well have been a contributing factor.

“It’s a matter of posture and a bunch of stuff that just kind of led up to it,” Johnson said. “Years and years of being tall, you’re always slouching down and bending over. You’re shoulder’s not in a good place. You start leaning over when you’re throwing. It snowballs.”

While shoulder soreness from tall man’s syndrome has nothing to do with clumsiness like this injury or this injury did, it is still just as intriguing.  The world can be a tough place for tall people, so I wouldn’t doubt there are things in life that could put stress on the shoulder of someone who is that tall. Being that tall also helps Johnson throw a fastball 97 mph, so it has its benefits as well.

Tiki Barber Said to Be ‘Moving Forward’ After No NFL Teams Show Interest

Did any of us think Tiki Barber was going to return to the NFL and take over a desperate team’s backfield?  Of course not.  Did we think he would come back at age 36 and help a team make a playoff run?  I certainly did not.  However, it has to come as somewhat of a surprise that not a single team showed enough interest in the former Pro Bowler to bring him in for a workout.

Back in March, reports surfaced that Barber planned to make a comeback after four years away from football.  His trainer — a biased source to say the least — let it be known that he was in phenomenal shape and still more than capable of being effective.  With the start of the 2011 season only two days away, it has become obvious Tiki’s career as an NFL running back is over.

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King wrote that he had spoken with Barber’s trainer, Mark Lepselter, who said that he and Tiki were “flabbergasted” that no team gave the former Giant an opportunity even when rosters were at 90 players per team.  King also noted that he heard Barber was devastated over the lack of interest, but Lepselter refuted that claim when speaking with the NY Post on Monday and said Tiki has “moved forward accordingly.”

Barber’s agent can debate the wording all he wants to make his client look less upset, but I doubt this was something Tiki went into thinking “if I get a chance that’s great and if I don’t that’s fine too.”  The fact that no one even gave him a shot to earn a roster spot had to have been a disappointing reality check.

Chris Bosh Says People Took Shots at Heat Because it Was the Cool Thing to Do

The Miami Heat need to find a way to stop sounding like complainers. Yes, we are very much aware that they are only answering questions reporters are asking them and are constantly provoked by the media.  They have to comment on being the most hated team on earth in some way, but there are more effective ways to do that than making themselves sound like heroes for surviving the hatred.

On Saturday, I Am a GM passed along a snippet from a recent interview Chris Bosh had with Sports Illustrated.  Like Dwyane Wade a couple of weeks ago, Bosh was asked about the scrutiny the Heat faced throughout the 2010-2011 season and whether or not it was fair.

” It was definitely unwanted,” Bosh said. “I think I speak for everyone when I say it was unwanted. It was a bit extra, absolutely. I think people just started throwing rocks just because that was the hot thing to do at the time. It is what it is, and it made us stronger. We survived it, so I feel if we can survive that, we’re definitely strong enough to overcome it.”

Bosh took a lot of criticism in particular with his crying in defeat after the NBA Finals and the hilarious “Like a Bosh” video that was created to rag on him.  Still, he should be careful about pulling the survivor card.  People hate the Heat because they are afraid Miami could dominate the NBA for the next five years and leave their favorite team in the dust.  That does not make them victims.  The sooner the Heat fully embrace the hatred and jealously and stop equating it to victimization, the sooner they can start owning the league.

Edgar Sosa Suffers a Nasty Leg Injury (Video)

No matter how many times we see these nasty sports injuries on video, they never get easier to watch.  Those of us who are college basketball fans are familiar with the name Edgar Sosa.  Sosa was a star at Louisville but went undrafted in 2010.  Over the summer he has been playing with John Calipari and the Dominican Republic in the FIBA Americas tournament trying to establish a name for himself.  On Monday during a win over Panama, Sosa suffered a horrific leg injury that is being reported as a fracture tibula. 

We have seen a number of similar injuries over the years such as this one, this one, and this one, but you have to feel particularly bad for a guy like Sosa who was working hard just to gain recognition.  Hopefully the leg heals quickly and he can get back to playing and trying to prove himself.

Kevin Durant Gets New Maryland Back Tattoo (Pictures)

Who knew Kevin Durant was such a huge tattoo guy?  A little more than a month ago you would swear K.D. had no ink anywhere on his body, since it is all hidden by his jersey.  As we recently discovered, Durant is at no shortage of tats like many of his peers across the NBA.  He got some new ink over the weekend and it looks to be just as elaborate.  Check out Kevin Durant’s Maryland back tattoo, courtesy of Funny Athlete Tweets:

It’s certainly large, but not nearly as bad as these back tattoos.  As you may know K.D. is from the Maryland/D.C. area, so there’s no need for Texas fans to get their longhorns in a bunch.  When he gets traded to New York and everyone starts raving about how he is coming home like Carmelo Anthony, the ridiculing can begin.

Pablo Sandoval Talks to His Bat, Hits Two Home Runs (Video)

It is easy to poke fun at athletes for their strange superstitions — especially baseball players. When rumors about a high school team prompts this type of investigation you can’t help but laugh.  When an All-Star second basemen does this in an attempt to break out of a slump or Aubrey Huff chooses to wear these underwear, they become easy targets of ridicule.  But if it works, what can you say?  Pablo Sandoval channeled his inner Pedro Cerrano Monday night and it paid off in a huge way after he belted two home runs.  Check out the video of Pablo Sandoval talking to his bat:

Whatever serious conversation he was having with his lumber must have worked.  The question is does he talk to the bat all the time and just happened to hit two homers in this game, or did he hit two homers after deciding to give his wand a lecture.  Either way, that is pretty impressive.

Maryland’s Uniforms Are Ugliest in College Football, Hands Down

We’ve talked about some pretty ugly uniforms here at LBS. We had the nasty ones the Broncos wore two years ago, those disgusting military unis Oregon had, and Utah’s nasty camo unis. But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the ugliness that is the Maryland outfits. Even Oregon thinks these are gross:

That is the same uniform right there, not two separate ones. It’s like looking at Two Face from Batman or something. Maybe it was free uniform night at Medieval Times. Either way, I am not feeling those uniforms.

Keep in mind those bad boys were designed by Under Armour whose founder played football for Maryland. He’s evidently trying to turn them into the Oregon of the ACC. The team has 32 uniform combinations and they’re designed to match Maryland’s state flag, but they’ve generate one constant reaction: UGLY.

Even the bastion of fashion that is LeBron James thought they were nasty, writing on Twitter “OH GOSH! Maryland uniforms Ewwwwww!”


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Picture Credits: Maryland Terps on Twitter, Jose3030 on Twitter

Video: Andy Roddick Sits in Opponent’s Chair During Side Change

Andy Roddick beat Julien Benneteau in the third round of the U.S. Open Sunday. He must have truly been in the zone because he sat in his opponent’s chair during a side change without even realizing it. Roddick was so embarrassed by the gaffe that he dropped a faint S-bomb upon realizing it:

You know what the strange thing was? That was in the middle of the third set. Guess he’s getting a little absentminded — not to mention ornery — in his old age.

Thanks to On the Go Tennis and Beyond the Baseline for the video

Jonathan Stewart Wears LSU Jersey After Losing Bet with Brandon LaFell

LSU beat Oregon 40-27 in the biggest college football game of the opening weekend Saturday. Carolina wide receiver Brandon LaFell had a bet with teammate Jonathan Stewart over whose school would win the game. LaFell won that bet, and the result is Stewart wearing an LSU jersey this week:

LaFell tweeted that picture with the accompanying message “Jonathan Stewart will be in purple n gold all week.”

Stewart replied “I know I lost the bet though!! Gotta be a man of my word LaFell, Oregon and LSU will meet again.”

It was an impressive win for LSU given that they went with Jarrett Lee at quarterback for the game. I’m guessing most people didn’t expect the Tigers to be up by 20 most of the second half. Well, at least I’m sure Stewart didn’t. He should just be happy he didn’t have to wear this after losing the bet.

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