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Sunday, April 30, 2017


French open court turned pink to recognize ‘Ladies’ Day’ (Picture)

Apparently Thursday at the French Open was “Ladies’ Day.” That’s why the playing surface was turned into sheet of bright pink, of course. How else could the tournament hosts have honored women if they weren’t going to change the court into every girl’s favorite color?

It’s one thing to use pink as a way to raise breast cancer awareness, but this is insulting. As ESPNW pointed out, not only does using the color pink stereotype women but the entire concept of “Ladies’ Day” implies that every other day at the French Open is men’s day. Isn’t it just a tennis tournament featuring some of the world’s best tennis players? If you thought pink ice was tough to look at, this must be impossible. Chalk this up as one of the dumbest ideas we’ve ever seen come to fruition in sports.

H/T Busted Racquet

Orlando TV station reports Dwight Howard does not want to be traded…yawn

He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not. That’s not the sound of a 14-year-old girl pulling the petals off of a flower, it’s the thought process of the Magic fans and front office. At this point, nobody has any clue what uniform Dwight Howard will be wearing at the start of the 2012-2013 season. By now, most people don’t care. We just find all the obnoxiously conflicting reports to be highly entertaining.

According to WESH in Orlando, Howard “loves” Orlando and does not want to be traded. Apparently their sources have a slightly different opinion than these ones.

A source close to Orlando Magic All-Star Dwight Howard said Wednesday that he still loves Orlando and isn’t seeking a trade. In an interview with WESH 2 News sports anchor Larry Ridley, the source said Howard is bothered by the hit his image has taken since this season’s trade rumors and problems with Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy.

The source said Howard is “hurt by all the negativity surrounding him (and) doesn’t understand why he’s blamed for everything that happens inside the (Magic) organization.”

Howard is continuing his rehabilitation in Los Angeles, and the source said he’s waiting to see how the Magic improves.

Poor Dwight. Maybe there’s a good reason the NBA Store is selling those shirts after all. Even if Howard does want to remain in Orlando, it’s laughable that he’s trying to make it seem like he had no problem with Van Gundy. If the Magic end up keeping Dwight, it’s only because he got his wish when Van Gundy was fired. Anything to make a poor attempt to protect the image.

H/T I Am a GM
Photo credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Celtics fans chant ‘Let’s go Celtics!’ at the end of blowout Game 6 loss (Video)

In the span of about 10 minutes on Thursday night, Celtics fans showed how they can be some of the classiest and most classless fans in America. After the game, there was the bonehead fan who spilled his drink on LeBron James as he was heading to the locker room. LeBron hung 45 points on the Celtics and was the reason Miami won, so that particular fan obviously had no clue how to air out his frustrations.

Before that, there was the chant. With four minutes remaining in the game and the Celtics trailing by about 20, the remaining fans at the TD Garden began chanting “Let’s go Celtics!” The camera cut to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett on the bench, and they appeared to be nodding their heads in satisfaction. The fans continued the chant until the game ended. After the game, Ray Allen talked about how special the moment was.


Message on Celtics board told players ‘Pack for a Week’ (Picture)

Either the Celtics believe in the power of positive thinking, or they’re the cockiest team in the NBA. Not long after they were blown out at home by the Heat in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals, the above photo was tweeted out by the team’s official Twitter account.

Boston is returning to Miami for Game 7 on Saturday, and they would travel to Oklahoma City for the first two games of the NBA Finals if they beat the Heat.

We can’t expect LeBron James to have another historic game like he did in Game 6, but I would favor the Heat to win the series. If that’s the case, Boston will have some unpacking to do.

Photo credit: Celtics

Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight won’t start until after Game 7

The Heat beat the Celtics on Thursday night to force a Game 7 in the Eastern Conference finals, and that has created a packed sports schedule for Saturday.

The Celtics-Heat game is scheduled to start at 8:30pm ET, and it will be competing for viewers with Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Kings and Devils which starts at 8pm ET. There is also the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight scheduled for later in the evening, but it reportedly won’t start until after the NBA game ends.

According to George Willis of the New York Post, promoter Bob Arum says the fight won’t start until after Game 7 ends.

Big time boxing fights usually start somewhere between 11:00 and 11:30pm ET on Saturdays, but that can fluctuate depending on how quickly or slowly the undercard moves.

Bob Arum didn’t get to where he is by being stupid. Deceitful, yes. But stupid? No. He knows a good percentage of his audience will also be watching the Heat-Celtics game, so why infuriate them by making them choose, especially when his start time is flexible?

He’s wisely accommodating sports fans. Hey, it’s the least he can do considering he’s keeping us from seeing Pacquiao-Mayweather.

H/T Jose3030

LeBron James got a drink spilled on him as he left the court in Boston (Video)

Facing elimination, LeBron James put on a performance for the ages in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals in Boston. The Heat forward put up 45 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 assists in a 98-79 blowout to even the series with the Celtics at 3. It was the sort of performance critics had been waiting to see, and James delivered. But there were several thousand folks who didn’t like the performance, and one was so upset he/she dumped a drink on James as he exited the court following a postgame interview.

Come on Celtics fans, what do you think you are, a bunch of Cubs fans?

Jeff Van Gundy puts on red glasses to join the cool crowd (Picture)

Jeff Van Gundy became a trending topic on Twitter before Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Celtics and Heat even began. After looking at the picture above, it’s easy to see why. I guess that was his way of connecting with the cool NBA kids crowd that consists of LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Dwyane Wade.

Once the actual game began, Van Gundy went overboard defending the Heat and LeBron James. It was almost like he was trying to make up for all the unfair criticism James has received. Either that, or he was subtly lobbying for the Heat coaching gig in case Erik Spoelstra gets fired.

H/T Jimmy Traina, Sportress of Blogitude
Pic via Nick Simmons

Olympic officials reportedly concerned about potential prostitution boom in London

With all the concerns involving security, housing, venues, and more that surround hosting the Olympic Games, one potential problem has a tendency to slip through the cracks: Prostitution. From a business standpoint, it makes perfect sense. The Olympics brings together a massive group of people that includes athletes, coaches, spectators, relatives, and lonely businessmen. Add that up and you get major brothel potential.

According to the BBC, former Minister for the Olympics Tessa Jowell told the Metro Police Authority back in January of 2010 that she would not stand for women being trafficked to London in search of business.

“Major sporting events can be a magnet for the global sex and trafficking industry; this is wholly unacceptable,” Jowell said. “I am determined that traffickers will not exploit London 2012.”

Maybe that’s why they ordered an extra shipment of these at the Vancouver Games. During the Athens Olympics in 2004, it is believed that the number of known human trafficking victims almost doubled. Those numbers have been widely disputed, but that event certainly raised awareness about the potential problems events of a similar scale could face with regard to prostitution. Studies have found that prostitution is a significant issue during the World Cup as well.


Washington newspaper has bitter headline about Thunder advancing to Finals

I’m guessing the Tri-City Herald in Kennewick, Washington was representing the feelings of thousands of SuperSonics fans with this headline. Call it classless if you want, but how would you feel if you were a Sonics fan and your owner sold the team to a new owner who moved the franchise to Oklahoma City? Kevin Durant wore a Sonics jersey his first year in the NBA. This was supposed to be Seattle’s team. I feel their pain, I really do. But as we learned with that awful T-shirt, playing this game doesn’t make anything better for anyone. Not only that, but aren’t newspapers supposed to cover things more objectively? I guess we’re in a different age.

H/T Hot Clicks
Picture credit: Tim Booth

Hula hoop girl gives Philadelphia Eagles fans a distraction from 52-year championship drought

Yes, Eagles fans, there may be hope after all. Katie Sunshine is a professional hula hoop girl with a passion for anything and everything Philadelphia Eagles. Her tight-to-the-skin Eagles wardrobe includes team logo’d Uggs, which until now it was assumed only Tom Brady has been feminine enough to wear (BOOM!). Regardless, the Eagles need to get her on the payroll with a 1080 HD Video Camera, ASAP. Smoking hot and talented…unless she’s under 18, then she’s just talented.

H/T Guyism

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