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Sunday, December 17, 2017


Canelo Alvarez confirms he lost badly to Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez’s comments following his loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. over the weekend further cement the notion that he was totally outclassed in the fight. Canelo (42-1-1, 30 KOs) recognized that he was unable to catch Mayweather (45-0, 26 KOs), which is what anyone who watched the fight saw. Everyone except boxing judge CJ Ross, who inexplicably scored it a draw.

“He’s very elusive, he’s a great fighter and that’s why I couldn’t catch him,” Canelo said after the fight. “I didn’t know how to get him. It’s as simple as that. He’s very elusive. He’s a great fighter.

“The frustration was getting in there. But simply he’s a great fighter. I didn’t want to lose. I didn’t want to leave here with a loss. But it happens and it hurts.”

It was clear watching that fight that Alvarez couldn’t touch Floyd. Mayweather was too quick and elusive for him. I seriously question whether Alvarez hurt Floyd even once during the entire bout. Did Alvarez land more than 20 good punches the entire fight? The punch stats said he landed 117 total punches, which is less than 10 per round. He didn’t do any damage to Floyd. This was one of Mayweather’s best, most one-sided performances in years. Yet somehow one judge thought it was even. How could the fight be even when one guy admits he couldn’t catch the other one?

So why did Mayweather have such an easy time with Alvarez?


Jen Bielema on Twitter: Wisconsin loss to Arizona State is karma

Bret Jen Bielema

Jen Bielema continues to receive notice for her Twitter actions.

Bielema was watching the end of the Wisconsin Badgers-Arizona State Sun Devils game on Saturday night, which had a controversial finish that left Wisconsin with a 32-30 loss. Bielema, whose husband Bret left Wisconsin for Arkansas after seven successful seasons leading the Badgers, termed the 32-30 loss “karma” for Wisconsin:

Wisconsin completely botched the final 18 seconds of the game, and so did the referees by not setting up the ball or calling a delay of game penalty on ASU. The Pac-12 later admitted the referees screwed up with the way they handled the ending.

But why was Jen calling the loss/referee screwup karma for Wisconsin?

Jen’s husband Bret decided to leave Wisconsin for Arkansas in search of the SEC payday. He left on his own, surprising most people tied to the Wisconsin program.

Did he leave because Wisconsin couldn’t give him and his coaching staff the kind of money he wanted? And would that be the type of karmic payback Jen was talking about? Or was she referring to ungrateful Wisconsin fans who sent her nasty messages because they were angry with Bret for leaving the program? Maybe it’s a touch of both.

Regardless, between this message and Jen starting the “Throw the A” trend at Arkansas, we know she is more than comfortable with her husband’s new home.

Floyd Mayweather mocks Oscar De La Hoya over Instagram

Oscar De La Hoya

Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not think highly of Oscar De La Hoya. That’s nothing new. But it was still a little surprising to see the undefeated boxer take a jab at the Golden Boy by re-posting a boxing meme to his Instagram account on Monday.

Mayweather posted a meme that mocked De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez. De La Hoya, who lost to Floyd in 2007, said he had been giving Canelo — one of his promotional company’s most popular fighters — a blueprint on how to beat Mayweather. Mayweather won the fight easily (even if he was only credited with a majority decision win). Floyd earned the right to mock Oscar for saying before the fight that he had given Canelo a blueprint to victory, but seeing him post the meme was a surprise.

De La Hoya entered rehab last week and did not attend the fight, which was a pretty shocking turn of events and interesting side-story in the buildup to the bout.

Last week, Mayweather made his thoughts on De La Hoya pretty clear.

“Richard Schaefer’s a good guy, but Oscar’s [not],” Mayweather told the LA Times regarding Golden Boy Promotions’ top two figures.

Mayweather also told The Times that De La Hoya’s public appearances were “real embarrassing. I wouldn’t even show up to the fights if I were him.”

Maybe Floyd’s comments hit Oscar hard, because the Golden Boy ended up going to rehab. And Oscar’s biased pick of Canelo to win the fight proved to be a foolish one.

UPDATE: Mayweather issued a statement of apology for the photo and said he was not the one who posted it.


DeAndre Hopkins: I feel like I can be better than Andre Johnson

DeAndre-Hopkins-TexansHouston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins stole the show in an overtime win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. The rookie out of Clemson caught a 25-yard pass from Matt Schaub in overtime that set the Texans up near the goal line and then snagged a game-winning touchdown from three yards out. He finished the day with seven catches for 117 yards to go along with the all-important score.

The Texans have high hopes for the rookie, who apparently has even higher hopes for himself. After his breakout performance, Hopkins said he believes he can be better than Andre Johnson.

“I feel like I can be better than Andre,” Hopkins told the Texans’ official website. “That’s my mindset. And that’s what Andre tells me. (He says) Don’t try to shadow yourself when you know you can be better.”

We’re talking about a rookie here. Johnson has been one of the most dominant receivers in the NFL throughout his 10-plus year career. Hopkins proved to be a capable fill-in when Johnson left with a concussion on Sunday, but it’s usually a better approach for rookies to not compare themselves to perennial All-Stars.

Houston would not have spent a first-round pick on Hopkins if it did not believe he could be the receiver of the future. Johnson is 32 and has a long history of injuries, so Thompkins could be called upon to be that guy sooner rather than later. However, it will take a lot more than one great performance for us to even consider that he might enjoy the same type of career as Andre.

H/T Rotoworld

Henrik Stenson breaks his driver in anger at BMW Championship (Video)

Henrik-Stenson-smashes-driverHenrik Stenson won the Deutsche Bank Championship a week ago. His success did not carry over to the BMW Championship, where Stenson finished with a final round score of 74 on Monday and 1-under for the tournament — more than 10 shots off the lead. Fortunately his weekend is over, so he will no longer be needing the driver that he smashed.

Stenson slammed his driver into the ground so hard on the 18th hole that the head came flying off. I’d like to think he knew he wouldn’t be needing it for the rest of the day, otherwise he wouldn’t have risked breaking it.

It was a frustrating weekend for the Swede, but at least he pulled off a win last week. If he didn’t break a club after quadruple-bogeying 18 to lose a first-round lead at the Masters, he probably could have done without the outburst on Monday.

Video via Devil Ball Golf

Ndamukong Suh reportedly stomps on his teammates during practice

Ndamukong SuhDetroit Lions defensive tackle Ndmaukong Suh has a reputation for playing dirty on Sundays. Opponents have been critical of the former Nebraska star for taking cheap shots, one of which recently earned him a $100,000 fine from the league. From the sound of it, Suh doesn’t exactly tone it down during the week.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, Suh’s Lions teammates have recently expressed concern about whether he is capable of playing the game cleanly.

“Even in practice, Ndamukong gives guys the business,” Glazer said during FOX’s pregame show on Sunday, via Pro Football Talk. “He’ll slam a guy’s head against the ground. He’ll stomp on a guy. He’ll take little shots at guys. And guys are concerned if he can’t control himself even in practice with us, how can he control himself against someone else’s jersey?”

There’s no place in the game in general for kicking people in the groin or stomping guys while they’re down, but it’s even more alarming to hear that Suh allegedly does it to his own teammates. Suh was ripped by an anonymous teammate last season for losing his cool and not understanding what it takes to win. If what Glazer said is true, the issue extends well beyond that.

Coaches love to see players giving as much effort in practice as they do during games. From the sound of it, Suh’s so-called “effort” crosses the line.

Dwyane Wade got a flat tire on the way to LeBron James’ wedding

LeBron James married longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson over the weekend. By all indications, the couple did a tremendous job of keeping their special day under wraps and avoiding invasions of privacy. Very few pictures have surfaced, but we have learned some fun details about the three-day event. One of them involves a transportation mishap that Dwyane Wade had to deal with on Friday.

LeBron and Savannah’s wedding weekend was a three-day bash began with a “welcome barbecue” on Friday that Wade and his girlfriend Gabrielle Union nearly missed because of a flat tire. D-Wade posted the video you see above on Instagram in addition to the following photo, which was captioned with the hashtag “#wemakenotmakethewedding.”


Orlando TV station apologizes for having to show Jacksonville Jaguars game


Maurice-Jones-Drew-JaguarsThe Oakland Raiders defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars by a score of 19-9 on Sunday. Unless you gambled on the game, there is probably very little that could have made you care about the outcome. WKMG Channel 6 in Orlando is clearly aware of this.

As the Orlando Sentinel pointed out, the NFL considers Orlando to be a secondary television market for the Jaguars. Therefore, the league requires WKMG to air all of Jacksonville’s road games during the season. On Sunday, that meant the CBS affiliate’s viewers had to watch Terrelle Pryor and Chad Henne battle it out instead of enjoying a duel between the Manning brothers.

During the early game between the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins, WKMG decided to apologize in advance for the game they were going to be showing later that afternoon.

“In accordance with NFL policy, WKMG must carry all Jacksonville Jaguars away games,” a message across the bottom of the screen read. “We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Honesty is the best policy. Almost all NFL fans wanted to watch the New York Giants and Denver Broncos, but there was nothing WKMG could do about it. Just as there is nothing they will be able to do about the other seven away games the Jags play this season. Football fans living in the Orlando area may want to consider switching to DirecTV.

H/T LBS tipster David
GIF via Deadspin

CBS is reportedly doing away with yellow ticker that is confusing everyone


CBS-yellow-Final-indicatorThose of you who have watched NFL games on CBS through the first two weeks of the season may have noticed some confusion. When watching football, our brains are trained to automatically think there is a flag on the play when we see a yellow indicator in our field of vision. The problem with CBS’ coverage of 2013 NFL games has been that the yellow ticker can mean either a flag has been thrown or a game has gone final.

As you can see above (courtesy of Deadspin), CBS has been using a yellow “Final” box to show when games from around the league have ended. While the score of the actual game you are watching is at the top of the screen, the yellow box still confuses our brains into thinking flags are constantly being thrown.

I can’t speak for others, but I never found myself frustrated last year over not being able to tell whether a game that took place elsewhere had gone final. The yellow is unnecessary, and it appears CBS has already realized that. A representative from the network told Deadspin on Sunday that the graphic will be changed beginning in Week 3.

Phew. Now when our fantasy players score 60-yard touchdowns, we won’t have to worry about there being laundry on the field.

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Ray Rice rips fantasy football owners after suffering hip injury

Ray-Rice-RavensIn many ways, fantasy football has made the world an evil place. Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice had to leave his team’s win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday when he suffered a hip injury. Prior to that, he was not performing well. Rice finished the game with just 45 total yards and three receptions, which gave his fantasy owners somewhere in the range of four to seven points.

The lack of production angered fantasy players who took Rice in the first round of drafts. In fact, many of them even ripped Rice for leaving the game with an injury. Those people have sullied Rice’s opinion of fantasy football.

Rice has played in all 16 games over the past four seasons, so he has not had to listen to cold-hearted fantasy “managers” complaining about things he can’t control — like injuries. Guys like Arian Foster could tell you that the concept is hardly a new one and has been an issue for years.

People like yours truly, who have Ravens backup running back Bernard Pierce sitting on their bench, perked up a bit when Rice went down. As awful as it sounds, that is what fantasy football has done to us. Fortunately for Rice and the Ravens, the injury is considered minor. The biggest impact it may have on the 26-year-old is opening his eyes to what fantasy owners are truly like.

Maybe next time Rice needs to take the DeAngelo Williams approach to fantasy owners.

H/T SI Hot Clicks

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