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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


ESPN Soccer Headline: Dann Suffers Ruptured Testicle, Kean on Sack

Blackburn defender Scott Dann apparently suffered a ruptured testicle injury and will be out six weeks. Blackburn is also 2-10-4, and coach Steve Kean is on the hot seat. That gave ESPN Soccernet the opportunity to use the old “Dann suffers ruptured testicle | Kean on sack” double headline. Better yet, if you take a look at the Kean story, the headline reads “Kean rejects talk of the sack,” (click twice on the picture above to enlarge).

I’m guessing that plays much differently here than it does in the U.K., where sack doesn’t equate to scrotum. I have no idea if the page’s editor did that intentionally, but it sure is appreciated by us 4-year-olds here at LBS.

As awesome as the headline is, it has nothing on two of our other favorite inappropriate headlines: this and this.

Thanks to LBS writer Danny Lee for the tip.

Vinny Del Negro Says Chris Paul Will ‘Lose a Few Pounds’ With Clippers

With all the back-and-forth that has taken place regarding Chris Paul this offseason, it would not be surprising for the Clippers’ new superstar to be a bit out of shape.  If CP3 has not been as focused as he should be over the past few weeks, who can blame him?  One minute he’s being traded to the Lakersm and the next he’s staying put.  Fear not, Clippers fans: Sergeant Del Negro is going to whip his new superstar point guard right into shape.

“He’s gonna lose a few pounds, he’s gonna feel a little bit better,” Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro said when asked about Paul after this weekend’s scrimmage. “Right now, when you come in, the play-sets are a little bit different, the terminology’s a little bit different. It’s easier, because he’s been around and he knows a lot of this stuff. In this game, if you’re a step slow, you’re in trouble. Every day, he’ll get a little bit more comfortable.”

I respect that Del Negro is trying to talk about Paul like he’s just one of the guys, but I can’t help but feel like he’s trying to show who’s boss.  The people of Los Angeles are hoping CP3 can rescue the Clippers, not vice versa.  Considering he is one of the best point guards in the game, the system will be adapting to Paul.  If he doesn’t fit in fairly quickly, Del Negro will be without a job.

In other words, nice try.  Paul may lose a few pounds if he is still getting into shape but the play-sets and terminology will wind up being whatever he’s comfortable with.

Chest bump to Pro Basketball Talk for passing along the story.

Ron Rivera: Panthers’ Trick Play Was Inspired by Little Giants Movie

The Panthers used a trick play to score their third touchdown against the Texans Sunday, and it turns out the play was inspired by the football movie Little Giants. Asked about the play by reporters Monday, Carolina head coach Ron Rivera says the idea came from the “Annexation of Puerto Rico” play the Giants used to beat Kevin O’Shea’s Cowboys on the final play of the game.

“Just so you know, the unofficial name – I don’t know if you guys have ever seen the “Little Giants” – it’s called the Annexation of Puerto Rico. I’ve seen the movie a hundred times with my kids. They’re grown up now,” Rivera said. “So last night we were talking about and they called it everything from the Chud-a-rooskie to the Mauler to what have you. Somebody said, ‘well, it’s from the ‘Little Giants.”

Fumblerooskis are actually illegal in the NFL, but if you watch the play closely, you’ll see that quarterback Cam Newton took the snap and handed it to Richie Brockel between the fullback’s legs (watch video of the play at Brockel went untouched into the end zone for the score to put Carolina up 21-0. They won it 28-13, helping Doc Brown secure one of his Top 3 picks.

The only remaining question is if Ron Rivera gets to take over Gary Kubiak’s car business.

Thanks to Deadspin for sharing the awesome story.

Lee Westwood Says the Top Professional Golfers Are Overpaid

People crying and stamping their feet about professional athletes being paid too much money is nothing new.  We hear it constantly, usually in regard to baseball players in this country.  While it may or may not be true depending on your viewpoint, what we don’t usually hear is the professionals themselves saying it.  Lee Westwood, who is currently the earnings leader on the European Tour, gave us a rare moment during an interview with The Independent on Sunday.

“We play for a staggering amount of money, no doubt about it and I’ve always stressed we are very very fortunate,” Westwood said. “I think we are paid too much money – compared to police and teachers and nurses. But then compare it to footballers. I think the only thing you can probably justify it by is that when golfers have a bad day, we don’t get paid anything, but when we have a great day we get paid a lot. It’s part of the pressure involved. There isn’t a wage as such.”

Westwood makes a great point about a golfer’s earnings being performance-based.  Personally, I am never one to complain that professional athletes make too much money.  The money has to come from somewhere, so a baseball player getting $20 million a season is the result of a free market economy and basic supply and demand.  The Red Sox and Yankees can afford more because they have a bigger following and sell out 81 home games per year.

However, the major issue with a sport like baseball is guaranteed contracts.  Golfers like Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods are still showered with endorsements, but they have to continue to win to keep making money.  Someone like Albert Pujols signs a contract worth $245 million and will be paid every penny of it regardless of his performance over the next 10 years.  Whether you think professional golfers are overpaid or not, it’s certainly an interesting change of pace to hear it coming from a professional golfer’s mouth.

Golf clap to Devil Ball Golf for passing the story along.

Adrian Peterson Says Saints Went ‘Overboard’ in Targeting His Injured Ankle

Any time an NFL player is playing with an ailment that has been made public, they can expect their opponent to target the problem area. Such was the case with Adrian Peterson on Sunday against the Saints. Peterson suited up after having missed the previous three games with a high ankle — mostly because he wanted to help his fantasy owners.  While he expected the Saints to make his ankle a focal point of their tackles, Peterson said they took it too far.

“I came into the game kind of expecting that coming back from a high ankle sprain,” Peterson said according to the Times-Picayune when asked about an exchange with cornerback Jabari Greer. “Guys are going to try to take their shots when we’re on the pile and try to twist it up and things like that. I felt like it kind of got overboard. I got up and kind of got in his face. Thank God I was able to keep my composure.”

Make that two times in two weeks that New Orleans has been accused of playing dirty on defense.  If you remember, Titans receiver Nate Washington complained that Roman Harper was throwing knees after the whistle during the Saints win over Tennessee last weekend.

Whatever the Saints have been doing, it seems to be working.  I would never advocate dirty play, but I doubt you’ll see New Orleans changing its ways any time soon with the way they have been playing.

H/T to Pro Football Talk for passing the story along.

The Raptors New 3-D Court Logo is Pretty Sweet (Video)

Some people are saying the Raptors new baseline court logo makes them dizzy, but personally I think it’s awesome.  Over the weekend we got a look at the new technology, which apparently is already popular in sports venues across Europe.  The Raptors have painted their team name across the base line in a way that it looks 3-D from the angle of the camera for the viewers watching at home.  Up close it just looks like a weirdly slanted logo, but when you watch the games on TV it looks like its completely standing up.  Check out this video that Ball Don’t Lie shared with us that showcases it:

Pretty sweet if you ask me.  The 3-D logo is already creating quite a bit of buzz, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see other teams doing it in the near future.  As far as the negatives are concerned: the Raptors ranked 19th in the NBA in attendance last season. The last thing they need to do is give their fans another reason to want to watch from home.

George Karl: Screw All the People Who Think You Need a Superstar to Win a Title

Last season, the Nuggets lost Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks. The move left the team without star power, but Denver still finished the season with an impressive 50-win total. The Nuggets lost to the Thunder in the first round of the playoffs, but head coach George Karl remains excited about this year’s team despite its lack of a true superstar.

“I think, I hope, as I am preaching to the team is the Denver Nuggets is going to be out being a team” Karl said in an interview with KKFN in Denver that Sports Radio Interviews shared with us. “It has nothing to do about individuality and basically screw all the guys out there that think you gotta have a superstar to win a championship. I’m just not into the hype. … I’m excited because if Oklahoma City is the darlings of the NBA and we are not that far from them.”

Denver recently inked Nene Hilario to a five-year, $67 million deal, so he is obviously someone who is being paid like a superstar that they think they can build a contender around. With a mix of young players like Ty Lawson and veterans like Danilo Gallinari, the Nuggets should be far from a punching bag in the Western Conference.

Teams with superstars generally succeed in the NBA — especially in a seven-game playoff series.  That being said, a superstar can emerge over the course of the season.  If Chris Paul went to the Lakers the Western Conference picture would be a bit clearer, but instead he was traded to the Clippers which should make them a contender as well.  Karl is a good enough coach to keep the Nuggets in the hunt and lead them to the playoffs once again.

Brandon Spikes Tebows After Patriots Beat Broncos, Former Teammate (Picture)

The photo above is one that Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes shared on his Twitter account after the Patriots handled the Broncos in Denver on Sunday.  As most of you know, Spikes and Tim Tebow were teammates at Florida.  Like seemingly everyone else who played alongside Tebow during college, Spikes said he has a great relationship with him.

“I love Timmy to death but today I’m on the HomeTeam!!!! #GetThePicture,” Spikes also wrote after the game.

The concept of Tebowing has obviously taken on a life of its own, but I’m sure Tebow himself loves it.  Whether it’s an opponent mocking him after a sack or a teammate joining in on the fun, people are paying tribute to Tebow’s religion by Tebowing.  At the end of the day it’s just another way he’s been able to spread his faith.

Terrell Suggs Basically Says the Ravens Aren’t a Championship Team

Sunday night’s game was one of those where it is difficult to figure out which team it says more about.  On the one hand, you have the Chargers who are finally healthy and look like the team we all expected them to be before the season began.  On the other you have the Ravens, who had looked like arguably the best team in the AFC before being handled in Week 15.  Are the Chargers for real, or are the Ravens not as elite as we thought?  Speaking out of frustration following the loss, it sounded like Terrell Suggs was leaning toward the latter.

“Championship teams don’t take a step back,” Suggs barked after the game according to “It’s a reality check. (If) you don’t show up to play in a big game like this, you get your ass whipped.”

Prior to their dud against San Diego, the Ravens were in control of their own destiny for a playoff bye after earning only a wild card spot in each of the last three seasons.  Now, they will need some help over the last two weeks if they want to play at home.

Sizzle is known for speaking out of frustration so I doubt he actually thinks the Ravens are no longer a championship team.  That being said, Sunday night was yet another example of how wide open the AFC is.  After 14 games we still don’t have a clear-cut favorite.  As fans we should be thankful of that.  It’s almost like the playoffs have already begun.

Chest bump to Pro Football Talk for the story.

Antrel Rolle Calls Teammates Out for Missing Practice with Injuries

Coming off an inspiring comeback win over the Cowboys in Dallas last weekend, the Giants put up an equally uninspiring stinker against the Redskins on Sunday.  It was a game they had to win to remain atop the NFC East, but instead the G-Men let Washington own them from the game’s opening snap.  Safety Antrel Rolle blamed the loss on a lack of toughness, starting with guys missing practice during the week.

“I’m not calling anyone out. It’s not about individuals,” Rolle said after the game according to the NY Daily News. “What I’m saying is this – and quote me on this – if you’re going to play Sunday . . . granted, some injuries you can’t practice through, I understand that. But little nicks and bruises? If you can push through it, push through it because your team needs you.

“If you’re going to go out here and play the game on Sunday, you need to be out there with your men throughout the week I’ve been nicked up all year long. A lot of other people have been nicked up all year long. We go out there and we’re fighting.”

Despite the untimely loss, the Giants are only a game out of first place.  The slip-up forces them into a must-win situation for the final two games of the season.  Rolle is the same player who guaranteed the Giants would make the playoffs and complained about being blamed for blown coverages.  He is doing an awful lot of talking, and I highly doubt that makes life easier in the locker room.  New York has to take care of business and stop whining in public.  Rolle has officially emerged as the biggest problem in that area.

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