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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Did Matt Barnes respond to Derek Fisher firing with slick Instagram photo?

Matt Barnes Grizzlies

Derek Fisher was fired by the New York Knicks on Monday, and perhaps nobody was happier about the news than Matt Barnes.

Barnes infamously fought Fisher during training camp because he was upset about his estranged wife dating the coach. But with Fisher getting fired, Barnes, a forward on the Memphis Grizzlies decided to respond with an Instagram photo:

A photo posted by matt_barnes9 (@matt_barnes9) on

Barnes’ post did not have a caption, just the picture. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

For the record, Knicks executive Phil Jackson said Fisher’s fight with Barnes had nothing to do with the firing.

Delmon Young arrested for allegedly choking, threatening to kill valet

delmon-youngDelmon Young has added yet another chapter to his book of alleged misconduct and racial comments. This time he was arrested for allegedly choking and threatening to kill a valet, and then picking on the man for being Cuban.

The free agent outfielder was arrested at 10:15 pm on Sunday night at the Viceroy condos in Miami and charged with one count of battery, per a police report. Young apparently wanted in to a club and told the alleged victim to let him in, grabbing him by the neck. The valet reportedly told Young the club was closed, so the ballplayer responded irately.

“Stupid Cuban. Open the (expletive) door. I’m here. Now what?” Young is accused of saying.

Young then apparently walked away but returned, demanding to be let in to the club. The valet told him again it was closed, leading Young to curse him.

“I’m gonna (expletive) kill you, you Latin piece of (expletive),” Young said before reaching across the valet podium and choking the alleged victim for a handful of seconds.

The attendant was able to struggle free. Young then went to his condo.

A police officer responded to the call and went to Young’s room to confront him. Young apparently opened the door naked from the waist down and slurred the officer.

“I’ll slap you in the face with money, you (expletive) Cuban,” Young said per the report.

The officer noted that Young was unsteady on his feet and slurred his speech.

Young, a former No. 1 overall draft pick, was released by the Orioles last season. He has spent 10 seasons in the majors with five different teams, overall becoming a disappointment based on expectations. He also had an incident in 2012 where he slurred a Jewish homeless person in New York. He also was notorious for throwing a bat at an umpire in the minor leagues, and he once went off after being benched by Joe Maddon with the Rays.

Broncos defense knew they’d rattled Cam Newton after six plays


Members of the Denver Broncos defense felt that they’d successfully rattled Cam Newton after just six snaps.

The play that did it was Von Miller’s strip sack of Newton, which Malik Jackson picked up for a defensive touchdown to give Denver a 10-0 lead. It was a statement of intent on Denver’s part, and you can see it here:

This, the Broncos said, was the play that made them certain that they had Newton right where they wanted him.

“That play did it,” Denver linebacker Brandon Marshall said, via Yahoo! Sports’s Dan Wetzel. “That play rattled him. We got in his head like that. We got in his mind. He hasn’t been harassed like that all season.”

“That whole team was rattled,” said cornerback Chris Harris Jr. “We started hitting them. Running backs fumbling the ball. Cam throwing picks. He ain’t been hit like how we hit and we showed him today.”

Broncos safety T.J. Ward said that wiping out Newton’s confidence and swagger was all part of the gameplan.

“Hey, when things don’t go his way, we see the body language — it’s obvious,” Ward said, via Steve Reed of the Associated Press. “That’s what we wanted to do. That was our intent to come in this game and get the body language going. We didn’t want the happy, fun-spirited ‘dabbing’ Cam. No, we want the sulking, upset, talking to my linemen, my running backs, ‘I don’t know what’s going on’ Cam Newton — and that’s what we got.”

Newton never looked himself from that point on. He was jumpy and rattled and got hit more than he had all season, so the Broncos plan worked to perfection. It even showed in his treatment of the media after the defeat that Newton wasn’t used to losing quite like this. Don’t worry, Cam. At least Derek Carr knows how it feels.

Lisa Ann wants to reward Emmanuel Sanders for Super Bowl win

Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann has an outstanding offer to any member of a championship-winning team in American professional sports to cook them dinner as a reward for their accomplishment.

With the Super Bowl ending on Sunday, the former adult film star’s offer now stands for any member of the Denver Broncos who wants to take her up on it. She already has her sites on one player she’d most like to reward for his championship — wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

Lisa Ann joined the “Morning Men with Evan and Babs” on SiriusXM 85 Mad Dog Sports Radio Monday and was asked which player she’d want to cook dinner for.

“No. 1 would be Emmanuel Sanders. I just love having him on my fantasy team. He’s a great player, he’s fun to watch. He’s a little bit of an entertainer, but not too far like Cam Newton. I’d say first it would be Emmanuel Sanders, then he would be my gateway for all the players I want to cook dinner for,” Lisa Ann told hosts Evan Cohen and Mike Babchik.

Lisa Ann is so popular with the athletes that she says she received a FaceTime call from members on both sides of the Super Bowl prior to the game.

“I got a FaceTime yesterday from the field right before the game from my friend who you remember, Jeff Heuerman, who got injured at the beginning of training camp and didn’t get to play this season. I can’t count him because he didn’t play, is that correct?” Lisa Ann asked.

When Cohen told her that Heuerman, a tight end, wouldn’t could because he didn’t play, she revealed that a Panthers player also FaceTimed her, but she wouldn’t divulge who it was.

“I got FaceTimed by both teams before the game started. I was pretty excited about that. I’m not telling you that! I kind of got in with that. I was really happy that I showered and looked decent when I got these FaceTimes.”

Lisa Ann has become somewhat of a legend in athlete circles. Back in August she let us know about her deal to cook for athletes who win titles (full details here). She’s also been known to play a critical role in a player’s recovery from injury.

Good luck to Sanders, who had six catches for 83 yards in the Super Bowl, and definitely earned his meal.

Brandon Marshall says Carolina didn’t change up gameplan


According to Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, Carolina’s offensive gameplan was fairly predictable for the Denver defense.

Marshall said that the team was expecting the Panthers to try something different as the game went on and their offense struggled, but to his surprise, it didn’t happen.

The thought of some – myself included – was that Cam Newton would be able to buy time and make plays with his mobility and athleticism if Denver got after him. Denver did get after him repeatedly, but Newton wasn’t able to escape it, and Mike Shula’s offense didn’t seem to have any idea how to adjust to it. There was no attempt to fool the defense and no attempt to alter a gameplan that was doomed by halftime.

Based on how things went, maybe Brock Osweiler did a better job playing the role of Newton than we give him credit for.

Report: Knicks are the job Tom Thibodeau has ‘always wanted’


The New York Knicks are suddenly in the market for a head coach after Monday’s startling firing of Derek Fisher. Fortunately, the right man for the job may have some serious interest.

According to a report by Ian O’Connor of ESPN on Monday, the Knicks are the job former Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau has “always wanted” and that he “would crawl to Madison Square Garden.”

Thibodeau, 58, has been out of the league since his firing by the Bulls last May. Since then, his name has popped up in coaching rumors everywhere from Cleveland to Brooklyn.

Widely seen as the best head coach currently available on the market, Thibodeau was actually employed by the Knicks from 1996 to 2004, serving as an assistant to Jeff Van Gundy. He also pushed hard to land Knicks star Carmelo Anthony back in his Chicago days.

It is unclear if the Knicks want to move in the direction of an old-school, heavily defensive-oriented disciplinarian like Thibodeau, especially one with a history of clashing with management. But at 23-31 on the season currently, the team is in desperate need of some semblance of an identity. The gritty, hard-nosed culture of defense and balls-to-the-wall competitiveness that Thibs exudes could be just that identity.

Dennis Rodman wants Phil Jackson to know he’s ready to coach the Knicks

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman is apparently trying to get into coaching.

The basketball Hall of Famer tweeted to Knicks President Phil Jackson and the team’s official Twitter account to lobby for the now-vacant head coaching position.

They may go way back to the 1990s Bulls days, but we’re assuming Phil won’t be falling over himself to make that phone call. Just a guess.

Rodman, of course, has zero coaching experience. He is, however, unquestionably available, and he probably would make the Knicks the preferred NBA team in North Korea, though we are guessing that’s not a market the league is trying to win over. The Knicks fired Derek Fisher on Monday morning and undoubtedly have a whole list of qualified candidates in the works, a list that in all likelihood doesn’t include Rodman.

Von Miller mocks Panthers on Instagram after Broncos’ Super Bowl win


When you win the Super Bowl MVP Award, you can afford to gloat a little bit at the expense of your opposition. And Von Miller is taking full advantage of that much.

The Broncos linebacker, who was virtually unblockable in the team’s 24-10 victory in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, took to Instagram to tease the Panthers just a few hours after the win. Miller, the four-time Pro Bowler, shared an entertaining image of one of Carolina’s infamous team photos, except this time with the now-iconic Crying Jordan Face Photoshopped onto all of them.

Jus Dab!!! 😎

A photo posted by Von Miller (@millerlite40) on

Miller, 26, put forth one of the most dominant individual defense performances in Super Bowl history, recording 2.5 sacks and two forced fumbles, including a game-changing strip-sack of Cam Newton that led to a Broncos touchdown. And now that we know Miller’s troll game is on fleek as well (not to mention his forever-immaculate dancing ability), he is a man that truly cannot be stopped.

Wade Phillips trolls Panthers with tweet about the Dab

Wade Phillips

Who knew Wade Phillips was so good at Twitter?

The Broncos’ defensive coordinator got in on the act of trolling the Carolina Panthers on Monday with this snappy little note about dabbing.

Basically, Cam Newton just got shaded. Hard.

We’re assuming Coach Phillips meant “will do you” and not “with do you,” but the man won the Super Bowl twelve hours before hitting send. We’ll give him a pass on that one.

This isn’t the only time the hippest 68-year-old defensive coordinator in the NFL has used his Twitter to take aim at an opponent. He did something similar to the Green Bay Packers back in November. Now if he posts a crying Jordan meme like Steph Curry did, the internet may just implode in upon itself.

Report: LeSean McCoy assaulted two off-duty police officers

LeSean McCoy Bills

Bills running back LeSean McCoy is reportedly under investigation for assaulting two off-duty Philadelphia police officers.

According to ABC-6 in Philadelphia, McCoy and a friend – identified by CSN Philadelphia’s John Gonzalez as former NFL running back Curtis Brinkley – got in a physical altercation with two off-duty officers at the Recess Lounge in Philadelphia at around 2:30 AM Monday morning. Both officers were reportedly hospitalized, and while McCoy and Brinkley were not arrested, a police report was filed and the pair are the subjects of a police investigation.

According to the police report seen by CSN Philadelphia, there was a dispute over the ownership of a bottle of champagne, and the two officers suffered significant injuries: one reportedly had a broken nose and broken ribs, while the other was being treated for a possible skull fracture.

McCoy played for the Eagles before he was traded to Buffalo after the 2014 season.

McCoy has not had the best time with parties over the last season, but this appears to be his worst incident yet.

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