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Sunday, August 28, 2016


Robert Griffin III smooches girlfriend Grete Sadeiko during practice


Robert Griffin III and his new girlfriend, Florida State track and field star Grete Sadeiko, are not trying to hide their relationship from the public.

Earlier this week, Griffin took a break from practice to go over and give Sadeiko a smooch right in front of fans during the Cleveland Browns’ joint practice with the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay.

RG3 and his wife are separated, though for how long remains a mystery. What is clearly not a mystery is that Griffin and Sadeiko are now a couple. If the new tattoo Griffin has on his arm wasn’t enough to convince you, this should seal the deal.

Bruce Bochy makes wrong call sending Matt Moore out for no-hitter

Matt Moore

Few managers handle their pitchers and bullpen better than San Francisco’s Bruce Bochy, but the three-time World Series winner made the wrong call on Thursday night.

Bochy allowed pitcher Matt Moore to bat for himself to lead off the top of the 9th inning against the Dodgers despite throwing 119 pitches in the game so that the hurler could attempt to close out a no-hitter.

Moore was spared when Enrique Hernandez lined a ball to left-center that was robbed on a brilliant catch from Denard Span. Howie Kendrick then grounded out for the second out of the inning. That brought up Corey Seager, who battled and then blooped a single to shallow right.

Moore went from 119 pitches to 133 when Seager got the hit. He was lifted for Santiago Casilla, who recorded the final out to end the game and preserve the shutout — a 4-0 victory for the Giants.

Typically I support letting a pitcher go for history, but in this case I was against it. It all has to do with Moore’s pitch count, injury history, and the projected difficulty in closing out the no-hitter.

Moore tore a ligament in his elbow in 2014 and underwent Tommy John surgery. His recovery spilled into 2015, resulting in him making just 12 starts last season. For a guy who’s in his first full season back from Tommy John, throwing 133 pitches — the most of any starter in a game this season — is a risky proposition.

Once you get past 100 or so pitches, the common belief is that each subsequent pitch can result in more significant damage to one’s arm. Pitchers are laboring so much by that point that they are more prone to hurting themselves. Plus, Bochy knew Moore would have to retire Hernandez, Kendrick and Seager — three tough hitters — which would diminish the likelihood of a 1-2-3 inning, all while elevating his pitch count.

You have to wonder why the Giants would treat a pitcher they just traded three players for last month so carelessly. Bochy explained his thinking:

The Giants certainly did not appear to be protecting their asset on Thursday night.

Cowboys not concerned about Tony Romo’s back injury

Tony Romo

Tony Romo may have been knocked out of the Cowboys’ preseason game on Thursday night on the team’s first drive, but team officials do not appear to be concerned about the extent of the quarterback’s back injury.

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said at halftime that the team doesn’t think Romo’s back injury “is a serious thing.”

Similarly, team owner Jerry Jones downplayed the injury and said the Cowboys opted to keep Romo out despite the quarterback wanting back in the game.

Romo was hurt on the Cowboys’ third play of their game against the Seahawks. He was 1-of-1 for 11 yards prior to getting hurt on this scramble play.

Rookie fourth-round Dak Prescott replaced Romo in the game and is considered the team’s backup.

Tony Romo suffers back injury on first drive of preseason game

Tony Romo back injury

Tony Romo gave Dallas Cowboys fans a huge scare when he exited the team’s preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night with what appeared to be a back injury.

Romo was hurt on the third play of the Cowboys’ first drive when he scrambled and was tackled while sliding.

Romo immediately grabbed his lower back and appeared to be in pain.

The longtime Dallas quarterback suffered two collarbone injuries last season and was limited to four games. He has had two back surgeries during his career.

Romo was replaced by rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, who impressed in his first two preseason games. The good sign for Cowboys fans is that Romo was showing signs on the sidelines that he wanted to re-enter the game.

Jerry Jones seems unconcerned for now.

Matt Ryan: Julio Jones ‘doing OK’ after ankle injury

Julio Jones

Julio Jones gave his fans a scare when he left Thursday night’s preseason game with an ankle injury.

Jones was termed questionable to return to the Atlanta Falcons’ game against the Miami Dolphins, but he was held out for the rest of the game as a precaution.

It sounds like the injury was not very serious.

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn told NBC that Jones could have returned to the game if it were the regular season. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan also did not seem worried about his top target.

“I think he’ll be OK,” Ryan said of Jones during an interview with NBC’s Michele Tafoya. “You never like seeing someone go down especially in the preseason, but I think he’s doing OK.”

Jones caught 136 passes for 1,871 yards and eight touchdowns last season and remains one of the most productive receivers in the league. Falcons fans can exhale knowing that Jones should be fine.

Jason Kipnis mocks incident between Rougned Odor and Jose Bautista (Video)


During Thursday’s game between the Rangers and Indians, Jason Kipnis had a lighthearted moment with Rougned Odor that led to laughs all around.

With one out in the bottom of the fifth inning, Odor reached first base on a fielding error by Mike Napoli. Then Jonathan Lucroy grounded into a double play with Odor out at second base. As Odor came to his feet after the play, Jason Kipnis hilariously started to slowly back away from Odor, obviously remembering what happened between the Rangers second baseman and Jose Bautista earlier this season.

Those in the Rangers’ dugout, particularly Adrian Beltre, had a ball with the moment, as they should have. That was great. Even the broadcasters got a chuckle out of it.

Thanks, Jason Kipnis, for doing your part to make baseball fun again.

Kobe Bryant has great response to jersey retirement question


Now that Kobe Bryant has called it quits on his playing career, the discussion of which of his uniform numbers should be hanging from the rafters at Staples Center can ramp up. He isn’t giving any hints which one it might be, though.

Bryant, of course, wore No. 8 for the first ten years of his career and No. 24 for the second half. He was great in both. While wearing No. 8, Bryant won three championships, averaged 23.9 points per game, won a scoring title, and had his 81-point game against the Raptors. In No. 24, he won two championships, averaged 26.2 points per game, took home his only MVP Award, claimed two NBA Finals MVP Awards, and also won a scoring title.

A case can certainly be made for each. Which ever one gets the honor, one thing is for sure, whoever puts on the other one will have huge shoes to fill.

If I had to pick one, I would go with No. 8. That’s when was at the peak of his athletic powers, averaged a career-best 35.6 points, dropped a mind boggling 81 points, and won three straight championships. He had a great fro early in his career too. I wouldn’t argue much against No. 24 though. The Lakers should just retire both.

H/T For The Win

Carlos Ruiz traded to Dodgers


The Carlos Ruiz era in Philadelphia has officially come to an end.

According to a report by Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports on Thursday, the longtime Phillies catcher has been traded along with cash to the LA Dodgers in a backstop exchange for AJ Ellis. Also headed to the Phillies are right-handed pitching prospect Tommy Bergjans and a player to be named later.

The 33-year-old Ruiz had been in the Phillies organization since 1998, when he was signed by the team as an amateur free agent. He won a World Series with them in 2008.

The Dodgers have struggled to receive a consistent contribution from the catcher position with Ellis and Yasmani Grandal hitting just .220 combined on the season. Ruiz, who has a .261 batting average and a .719 OPS in 2016 should be able to help out in that regard.

With the Dodgers trying to fight off the San Francisco Giants for the NL West lead, a cost-effective acquisition like the former All-Star Ruiz could really make a difference for them down the stretch and onwards into the postseason.

Image Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Lochte charged in Brazil for filing false police report

Ryan Lochte

The Brazilians really have some balls on them.

AFP reported Thursday that Ryan Lochte has been charged in Brazil for filing a false police report.

“Ryan Lochte was charged with the crime of falsely reporting a crime,” police said in a statement, via the AFP.

Lochte and fellow swimmer Jimmy Feigen initially told police they were pulled over at random in their taxi and robbed at gunpoint. Lochte later admitted he lied about the circumstances surrounding the holdup. Two other swimming teammates, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, did confirm they were forced to pay for damage caused at a gas station at gun point.

That Brazil hasn’t dropped this entire situation yet shows how corrupt they are.

Yes, Lochte and Feigen lied about a story that they were randomly pulled over/robbed, making them seem like total victims. But they did have guns pulled on them at a gas station by men in badges. That happened. That part is true.

Let’s do a breakdown here and see who comes off worse.

Lochte: Embellished robbery story, omitted that he acted like a jerk in a foreign country and damaged sign at gas station, made Brazil look more dangerous through his original story.

Brazil: Makes international incident out of it; tries to seize passports of Lochte and Feigen; pulls Conger and Bentz off a plane; makes Bentz and Conger answer questions; tries to extort Feigen for $46K to end his case; charges Lochte with a crime; is a place where men with badges pulling out guns to demand money for a sign being damaged is totally acceptable.

Yes, Lochte is a juvenile, trouble-making, lying idiot who got his friends in trouble and doesn’t know how to behave, but Brazil is showing it’s true colors by extorting our athletes and going so far overboard with their handling of things. This is the story that needs to be remembered, told and shared; not one about what Lochte has done wrong.

Ezekiel Elliott reportedly arrived at training camp overweight

Ezekiel Elliott

Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t seem like he’s the best at first impressions.

According to a report by Albert Breer of The MMQB on Thursday, Elliott caused “some concern” when he arrived to Cowboys training camp overweight at 231 pounds.

While that mark was only six pounds heavier than Elliott’s listed playing weight at Ohio State and the 21-year-old is said to have “worked off some of that weight before tweaking his hamstring,” it’s still not a great look.

It’s been a rough first few months in Dallas for Elliott, who has also managed to anger Cowboys fans with his rooting interests and cause a distraction with allegations of domestic violence in the short period since he was drafted by the team at No. 4 overall in April.

But with Elliott possibly in line for 300 carries this season, it looks like he’ll get the opportunity to put all of this behind him with a strong performance on the gridiron. Hopefully he makes the most of it.

H/T Rotoworld

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