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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hunter Strickland yells at Salvador Perez after home run (Video)

Giants reliever Hunter Strickland is a pretty poor sport when things aren’t going his way, and things weren’t going his way on Wednesday night.

Strickland entered the bottom of the 6th inning of Game 2 of the World Series in Kansas City with two on, one out and the Royals up 3-2. Strickland uncorked a wild pitch to move the runners to second and third, and then he allowed a 2-run double to Salvador Perez and 2-run home run to Omar Infante. The game quickly went from being close to almost out of hand, and most of it was thanks to him.

That was the 5th home run of the postseason Strickland allowed, and he decided to take things out on Perez by yelling at the Royals catcher after Infante’s home run.

The yelling between them led the Royals to come out of the dugout onto the field to sort out matters.

Royals Giants fight

Perez even pointed to his eyes to ask Strickland why the pitcher was looking at him:

Salvador Perez Hunter Strickland

It looked like Strickland said to Perez, “get in the dugout, boy!” which would obviously be extremely disrespectful.

Recall that Strickland also got into it with Bryce Harper after allowing a second homer to the Nats youngster in the NLDS.

After the game, Strickland recognized he was wrong.

DeMarco Murray surprised offensive linemen with $1300 iMacs

DeMarco MurrayThe Dallas Cowboys are off to a 6-1 start and one reason why has been the play of running back DeMarco Murray.

Murray leads the NFL in rushing with 913 yards, 298 ahead of second-place Arian Foster. Murray actually has more yards on the ground than every team in the league not named the Ravens, Seahawks, Jets, and, of course, the Cowboys.

During last weekend’s game against the Giants, Murray broke Jim Brown’s 56-year-old record of six consecutive 100-yard games to start a season by gaining 128 on 28 carries.

When you’re a quarterback or running back who reaches a milestone, the customary thing to do is take care of the big guys up front. That’s just what DeMarco Murray did.

Awaiting their arrival on Wednesday, Tyron Smith, Doug Free, Zack Martin, Travis Frederick and Ron Leary had brand new 21.5 inch iMacs waiting for them, courtesy of Murray.

DeMarco Murray’s current pace gives him a shot at Eric Dickerson’s single-season mark of 2,136 yards, which would mean more (and surely better) gifts. In the meantime, a 21.5 inch iMac is pretty nice.

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Report: Darrelle Revis overslept, returned to facility to apologize

Darrelle Revis Patriots

New England Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis was sent home from practice Tuesday after he arrived to the team facility late. According to a follow-up report from Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Revis was tardy because he overslept.

In addition, Volin reports that Revis returned to the Patriots facility after being sent home to apologize to Bill Belichick.

We’re not sure if Belichick was receptive to the apology, but we do know Revis returned to practice on Wednesday. He hinted that there was a non-football reason he was not at practice Tuesday when reporters inquired about his absence.

“That’s between me and coach [Bill Belichick],” Revis said, via Tom E. Curran of CSNNE.com. “Ask him about it.”

Revis is the highest-paid player on the Patriots roster, and I’m sure Belichick secretly loved getting an opportunity to make an example out of him. If you remember, many believed part of the reason former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes was placed on IR last season was that he was late for a bye-week practice.

With all the money Revis is making this season, he should be able to hire someone to make sure he gets out of bed on time every day. Patriots fans can only hope Tuesday’s incident doesn’t create tension between Belichick and Revis. With Jerod Mayo out for the season and Chandler Jones expected to miss a month, New England needs Revis to be completely focused in the coming weeks.

NFL Week 8 expert picks against the spread – Del’s picks

Things were going so smoothly for Del over the past several weeks that he almost forgot it’s possible to post a losing week against the spread. Unfortunately, that’s what happened in Week 7. The good news is it was only 7-8, and Del nailed both of his locks of the week to improve to 11-7 on the season with the money-making picks.

[Reminder: The Week 8 Pick 'em Pool winner gets an official NFL football]

For whatever reason, this seems like the toughest week of the season thus far. We have two teams playing in London, so you never know how that will turn out. The spreads are tough, but aren’t they always? We’ll do our best to get you on the right side of the number. Here are Del’s Week 8 NFL picks.

(ATS = Against the Spread, SU = Straight Up)


Del’s going with the chalk in the Houston-Tennessee game in the wake of the Titans announcing that they have benched Jake Locker in favor of rookie Zach Mettenberger. While I think Mettenberger is more likely than Locker to be the long-term answer at quarterback for the Titans, he’ll have an extremely tough task in his first NFL start. Some guy named JJ Watt is making a bid to be the first defensive player to win NFL MVP since 1986. Houston is also expecting Jadeveon Clowney to return from a knee injury. The Texans should be able to force Mettenberger into a couple turnovers and sack him two or three times. Give me Houston.

Everything I have watched to this point in the season tells me the Packers should cover against the Saints with ease. The Saints have been struggling and are coming off a tough loss to the Lions. Jimmy Graham is also battling a shoulder injury and clearly was not himself last week. He didn’t catch a single pass. So why pick the Saints when they’re giving Green Bay points?

Simply put, Del always takes the Saints when they play at home in primetime. They always show up. They’re cover machines when they play at the Superdome on Sunday and Monday nights. If Drew Brees and company end up covering and I don’t lock them, I’ll kick myself. If the Packers blow them out, I still won’t regret it.

Tim Lincecum missed World Series intros because he was throwing up

Tim Lincecum mustache

Tim Lincecum was absent from introductions prior to Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday night, and now we know why: the two-time Cy Young Award winner was sick.

CSN Bay Area’s Andrew Baggarly pointed out Lincecum’s absence on Tuesday night and did not have an explanation from San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy, who was unaware of the pitcher’s absence. On Wednesday, Bochy said it was because Big Time Timmy Jim was throwing up.

Not only did Lincecum miss the intros, he also watched the game from the dugout instead of the bullpen, where he usually would watch.

Lincecum said this about missing intros.

“I just didn’t want to go out there after it had started,” Lincecum said via Baggarly.

If Lincecum wasn’t even the starting pitcher, it’s hard to believe he’d be throwing up before the game because of nerves. Maybe he was throwing up because he had some of his famous, insane In-N-Out order.

LBS Week 8 Pick ‘em Pool winner gets a new Wilson official NFL football

NFL Wilson Duke football

Good news! If you are the winner of Week 8 in the LBS pro football pick ‘em league, you will win a cool prize.

As we told you when we launched the LBS pick ‘em challenge, we will have end-of-the-year prizes as well as some prizes for weekly winners. This week we are pleased to announce that the winner of Week 8 will receive an official Wilson “Duke” game ball that features the pink NFL shield ribbon for breast cancer awareness.

Here’s some info about the ball via the folks at Wilson:

“Every year to help promote breast cancer awareness, the NFL goes pink for the month of October. To support the NFL’s effort in its mission, all Wilson “The Duke” game balls for the month of October sport the pink NFL Shield ribbon in place of the traditional gold NFL Shield. Wilson proudly donates $250,000 annually to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®, dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research worldwide. For more information about BCRF, visit bcrfcure.org. To see the complete line of Wilson pink products head over to Wilson.com.”

Even though it’s probably too late to catch up for the end of the year prizes, you can follow this link for details on joining to participate in this week’s contest.

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Darrelle Revis sent home by Bill Belichick for being late

Darrelle Revis Patriots

Darrelle Revis did not practice with the New England Patriots on Tuesday, and a report says that is because he was sent home for being late to the team facility in the morning.

According to Ben Volin of The Boston Globe, the Patriots were given Saturday-Monday off following Thursday night’s win over the New York Jets. Players were supposed to be at the facility at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, but Revis arrived late and was sent home for the day.

[Related: Here's the reason Darrelle Revis was late]

Though Revis was sent home on Tuesday, he was back at practice on Wednesday.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick tries to make a point that regardless of talent level, the rules apply to all players equally. Sending Revis — one of the top cornerbacks in the league — home for being late sends the message to the entire team that the superstars do not get special treatment.

Some Seahawks do not think Russell Wilson is black enough?

Russell Wilson Seahawks

As the reasons behind the Seahawks’ decision to trade Percy Harvin are continually analyzed, more information about the dynamics of the team’s locker room are being reported. In the latest report, it is suggested that there was a divide in the locker room among Seahawks supporting Russell Wilson and players who supported Harvin. The report says that as the chasm grew, the Seahawks decided they had to trade Harvin before things became more fractured.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, who explores the trade and locker room dynamic in Seattle, gives several reasons why some players have issues with Wilson, and he even suggests that some players believe the quarterback is not black enough.

Freeman says the Seahawks traded Harvin because of “increasing animosity” between the former Vikings wide receiver and their Super Bowl-winning quarterback. This should not come as a surprise; Lance Zierlein of Sports Talk 790 in Houston reported last week that Harvin nearly fought Wilson this season. He also says some players feel Wilson is too close to the front office, which is probably another way of saying that Wilson is a favorite of the organization. Freeman also reports that some teammates are irked by Wilson not always taking blame for mistakes he makes.

The real explosive aspect here is what Freeman says about the racial issue:

There is also an element of race that needs to be discussed. My feeling on this—and it’s backed up by several interviews with Seahawks players—is that some of the black players think Wilson isn’t black enough.

It’s unclear whether the not “black enough” part is a thought held by Freeman and shared with players who either agreed or disagreed with his hypothesis, whether Freeman saying that is just him deducing based on what has been told to him, or whether some players have outright said it to him.

What we’re seeing here is pretty typical dynamics in a locker room. When you have 53 guys on a roster, not everyone is going to get along. People have all sorts of different values, priorities and backgrounds, so they’re going to disagree on things, complain and fight. It happens in every locker room. What matters is whether they can play well enough to win together.

Maybe Wilson does not take enough blame for some of his mistakes, but whatever favor he has within that organization is well deserved. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league, he’s a franchise QB, and teammates should be falling in line and following him as the leader. If they become too much of a pain, the team is well within its rights to trade them, like they did with Harvin. Maybe Wilson isn’t unanimously loved in his team’s locker room, but he is the franchise QB, a winner on the field, and a leader who should be followed.

Marlins fan behind home plate says Royals offered him private suite to move


If you watched Game 1 of the World Series on TV Tuesday night, you may have noticed a man in an orange visor and jacket sitting in the front row behind home plate. His name is Laurence Leavy, and he is — believe it or not — a Miami Marlins fan.

Leavy, 58, calls himself “Marlins Man.” He paid $8,000 for his premium seat to Game 1, but he claims Royals officials desperately tried to get him to move or change his clothes. Leavy told Clark Spencer of The Miami Herla that Kauffman Stadium employees offered him a private suite and more in an attempt to get him away from where cameras were shooting.

“The owner of the Royals was extremely upset I was there,” Leavy said.

A Royals spokesman denied that Leavy was asked to leave his seat or change his attire.

Leavy, a Marlins season ticket holder since the team’s first year 1993, says he was not trying to agitate anyone by wearing his team’s colors to an event that had nothing to do with his team. Rather, he has been buying premium seats to Super Bowls, NBA playoff games and MLB playoff games for years.

Earlier this year, Leavy traveled across the country to watch 18 baseball games in 16 different cities.

“I never had any kids, nor have any wife,” Leavy said. “You don’t have to pay for a wife and kids, so you have money in the bank.

“I didn’t plan any of this (attention). I’m not selling anything. I’ve been doing this — going to sporting events — pretty much non-stop since 1999. I dated a girl for nine years who hated sports and when that ended, I started going everywhere.”

By all indications, Leavy is just a dude who has a lot of disposable income and likes spending it on going to big-time sporting events. We get that the Royals want to see all royal blue clothing behind home plate, but it’s a free country. The guy paid $8,000 for his seat. Leave him alone.

H/T For the Win
Photo via @KVP_10

Porn star Brooke Haven: No one parties harder than Sebastian Janikowski

Adult film star Brooke Haven made an interesting revelation to TMZ earlier this week when she was discussing the various professional athletes she has partied with. The 34-year-old admitted that she has hung out with “a lot” of athletes, yet she hardly hesitated when asked who parties the hardest. The answer is Sebastian Janikowski.

Janikowski, who has spent his entire career with the Oakland Raiders and has one of the strongest legs in the NFL, apparently rages as hard as he kicks.

“Have you followed that man’s career?” Haven asked. “I think he settled down, though. I think he got married. I haven’t hung out with him for many, many years.”

The Polish Cannon was arrested for getting into two bar fights while he was in college at Florida State in 1998. Just before he was drafted in January 2000, Janikowski was arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe an officer after his friend got into a fight at a nightclub. That’s nothing compared to the story Haven told about him.

“We were driving one time in the Navigator, I was driving, and he was smoking a cigarette outside the window or something,” she explained. “He was hanging out singing Nelly, and all of a sudden the next thing you know the inside of the car’s on fire. He dropped the cigarette down into the side panel of the door and all these papers are on fire. He takes them, throws them all out the window and says, ‘F— it. Keep going.’ And that was it.”

Brooke has clearly never met Rob Gronkowski. As much as we’d like to think Gronk has the stories to put The Polish Cannon to shame, we’re probably wrong.


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