Benjy Bronk of Howard Stern Show crashes Roger Goodell press conference (Video)

Benjy Bronk press conferenceRoger Goodell’s press conference on Friday to address the NFL’s failings when it comes to the personal conduct policy and discipline was predictably boring and monotonous. But there was one exciting part.

Benjy Bronk of the Howard Stern Show interrupted the press conference while the commissioner was taking questions. He was heard yelling out, “Don’t take me into an elevator!”

The Howard Stern Show is well known for pulling pranks and stunts, so this was their latest effort. It was humorous and harmless, unlike this crasher at the Super Bowl.

NFL scout on Jameis Winston: He is a ‘fraud’

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston’s immature behavior is costing him in the eyes of NFL scouts.

Since the widely publicized sexual assault allegations he faced last year, Winston has continued to display poor behavior.

The Heisman Trophy winner was cited in April for stealing crab legs at a grocery store. He was suspended this week for the first half of Florida State’s game vs. Clemson because of an obscene phrase he yelled in the middle of campus. It also has been revealed that he stole soda and acted disrespectfully at a Burger King in July, 2013. He was also investigated in 2012 for his involvement in a BB gun fight that resulted in broken windows at an apartment complex.

What’s interesting is that Winston always seems to say the right thing to the public in his press conferences, and then he goes out and behaves like a complete imbecile. The quarterback’s tendency to say the right thing and act like a jerk when the media is not around led one NFL scout to call him a “fraud.”

Speaking in light of Winston’s suspension for yelling the obscenity this week, an NFL area scout told NFL Network’s Albert Breer that the incident will hurt the QB in the eyes of scouts.

“It’ll hurt him significantly,” the area scout told Breer. “Especially with all the stuff going on in the league. This may force him to stay another year to clean up his image. He’s a fraud. You can’t believe anything he says, because he keeps doing the same things over and over. In my mind, there are night-and-day differences between (Johnny) Manziel’s and his character concerns. Winston has some serious issues.”

Winston was projected to possibly be the No. 1 overall pick in the draft if he left school following the season. You have to wonder if he has scared away some teams with all the allegations he’s faced.

Donald Trump sends zinger about Terry Pegula buying Bills

Donald TrumpBuffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula purchased the Buffalo Bills for a hefty price of $1.4 billion. Pegula beat out a group from Toronto, and celebrities like Donald Trump and Jon Bon Jovi when it came to his purchase.

Naturally, “The Donald” had to send out a zinger on Friday regarding the sale:

Ralph Wilson was the founder and owner of the Buffalo Bills until he died in March. A family trust inherited the team and put it up for sale, where Pegula’s bid prevailed.

The expensive pricetag goes to show how much demand there is to own an NFL team, even one that has been a bottom-feeder lately like the Bills. And aren’t we all much happier that Pegula is the team owner instead of The Donald?

Trent Williams defends Adrian Peterson: ‘A butt-whooping is a real good deterrent’

Adrian PetersonLike a handful of other NFL players, Washington Redskins defensive tackle Trent Williams does not think Adrian Peterson deserves to be criticized and taken off the football field for the way he disciplines his children. While Williams said he would “never want to see anyone hurt a child,” he defended Peterson during an interview with Doug Gottlieb on Thursday.

“I think it’s unfortunate that a man would take such criticism for the way he disciplined his child,” Williams said, as transcribed by Scott Allen of DC Sports Bog. “To me, I just look at the situation a different way, but you never want to see anybody hurt a child. I’ve been around him and his family plenty of times and that’s definitely not the dad that he is. He’s a great father, very interactive with his kids. I know he’s a stern father as well and doesn’t allow his kids to be disobedient. I was shocked by the accusations that it was child abuse.”

Williams doesn’t seem to fully understand what constitutes child abuse. He made the same argument that Reggie Bush and Captain Munnerlyn made about how they were harshly disciplined by their parents as children and turned out just fine.

“I was a fair-skinned guy, so I always went to my room with a [welt] or a scratch here from the switch, but looking back on it, I wouldn’t want to be raised any other way,” Williams said. “Of course, words can teach you right from wrong, but a butt-whooping is a real good deterrent. I feel like it helped me become the man I am today.”

He then went on to explain how discplining in the south is different from the north, which is a justification we have heard from people like Charles Barkley. While that may be true, it doesn’t make it right for Peterson to leave open cuts and welt marks on his 4-year-old son.

In addition, Williams said you should be able to be a little more physical with a son than a daughter.

“I have a 4-year-old and I know how difficult they can be to deal with,” he said. “But mine is a girl, so of course I wouldn’t whoop a girl the same way I’d whoop a boy. …”

We’re not going to get into a moral debate, because everyone has their own opinions on the subject. But like we said before, these NFL players need to realize that defending someone who was arrested for child abuse is almost always going to look bad. People like Williams and Bush are better off keeping their thoughts private.

FSU QB Sean Maguire’s parents gave away Clemson tickets, didn’t think son would play

Sean-Maguire-Florida-StateFlorida State sophomore quarterback Sean Maguire is suddenly scheduled to play a large portion of what could wind up being the No. 1-ranked Seminoles’ biggest game of the season. The turn of events was so sudden, in fact, that Maguire’s parents won’t even be in attendance when their son takes on Clemson for two quarters.

As you know, Jameis Winston has been suspended for the first half of the Clemson game for his obscene outburst on campus earlier this week. Before that happened, Maguire’s parents gave their tickets to the game to relatives because they assumed Sean would be holding a clipboard for 60 minutes.

“My parents originally gave away the tickets to my cousins,” Maguire told reporters Thursday, per Natalie Pierre of The Tallahassee Democrat. “They were like, ‘You guys go to this game. You’ll have fun tailgating. Sean probably won’t play this game.'”

Apparently there are no takesies backsies, because Maguire’s parents now plan to watch the game on television from their home in New Jersey. They couldn’t find a way to make last-minute travel arrangements, plus some of Sean’s other family members also would have liked to go to Doak Campbell Stadium for the game. Instead, they have all decided to watch it together from home.

You think backup quarterbacks have it tough? Try being their parents.

Procter & Gamble pulls out of breast cancer initiative because of NFL off-field issues

High-School-Technical-for-Pink-UniformsProcter & Gamble has notified the NFL that it will no longer be going forward with its league-wide initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness month, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

Procter & Gamble had worked with the NFL on behalf of Crest toothpaste and had named multiple players on each of the NFL’s 32 teams as “ambassadors” of the campaign. Players had agreed to wear pink mouthguards and engage with fans on social media as part of the initiative, but Procter & Gamble reportedly decided to pull the plug in the wake of the domestic violence issues that are piling up across the league.

Any money that Procter & Gamble had pledged to donate to cancer organizations will still be distributed, but the campaign will no longer be taking place.

We could be witnessing the worst image problem the NFL has ever had. Companies like Radisson have already suspended their sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings while other juggernauts like Anheuser-Busch have publicly expressed their concern over issues involving players like Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice and Jonathan Dywer.

The NFL’s pink gear movement has become incredibly popular over the past several years. The fact that a major company has decided to dissociate itself from a cause like Breast Cancer Awareness Month because it is so concerned with the NFL’s current image should tell you all you need to know.

Dwyane Wade credits David Stern’s dress code for his passion for fashion

Dwyane Wade tango

Dwyade Wade is one of the most flamboyant dressers in the NBA. And for that, we can thank David Stern.

Wade has worn some of the most mind-boggling outfits and accessories you will ever see over the last several years. During a recent interview with Rob Merrill of The Associated Press, D-Wade said the dress code that Stern instituted in 2005 really got him thinking about what to wear off the court.

“It was like, ‘OK, now we got to really dress up and we can’t just throw on a sweat suit,'” Wade explained. “Then it became a competition amongst guys and now you really got into it more and you started to really understand the clothes you put on your body, the materials you’re starting to wear, so then you become even more of a fan of it.

“Obviously sometimes we push the envelope, and I think it’s because we’re athletes. We’re not looked at as guys who should wear certain things. Being flamboyant is being OK.”

The “competition” Wade referred to must involve him and guys like Russell Westbrook. We have no idea who you could call the “winner” between those two guys. One day Wade is wearing hot pink pants on his way to a game and the next Westbrook is blowing us away with some leather overalls. It’s all thanks to Stern and his disdain for baggy pants.

For more past Wade fashion follies, see below:

Dwyane Wade wears white flood pants and high black socks
Dwyane Wade wears overalls, rolled up pants to Game 3
Dwyane Wade wears capri pants
Dwyane Wade wears tango-colored outfit
Dwyane Wade’s super skinny pants
Dwyane Wade’s hot pink pants
Dwyane Wade wears glasses with no lenses
Dwyane Wade wears jacket with floral pattern

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