Phillies also screwed up and gave away a Mets truck

Phillies Mets truck

Remember how we all had laughs at the Mets’ expense a few days ago when they screwed up a toy truck giveaway by giving away at least one W.B. Mason truck that had a Phillies logo on it?

Looks like they were not alone.

The Phillies are also sponsored by W.B. Mason and had a similar collectible truck giveaway on July 26. And as one person pointed out on Twitter, at least one Mets truck accidentally ended up in the Phillies batch of giveaways.

This joke was a lot funnier when it made the Mets look incompetent. Maybe we’ll just say Ruben Amaro placed this order.

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Photo: Twitter/Rgallagher1025

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  • SpinMax

    Alright…ok…I’m not sure how they do their promotions, but in my experience, those types of items are usually in house, on pallets a couple weeks to a month in advance. That kind of shipment doesn’t just show up the day of a game. So nobody checked these first? They didn’t open up a box to give to upper staff members for their office shelves or kids? Nobody noticed and said: we’re not going forward with this. Lets print up food or drink or merch vouchers instead to make up for it. Like, cmon now.