Adrien Broner only wants to fight Marcos Maidana next

Adrien Broner meme

Adrien Broner was totally embarrassed in his loss to Marcos Maidana last month, but at least he’s taking the right attitude going forward.

Broner was knocked down twice in the fight and lost by unanimous decision for his first career defeat. Now 27-1, Broner says the only fight he wants next is a rematch with Maidana. Check out the tweets he sent on Wednesday:

Maidana indicated after the fight that he would be open to a rematch, so it’s quite possible that we see one. But will Broner make good on his word? Will the rematch work out differently? I have my doubts. Broner looked grossly outclassed by Maidana in that fight.

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  • Jimmy Chin

    Good for you,Adrien”i’ve got a problem”Boner,go back into the lion’s den and face your master once again. Its the only way you can reconcile with that ego of yours. But be aware,the risk you take could ultimately be the demise of your boxing career, for you could be exposed yet again.

  • sean J

    Maidana should say I will only fight Broner if I fight floyd first. Who does Broner think he is ? Gtfoh

  • Thedonjuan

    You think that’s gonna work. Gtfoh

  • James Leite

    Too bad for Broner’s prefight antics because that was the talk that dominated the post fight talk. The fact is that was a great fight and I think if Adrien makes some adjustment we will see a different outcome. Just my two cents.