Bernard Hopkins Proves at 43 He Can Still Beat a White Boy Like Kelly Pavlik

It was just six months ago that Bernard Hopkins was forced to eat his words upon losing to Joe Calzaghe. Hopkins declared pre-fight that he would never let a white boy beat him. Then he went out and lost the fight. Half a year later he was the underdog by most accounts in a fight with the much younger Kelly Pavlik. Funny thing happened though: Hopkins destroyed Pavlik. The Old Man dominated the fight in Atlantic City from the start and it could be argued he never even lost a round. Already well past 40, Hopkins says he might be approaching Evander Old Field territory:

“I could box another two to three years,” Hopkins said. “I think this was my best performance, better than Tarver, better than Trinidad, better than Oscar [De La Hoya]. I am extremely happy tonight. Ninety percent of the media picked Pavlik. I always appreciate naysayers. That is what motivates me — when people are against me. I don’t wish I was like that but that’s the way it is.”

I say why not? If he’s this good at 43, sure, he can go longer. Don’t forget he missed a good chunk of his prime being in jail, so his body is slightly younger than its age. And now saddled with his first career loss, Pavlik says he’ll be dropping back down to 160 instead of trying to step up and fight the light heavyweights. Probably a wise move. And boy did Hopkins gain my respect after watching the clinic he administered. Yeesh.

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  • Gene

    Pavlik should have stayed in the middleweight class. Obviously he lost speed by bulking up. Too bad the racist won the fight. I will continue to root against Hopkins in any future fights he has. Does our media have such a double standard that they refuse to call out Hopkins for his very racist comments?

  • http://none cary simmons

    first of all, it’s doubtful that hopkins can even be a “racist” based on
    the true definition of the term. and where has your outrage been with
    the history of discrimination against black fighters? where was your
    outrage when alan minter told marvin hagler “i ain’t losing my title to
    no black man” or greg haugen’s racist comments about hispanics before
    his whipping by julio cesar chavez? or hector camacho using the “n
    word”? pavlick himself is an overrated, taller version of ray mancini
    who only got attention because of his skin tone. that in and of itself
    is racism