Canelo Alvarez’s team screwed him for the Floyd Mayweather fight

Floyd Mayweather Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez is fighting on Saturday night for the first time since suffering his lone career defeat, a majority decision loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. last September.

Though Alvarez probably does not regret taking the fight thanks to the $5 million he earned (at minimum), he was totally outclassed in the bout and did suffer some professional embarrassment. Now it sounds like his team is partly to blame for setting up him with such a bad gameplan for a tough match-up.

The Los Angeles Times’ Lance Pugmire wrote on Friday that Canelo’s team expected Floyd to engage in more toe-to-toe combat. Apparently they missed the 45-0 boxer’s previous 45 fights.

From Pugmire:

Alvarez co-trainer Eddy Reynoso said Team Alvarez believed Mayweather would be more willing to engage in toe-to-toe fighting like he did against Miguel Cotto, allowing Alvarez to find an opening for a damaging succession of punches.

“Floyd stepped toe-to-toe with Saul three times, felt his punch and never did it again,” Reynoso said. “Floyd did what Floyd does — move around, stick a jab, pull a ‘W.’ The only thing Saul lacked is experience.

Uhhh this strikes me as a little incomprehensible. How can you know anything about Floyd Mayweather and not know that the guy likes to avoid being hit and just pick his opponents apart? The only time he really engaged the way they’re describing was in his win over Miguel Cotto, but that was mostly because Cotto forced that.

Did they think Floyd would stand and punch in an effort to excite the fans? Floyd might do that here or there, but not consistently. You don’t get to 45-0 without being protective of your legacy every time you’re in the ring.

What a bunch of fools.

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  • Gerard Kelly

    Yep, which is why he has avoided Pacquaio.

  • Shorty20122012 .

    God I’m so sick of you people. Floyd ran in every fight? Floyd has never even ran for one entire fight. Floyd can stand right in front of a guy and not get hit. That is “toe to toe,” it’s called being too quick for your opponent.

    I guarantee that the person who wrote this article has not even seen half of Mayweather’s fights.

  • Hazzy_Spazzy

    Pacquiao who? The guy who got put to sleep? Avoiding a fight with him? Really? A guy who’s avoiding doesn’t agree to a 50/50 and sign the contract. The guy who’s avoiding a fight doesn’t personally call the guy he’s trying to avoid looking to make it happen. Not negotiating through the media, calling him directly.

  • Hazzy_Spazzy

    Floyd whooped that boy, period. The mistakes that are made are made in the gym first. The strategy was flawed to begin with. They were planning for a Cotto type performance even though Floyd’s previous fight with Guerrero showed he still had legs under him. They should’ve prepared for 21 year old Mayweather. Don’t go in the ring with him under the premise that he’s getting old and losing steps. Prepare for 21 y/o Floyd Mayweather even though you’ll be in there with 37 year old FMJ. That way you won’t be shocked or surprised by how well he moves.