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Friday, May 25, 2018

Director: Conor McGregor would be approved for Nevada boxing license

Conor McGregor

As Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather continue to talk about a potential boxing fight between them, there is one thing that we know: the state of Nevada will not stand in the way of such a match. In fact, they will help facilitate it.

Nevada State Athletic Commissioner Bob Bennett told the Daily Star that McGregor would be approved for a boxing license despite not having boxed professionally.

“We would be willing to give him a license,” Bennett told Starsport. “He will be approved for a license.”

Why would Bennett approve McGregor for a boxing license? He says it’s due to McGregor’s prowess as an all-around fighter, from kickboxing, to youth boxing, to McGregor’s success as a striker in the UFC.

“As a youngster, as a young man, at the age of 12, he took up kickboxing,” he continued. “And Conor later became an All-Ireland boxing champion at a very young age. And if you fast forward to his UFC career, I think he’s 21-3, 17 (18) of his fights he’s won by KO or TKO from strikes. So he obviously has the striking ability in the mixed martial arts world.

“I’ve also seen some video of him training and sparring with a competitive boxer with gloves and head gear and he obviously has the skill set to be a boxer.”

That all led to Bennett saying McGregor “clearly qualifies” for a license.

The bottom line is that if McGregor and Mayweather are going to fight, Nevada wants it to take place in their state and bring in all the revenue that comes from holding such an event. Plus, once they saw McGregor was already approved to box in another state, they probably figured they had to answer.

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