Floyd Mayweather cut above right eye by Marcos Maidana headbutt (GIF)

Floyd Mayweather Marcos Maidana headbuttFloyd Mayweather Jr. was cut for the first time in one of his fights, making his bout with Marcos Maidana unusually uncomfortable for him.

Maidana caught Floyd with a headbutt in the fourth round to open up a cut above Floyd’s right eye. Floyd was bleeding afterwards and was treated by his corner between rounds the rest of the fight to keep the cut in control, and they did a good job doing so.

Even before the cut, Maidana was making life difficult for Floyd. He was relentless in the first few rounds and did a good job cornering Floyd against the ropes and throwing punches, especially the overhand right. Floyd took over in the second half of the fight and closed well. I thought it was a draw, which is how one of the three judges scored it. The other two scored it in favor of Mayweather, who won by majority decision. Don’t ask me how one judge had it 9 rounds to 3 in favor of Floyd. That was ridiculous.

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  • MR. P

    wait a minute give me the round and what time this happened???? because he was cut in round 4 and it seems he was cut by a left uppercutt on this one i see him no touching his eye after collision of head what is this PLEASE GIVE ME THE ROUND AND MINUTE IT HAPPENED THE HEADBUTT THAT CUT MAYWEATHER EYE TO SEE IF YOUR LYING OR NOT?? MAYBE YOUR PUTTING A HEADBUTT AFTER HE WAS ALREADY CUTT???

  • MR. P