Mayweather Ducking or Delaying Fight with Pacquiao?

With promoter Bob Arum‘s deadline of midnight for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to accept a fight with Manny Pacquiao passing, it appears as if we will be waiting several more months before seeing the super-bout take place. Since Arum was the only one talking to the media, we only heard one side of the story — Pacquiao’s. Arum suggested that Mayweather was afraid of Manny and that’s the reason the fight wasn’t arranged. Like I said, that’s only one side of the story and because Arum has the megaphone, it’s the one most people are accepting. Mayweather could end all this speculation by simply announcing his plans, but he hasn’t done that.

Instead, we have to rely on the words of David Mayo of The Grand Rapids Press who has come up with four potential reasons why Mayweather has not yet agreed to the fight. The basis of Mayo’s suggestions is that Mayweather is merely delaying the fight until next year, not ducking his opponent. Here are the reasons:

1. Mayweather would rather make the money next year than this year because of tax purposes. I’m not sure how making the money next year will help Mayweather’s situation because he’s being taxed at the highest rate possible, but there must be some creative accounting going on.

2. Mayweather won’t fight until he knows the status of his uncle Roger, who is facing a trial in August. Roger is also his trainer and could end up in jail.

3. Mayweather is too busy pursuing other things like being a music mogul.

4. There are lawsuits involving the promotion companies that must be resolved.

I think it’s pretty simple to realize that Mayweather wants the fight to be under his terms, not dictated through deadlines by Bob Arum. That’s probably another reason why things are being delayed. Plus, it’s also in Mayweather’s interest to let Pacquiao fight again before the two meet. Isn’t there a chance Manny takes some hits and gets loosened up before the megafight? And if Pacquiao gets upset, then Floyd doesn’t ever have to do the fight and he’d still be able to say he’s the best pound-for-pound in the world. He’s playing things cautiously for many reasons, fear definitely being one of them.

Taxation issues, Roger Mayweather’s trial more reasons why Mayweather-Pacquiao won’t happen [The Grand Rapids Press]

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  • pijoe

    Larry you’re going to need TWO BUCKETS to carry all that water for Mayweather. He’s ducking Pacquiao for “tax purposes”? If you make 50 mil “this year” and pay 39 percent tax you’ll net 30.5 mil. Right? If you fight twice “this year” and make 100 mil you net 61. 61 is more than 30 in my world.

    You’re making excuses for Floyd. He told you in June he’s not interested in fighting right now. He said he was taking a year or two off. He had no intention of fighting Pacquaio but let negotiations go on until Pacquiao called his bluff and accepted the 14-day protocol. Floyd’s response after this Top Rank imposed deadline expired was again “I’m not interested in fighting”. He didn’t say anything about contract terms, Roger’s legal woes, purse share, or anything else. Larry listen to Floyd. Stop making his excuses FOR HIM. He doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao.

    Dan Rafael ESPN.com (June 16, 2010) “Does anyone really believe the recent comments from Mayweather suggesting he is headed for another long layoff or retirement? Please. Enough with that nonsense. But if — a big if — Mayweather really does retire again, nobody can possibly argue that he isn’t blatantly ducking Pacquiao.”

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