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Friday, May 25, 2018

Floyd Mayweather has great reason why Conor McGregor should fight him

Floyd Mayweather conor Mcgregor

From a financial standpoint, it is no secret that Conor McGregor could use a fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. more than Floyd Mayweather Jr. needs a fight against Conor McGregor. And for that reason, Mayweather feels McGregor should do everything in his power to make the bout happen.

Mayweather, who has an estimated net worth of around $350 million, told The Telegraph over the weekend that McGregor would be wise to fight the undefeated boxer before he loses a UFC fight and his star begins to fade.

“The difference between me and him is this: He has to fight,” Mayweather said. “If I was him and I was smart, before I lose again in the UFC I’d let Floyd Mayweather kick my a– for a lot of money. It makes business sense.”

Mayweather made nine figures for his fight against Manny Pacquiao, so you can understand why he feels that McGregor is the one who should be compromising. The biggest obstacle, as Mayweather noted, is that McGregor is under contract with the UFC.

“If someone says ‘I want to fight Floyd Mayweather’, I can simply say ‘yes, let’s make it happen,'” Mayweather said. “But when you’ve got a guy like Conor McGregor he has to talk to Dana White (the UFC president). Dana has to talk to Dana’s bosses.

“Conor’s not a shot caller. When they said ‘Why is Floyd Mayweather not fighting Manny Pacquiao?’, it was because Manny Pacquiao had a boss. I don’t have a boss. We could have easily made the fight happen years ago. Everything happens for a reason.”

There have been rumblings that the Mayweather-McGregor fight is close to happening, but ultimately White has to sign off on it. It’s not a good sign that the UFC president has said the bout is nowhere close to being a reality.

McGregor can continue to troll Mayweather on social media all he wants, but he has never had much leverage. He needs the payday more than Floyd, and he needs permission from his boss in order to be in a position to receive it.

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