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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Floyd Mayweather already made weight for Robert Guerrero fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. training

Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he has already made weight two weeks before his May 4 welterweight title fight with Robert Guerrero.

Mayweather has fought at welterweight (weight limit of 147 pounds) for seven of his last nine fights. His fight last year against Miguel Cotto was a light middleweight fight with a limit of 154 pounds. Mayweather was 151 for that fight. He also weighed 150 for his light middleweight fight against Oscar de la Hoya in 2007. But he says he has already made the 147-pound weight limit for this fight.

“Camp has gone tremendously,” Mayweather said at recent media workouts. “My weight has already been made, and I’m ready to fight. I feel good and, like I said, I couldn’t do it without the support from the fans. When I was locked away, the fans wrote me letters and sent cards and I really appreciated that.”

Already making weight is a great sign that Mayweather is well-prepared for the fight. Sometimes fighters have to go through extreme measures in the days leading up to their fight to cut weight, but Mayweather likely will not have to. It also means he should be comfortable at 147 for the bout.

Another issue for Mayweather leading into this fight is that his dad is working with him again after the two had a falling out. He says all is well in his camp.

“I don’t think the layoff will affect me. My dad is back in my corner. My dad is my lead trainer, but I’m also working with my uncle Roger. The Mayweather family, as of right now, has good chemistry.”

Matters are generally volatile within the family, so that is a great sign.

There should be plenty of stability for Mayweather heading into his fight, which, if you’re buying what he’s saying, means he should be able to win like usual.

Making weight should be less of an issue for Guerrero, who fought as a lightweight until moving up to welterweight last year.

Photo by: Esther Lin / SHOWTIME

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