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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Floyd Mayweather jabs Manny Pacquiao, Marcos Maidana and Amir Khan on Instagram

Let the Floyd Mayweather Jr. crap talking commence.

Mayweather (or whatever assistant runs his Instagram account) spent part of Christmas posting photos on Instagram mocking his potential opponents.

There was this photo of him knocking out Amir Khan.

Floyd Mayweather Amir Khan

“Just imagine what Amir “Con Artist” will get if his name gets picked in the Mayweather sweepstakes,” the caption said.

Khan is likely to be Mayweather’s next opponent for his May fight.

Then there was this photo of him deckin Marcos Maidana in the face:

Floyd Mayweather Marcos Maidana

“Can I please order a one-piece with a biscuit? No sides,” was the caption for the Maidana photo.

Maidana just whopped up on Mayweather’s buddy Adrien Broner and has been calling out Mayweather since then.

And, of course, there was this photo talking crap about Manny Pacquiao:

Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao

“Juan Marquez ate Timothy Bradley’s leftovers. Now you’re telling me I got to eat Juan Marquez’s leftovers? Let me talk to the IRS about this…” Mayweather wrote on Instagram.

Of course he had to take a shot at Pacquiao over the Filipino’s tax problems. This has been Mayweather’s M.O. for a long time.

Mayweather is doing a nice job drumming up some publicity for his next fight, but it really looks like he’s going to end up facing Khan next. And at the very least, we need to recognize what excellent photoshop work was done for these photos. I mean Floyd has never hit any of these guys, yet the photos show him punching them! Well done on that!

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