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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Floyd Mayweather Sr: 50 Cent is a ‘player hater,’ should fight my son

Floyd Mayweather Sr.Floyd Mayweather Sr. was asked for his thoughts on the ongoing feud between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. during an interview with “The Vegas Take” on Fox Sports 760 Las Vegas on Thursday, and per usual the elder Mayweather did not disappoint. From what we could understand, Mayweather Sr. is not happy with 50.

“50 Cent, let me tell you something, 50 Cent seems like he’s got a problem since Floyd left him,” Floyd Sr. said. “Whatever it was that made Floyd leave, he left. Floyd had nothing else to say about it. That’s 50 Cent that keeps putting stuff all over … He’s a world known singer and acting like a kid, man.”

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Mayweather Sr. also pointed out how 50 Cent was asked to spell some word (we aren’t sure what he’s talking about) and couldn’t do it. He then called the rapper a “player hater.”

“All the hip-hop fighters, all the R&B fighters, all of them — I don’t give a damn if they’re white, black, Jew, mexican whatever, pretty much all of them have dropped out of school,” Mayweather said. “My son ain’t got no reason to look back about nothing. He did his job. He ain’t gotta worry about nobody like 50 Cent because 50 Cent is a player hater.”

And of course, Mayweather Sr. thinks 50 should stop talking and put the gloves on if he has a problem.

“Put the video out when he go up against Floyd, he weighs over 100-something pounds over Floyd,” he said. “Let him go against Floyd, then we’ll have something to talk about. Floyd will stop all that s— in the papers. There won’t be no more said when Floyd gets ahold of his ass.”

While 50 recently said he loves Mayweather Jr. and just disagrees with the concept of The Money Team, it’s obvious he is determined to get under the champ’s skin. He seems to have pissed Floyd’s dad off in the process.

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