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Friday, September 21, 2018

Floyd Mayweather Sr did not think Conor McGregor was being racist

Conor McGregor was accused of being racist toward Floyd Mayweather Jr when the two fighters kicked off their press tour on Tuesday, but Mayweather’s father did not see it that way.

When asked by TMZ about McGregor telling Mayweather Jr. to “dance for me, boy,” Mayweather Sr. downplayed the remark.

“Racist? I don’t know what that got to do with racist,” he said. “This is a boxing match. I don’t know what that got to do with no racism.”

Many felt that McGregor was being racist, while others noted that “boy” is a common term used in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The fight obviously has enough hype where Mayweather’s camp doesn’t feel the need to dump more fuel on it.

McGregor and Mayweather came face to face during the press event and had to be separated at one point. McGregor spent the majority of time trying to antagonize the undefeated boxer and even had a message for Floyd on his suit, so the comments about dancing were obviously intended to irritate Mayweather even more.

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