Joe Rogan thinks Ronda Rousey would beat Floyd Mayweather

Ronda RouseyUFC commentator Joe Rogan believes that Ronda Rousey would beat Floyd Mayweather if the two were to fight.

Rogan was a guest on ESPN2’s “SportsNation” Tuesday and was asked about the hypothetical matchup between the women’s MMA champ and undefeated boxer — a topic that became a popular discussion a few months ago.

Rogan broke down the fight and explained why he thinks Rousey would win.

“It’s all about how much time Floyd has to prepare, because he will really have to work on his takedown defense. That would be the big thing,” said Rogan. “If Ronda got a clinch on him, it’s not just about worrying about being taken down to the ground, it’s worrying about knees to the body. It is worrying about her manipulating his body in ways that he doesn’t understand.”

Rogan said it would take six months to a year of Floyd training with the best trainers in the world to get his grappling to a point where he would be able to contend with Rousey. He also said point-blank when asked that he thought Rousey would win the fight.

“It’s too hard to avoid the clinch. If you watch a Floyd Mayweather fight, they very rarely end in a one-punch knockout. He has brittle hands. His hands break. You are talking about small gloves where hands are going to break even easier. She keeps her chin tucked, hands high and gets a hold of you. There is going to be a lot of things she is doing that he doesn’t understand.”

Rogan was very measured with his analysis of the hypothetical, saying that he only believes Rousey would win that fight now. He allowed that Mayweather could win a fight between them in the future if he had time to train in MMA.

Though some people think this is an absurd thing to say, I agree with everything Rogan said. Boxing is only one discipline of MMA, and it’s not the most effective one in a fight where everything else is allowed. Once an MMA fighter gets a takedown on a boxer, it’s game over. And I think Rousey would be able to get a takedown and beat an untrained Floyd.

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  • boxin

    Rogan was on one of his psychedelic drug trips when he said this. Either that or he’s afriad to rock Dana’s boat. Mayweather would KO any women in a few seconds and I can’t stand the little thug. Ronda is not even almost quick enough to get her little hands on Mayweather.

    It’s funny that this issue is being treated like something credible. Any decent HS boys basketball league will easily beat the best WBA team and any decent male fighter of any discipline ,never mind a world class boxer will destroy the best women fighter easily. I’ve never trained MMA or boxing or wreslting a day in my life and I would KO Ronda in 30 seconds.

  • Patrick Foster

    MMA is NOTHING like basketball, bud. We have seen GREAT boxers try to make the transition to MMA, and they are simply OVERWHELMED by even MEDIOCRE grapplers- it doesn’t take ‘quickness’ to get someone in a clinch- it takes TIMING. IT IS A WHOOOOOOOOOLE DIFFERENT BALL GAME.

    BOXING is ONE ASPECT of mixed martial arts. actually- i would say it is almost LESS than one aspect, in that it it is standup, but limited ONLY to hands.

    Ronda Has WAAAAAY more weapons, in that she is a MIXED Martial artist, not just a PUNCHING artist. what does floyd do if Ronda covers her head well and comes right at him, closing the distance and FORCING the clinch??

    I’ll tell you what happens- Ronda EASILY shucks, Tosses or trips floyd to the mat, sets up and executes an Armbar, and before floyd even KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING, He is forced to tap.

    We have seen boxers in MMA try to use JUST their great hands and power- it simply doesn’t work that way.

  • Patrick Foster

    YOU- yes, You– should go VISIT an MMA gym, (don’t forget to bring your EGO) and ask to roll around with a female who trains. THEN you’ll get it- They’re going to do things that you DONT understand and use your ‘instinctual’ reactions AGAINST you, and i GUARANTEE you that ANY female that seriously trains in mixed martial arts would absolutely OVERWHELM you. Even if you’re stronger AND quicker. Before you make an argument- TRY IT. :)

  • Arjay Cee

    Sorry, not even close.

    Floyd would simply fall back on all of his experience hitting women.

  • Raul Macias

    Funny but, let’s be real. Mma is a complete sport. Mayweather is waiting for the refs to break up the clinch cause that’s his strategy. Punch like a bitch and wait for the third person in the ring to break it up once mayweather hugs u.

  • BobbyPFalcon

    This is a moronic comparison. Neither fighter would do well in the other fighter’s sport. If any MMA star got in a boxing ring with Mayweather – they would be in for a huge embarrassment. The same thing goes for Mayweather if he tries MMA.
    They are different sports and different athletes. Anyone who climbs into any ring has earned my respect, regardless of discipline. No one looks cool ripping on the other sport. And Joe Rogan is an attention-whore clown.

  • BobbyPFalcon

    Mayweather would embarrass any MMA fighter in a boxing ring – and any MMA fighter would embarrass Mayweather in the octagon. Why would anyone be stupid enough to try and compare the two sports? There’s certainly room for both sports and any good fight is a good fight.

  • Sebastián Gottret

    Really? I’ve never seen any good boxer in my entire life trying to make the transition to mma. Butterbean, Toney and Mercer are some of the worst boxers to have stepped in the boxing ring.

  • Large Johnson

    And spoken like a person that has never trained in MMA before and a sexist one at that. It’s funny because my gym often gets big mouths like you come in thinking they are tough and leaving with their tails between their legs. One of my junior trainers is a women and I have seen her embarrass little bitches like you many times. Now imagine what a world class MMA champion could do to you… she would bitch slap you back to your PC for you to write more sexist BS. Now a fight between two elite level athletes is unpredictable and a fight between Rousey and Mayweather would be no different. In my opinion if Mayweather can stay on the outside and avoid the clinch he could very possibly knock Rousey out. However if Rousey can close the distance quickly and take Mayweather down he will be tapping in no time. I believe that Mayweather would have trouble stopping Rouseys takedown and will get submitted.

  • IntelligenceisAVirtue

    Go ahead and try, but please, please tape it for us to watch. I would love to see someone untrained go up against an experienced fighter, those are some of my favorite youtube videos.

  • Yo Gurt

    joe is respected by his peers in one of the most challenging art forms of stand up comedy. he is also right that it is naturally, and inherently difficult to avoid a clinch/wrestle/grapple in an open fight. would mayweather loose to a woman is a different discussion, and I wont comment on that now.

    on a different note I will say though that joe is an interesting character and, personally, I feel like, if I have to say anything on this video, that in order to relate to joe, you have to let the reigns loose. obviously you cant let someone hurt somebody but other than that…

  • Arjay Cee

    I’m not a fan of Floyd’s style. Not confrontational enough for me.

    But even I’ll admit you’ve sold him short. His ability to make people miss is an almost supernatural gift of mobility, timing, flexibility, and mental calculation about what the other man is likely to and can do. Go watch a YouTube video of his evasions edited together — that’s what a world without gravity would look like.

    Note: even this great skill hasn’t saved him from being a bum to women. That’s my whole point here, and yes, I think Rousey might beat him in MMA.

  • JET

    The only important sentence of yours was the last one. You’ve never trained MMA, boxing, or wrestling, so you have no idea what you’re talking about. 100% chance that Ronda would toss you and armbar you in less than 1 minute. 100% chance. It appears you’ve never done psychedelics as well because you’re obviously ignorant about that as well. Too bad, you obviously could use some perspective.

  • JET

    Toney and Mercer aren’t good boxers? You could benefit from using a little Google/Wikipedia search before you make stupid statements like that. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Aside from all the things Patrick Foster mentioned, even striking defense is way different. Boxers are used to leaning over because they don’t have to worry about knees to the head and they use a lot of defense that depends on having the larger gloves which doesn’t work in MMA.

  • Paulo Silva

    Uhf, that’s a lot of caps and passion. Anyone untrained in any sport will be owned by a trained child, female, and males of all sizes and ages. Try table-tennins (yes, ping-pong) or go venture in the mountains with an experienced female mountaineer. The notion of “untrained vs trained” is childish. If Floyd practiced MMA against a well-trained man or woman, without any prior preparation, he’d look silly and lose. But any top MMA-fighter would be schooled by him in the rules of boxing.

    The nuisance in Joe’s claim is the call for criminally unfair fights. An MMA trained Floyd versus Ronda would be simply dangerous, and entertaining the idea is wrong, goes against weight categories, etc etc. I’ll put Aldo in front of Cain if we’re playing this game: I’d love to see this fight, no matter if Aldo would come out in a coffin.

  • mike

    is that big angry guy on the right?

  • mike

    this guy isn’t real. no photo. just trying to stir controversy. Floyd would get armbarred and never be able to box again. he might win those boxing matches by points, but ronda will flip him upside down with judo a throw and make his arm bend in ways he’s never seen

  • mike

    are you related Wanderlei Silva? you talk like him, but much smarter

  • mike

    its a funny joke, mr analytical

  • Paulo Silva

    Haha, no, I am brazilian and there are many Silva’s here. And I will reserve myself the right of disagreeing: I do not talk, sound, write, think or can fight like Wanderlei Silva. If you saw a similarity between me and him, that’s a major failing on my part ;P

    I find these “so and so would beat so and so” comparisons ludicrous, and in this case, outright dangerous. These conjectures are as childish as “which superhero would win in a fight”. Maybe that’s Rogan’s next intelligent remark: “Spiderman or Aquaman in an MMA mud fight?=”

  • Jerry

    Mayweather is much stronger and faster than Rousey, there is no way she can take him, all he has to do is hit her 1 time, she is a woman and she is no match for a man especially proffesional boxer like Mayweather. You guya must been watching too much TV where Hollywood would show a woman beating several men. “that only happen in the movies”

  • Jerry

    you must have been watching lot of TV’s where Hollywood would have you believing that 1 female would beat up on dozen guys. this is real life and Rousey would not be match to proffesional boxer like Mayweather. No way No how.

  • Mark Cullen

    “I’ve never trained MMA or boxing or wreslting a day in my life ”

    Opinion disqualified!
    I’ve been tapped out by girls much smaller than me, and even less experienced. Position first, submission next. That’s why 165lb BJJ fighters can tap out 250lb monsters.

  • mike

    actually you do not sound like Wandy. You sound like a thoughtful person with self respect. sorry for saying you were similar. I don’t think Joe Rogan talks about it like a child… he shows respect for mayweather. he says mayweather is a great athlete and could surpass ronda with 6 months of jujitsu training. it seems he hass actually put thought and analysis into an amusing (to some), or annoying (to others) thought. and since he is an entertainer its his job to propose “amusing” ideas isn’t it?

  • Paulo Silva

    Looking at it from this perspective, yes: he achieved his goal as an entertainer. And he actually makes watching MMA more fun: I like him.

    I just have a knack to get irritated when people make these fictitious match-ups. They are tempting in martial arts, which is why I mentioned table tennis in my initial response.

  • carlitowranjr

    Toney nor mercer have the foot or hand speed that Mayweather has and if Rousey covered up and rushed Floyd, he would side step her and crack her rib.Thats what I would do to her.

  • JET

    Ha ha ha! Thanks, I needed that.

  • omegaman

    Joe, shut up: your embarrassing yourself.

  • Peter Sullivan

    How do you know an average high school basketball league would easily beat the best WBA team? The women are professionals… They have a technique advantage, have plenty of speed, and more importantly, all they do in life is train to put the ball in the basket. They are just as good shooters as males in the nba. HS kids are kinda busy with school…

  • Peter Sullivan

    As for floyd vs ronda, how many times do we see clinches getting broken up during a boxing match. Probablly at least 50 times in a floyd fight, so Rogan is right that it is hard to avoid. As an mma fan, everytime that happens I think to myself “what if”… I would imagine the majority of the time this fight would be similar to the ending of Demian Maia vs Nate Marquardt, where Floyd would just step in wicked fast and put her light out… But you can’t possibly believe that Ronda couldn’t simply kick him out of punching range and kick him HARD. The second he isn’t standing up straight and composed, she would be on his back choking him the fck out.

  • Mort

    Boxing is dying for a reason. Sorry if that hurts your feelings. By your own admission you don’t train. So your comments are based on pure ignorance and testosterone. Unfortunately for You MMA and specifically the grappling arts (something that Rhonda is world class at) trump boxing in to irrelevancy.No “good” boxers fight MMA because they see the writing on the wall. Boxing is not fighting. full stop end of story.
    times have changed. The simple fact that you are a dude doesn’t guarantee anything in fight against Rhonda. To the people that have trained their entire lives especially the Judo and BJJ players we love it when douche bags full of hubris they haven’t had to earn come in to our gyms and get humbled in to irrelevance by women.No doubt You talk like tough guy beating Rhonda up on the internet were it’s all safe and You don’t have to put your fragile ego on line for real. The people that train have seen your kind thousands upon thousands of times. We do what we always do. Shake our heads and laugh.

  • Lonnie Lawson

    she is just trying to get some black cock. .well. . shes already getting it

  • Lonnie Lawson

    NO HS team can beat a pro womens team. zero. The conditioning levels the strength . . no need to talk about

  • Baho Puwetmoh

    i agree with everything he said. in a boxing match floyd would destroy any mma fighter…. but in an mma fight, any mma fighter would destroy floyd. if you disagree with that simple statement, you have no idea what you’re talking about. sending a boxer into an MMA match is the equivalent to sending a rugby player into a football game. it’s a totally different sport

  • we

    Obviously “boxin” is a dumb ass, don’t even know how to spell boxing. With this said and done, Ronda would whoop your ass, KO, break your arm in 30 secs. Night night!

  • sawbuck

    as a former boxer wit a black belt in jujitsu who loves both boxing and mma, i have to agree with joe rogan. floyd is not a kayo puncher. he might get off a combo or two until rhonda gets her hands on him, then it would be over quickly. if it went to a clinch or the ground he’d be done quickly. maybe a big hitter would stand a punchers chance, but only until the gap was closed. if she pulled a single or double leg, floyd would be toast. mma has a much longer learning curve.

  • sawbuck

    yup. boxers on the whole have not been as successful in mma as wresters and bjj guys. because fights always end up in a clinch. in boxing they break them up, so it’s a limited game. interestingly, in the early days of boxing, clinches, hip throw, sweeps, trips, etc, were all allowed. also, like mma, they almost all broke their hands.

  • sawbuck

    james toney is 76-9 with over 40 knockouts. he tko’d holyfield, went the distance with roy jones, beat iran barkley, michael nunn, vasily jirov, etc. the problem was the groundfighting.

  • sawbuck

    that’s true. you rarely see prolonged body attacks in mma because you are vulnerable to clinches and takedowns when you close the gap. i love boxing and fought amateur for years, but pound for pound a boxer is no match for an mma fighter. the only chance is a big punch, early. floyd is not a big puncher, or a fast starter.

  • sawbuck

    well, we can all fantasize.

  • sawbuck

    in the mud, aquaman. on top of a building, spiderman.

  • sawbuck

    in my old boxing gym, i saw a lot of athletes from other sports get chewed up. but, wrestlers were always rough and tough, and hellacious once they got some striking skills. also, tennis and handball were great for cross training because of the footwork and hand/eye. i had a buddy who played college level tennis, and when i was hard up for sparring i’d drag him to the gym. he actually did quite well and had great cardio. in this dream match i’d put my money on rhonda. now, marvin hagler, tommy hearns, roberto duran…..maybe not.

  • sawbuck

    well, boxing is actually doing quite well right now. the fears of mma killing boxing have proved unfounded. mayweather, canelo, pacquia, bradley, cotto, ghost guerro, the klitchkos, etc, all sell lots of tickets, provide great fights and outearn the top mma guys in per fight purses. boxing is more accessible to the average kid, cheaper to train in, (many programs are free in p.a.l.s, ymcas) more instinctive and easier for fans to understand. there is no evidence that boxing is going downhill. i love mma, but boxing still provides great sport.

  • sawbuck


  • pccimino

    She’s the baddest woman on the plant,looking back to when Mohammed A.fought the Japanese wrestler he did nothing.This woman would put him in a choke hole in a flash .I agree he would have no shot to beat her unless he took a year of training to stop her from taking him Down.Hemay run from everyone in the ring but there isn’t a ring big enough to hide from her.I know all the boy’s are laughing but get into a 10by12 ring with a 10th degree black belt and see how fast your on your ass.

  • Mort

    “more instinctive and easier to learn” . Ahh, now I get it. You want MMA to dumb it down so You can understand it better. MMA is a much younger sport that clearly needs improvements such as bigger figth purses and accessabilty to kids. I think most people would agree to that.Surely you don’t think bigger fight purse equals better fighter. Do You?
    The complexity and nuanced nature of MMA makes it harder for some to understand it, but this is a good thing. People are starting to understand that being to win a fight in different ways is not some gimmick. It’s reality amd makes for much more compeling evaluation of what fighting is and who is the best at it. Sure at the moment boxers make more money, but when people ask who is the best fighter or “badest man on the planet”. The experts usually name the current heavy weight Champion of the UFC(MMA). Not the heavy weight boxing champ. That’s what I meant by boxing is dying. I was not talking about money.

  • AR

    Wait, what? Is this a middle school playground? My dad is a fireman, so he is stronger and cooler than yours? Lions and tigers fighting each other? Would a shark beat a lion if they fought in an even field? Is Rogan 10 years old? You can say the above about ANY mma fighter, not only Ronda. This is no news. The fact that the UFC is drooling after her makes the whole thing very disturbing. Trust me, if you want to get off, there are plenty of better looking women walking on the street.

  • Steve Acosta

    I seen 1 female destroy 12 cops and needed 25 cops to bring her down… True story.

  • Steve Acosta

    I also failed to mention that she was 6’4 and built like a brick house…