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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Manny Pacquiao Debuts as Game Show Host in ‘Manny Many Prizes’

The pilot for Manny Pacquiao’s new TV show in the Philippines premiered Saturday night. The show is called Manny Many Prizes, and it’s a show where Manny plays Santa and literally gives away prizes to contestants. The pilot was Manny’s idea, and he says his motivation is to help people. Pacquiao, who just finished a sitcom, has had some funny guests segments on TV in the U.S. (like this great appearance with Daniel Tosh) so he’s no stranger to the silver screen. The director even said Pacquiao is an all-around entertainer.

So what happened on the show? Manny gave away a house that went to a 61-year-old stroke survivor. He also awarded a fast food kiosk business to a high-school dropout, sending the message that anyone can make something of themselves the way he did (yes, Manny used to live on the streets). We don’t have an official video from the show, but we can show you a behind-the-scenes look at Manny preparing for his debut. Check it out:

Between leading the anti-condom fight as a congressman and hosting TV shows, how does he even have time for boxing? The guy must never sleep, but I guess that’s what it takes to win Ambassador of the Year. Now if you’re unsure of Manny Pacquiao’s celebrity power in the Philippines, check out this video of Manny’s three-minute long entrance:

According to the Inquirer, it wasn’t a perfectly smooth premiere. “One game, for example, was discontinued when the crowd grew unruly and Pacquiao had to step in to appeal for calm and order,” they say.

I think we can let Manny slide on that one. The guy’s entitled to have an issue here or there, especially since he’s at least cut his Justin Bieber hair.

Video Credit: YouTube user 619capster, Manny Pacquiao Official

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