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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Paulie Malignaggi leaves Conor McGregor’s training camp amid controversy

Paulie Malignaggi

Paulie Malignaggi announced on Instagram Thursday night that he is leaving the Conor McGregor training camp because he is unhappy with the way a few things went down.

In his Instagram post, Malignaggi says “some of the stuff outside the ring” and some of the things that happened inside the camp led him to leave.

Malignaggi is a recently retired former world champion boxer who now works as a commentator for Showtime.

He was asked to fly across the country on Monday to Las Vegas for a 12-round sparring session with McGregor on Tuesday to help the UFC champion prepare for his Aug. 26 bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Malignaggi has since said he felt set up by McGregor’s camp, noting that he was asked to do 12 rounds right after flying across the country. He also complained that he was told what was going to be a private workout ended up being attended by Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta.

But the real kicker for Malignaggi appears to be photos that were posted to a McGregor fan account on Twitter that make it seem like Malignaggi was knocked down by McGregor.

Malignaggi is confident the photo was leaked by McGregor’s camp, and he’s not happy about the way it portrays him considering he says he was pushed down.

Combining the photo matter with Malignaggi already feeling setup by McGregor’s camp, and it’s no surprise he has decided to walk away. Malignaggi is a boxer who is used to being the star, not someone used to being used as a prop by the star.

Photo: Flickr/Chamber of Fear

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