Paulie Malignaggi: I don’t rate Manny Pacquiao as a very good or intelligent fighter

Paulie MalignaggiManny Pacquiao’s win over Timothy Bradley last weekend helped boost the Filipino fighter’s status among the best in the world, but Paulie Malignaggi remains unimpressed.

Malignaggi (33-5, 7 KOs) is coming off a win over Zab Judah and will face Shawn Porter (23-0-1, 14 KOs) on Saturday in Washington DC. He’s doing some interviews to promote the fight, and he made some shocking comments about Pac-Man in the process.

While speaking with ESPN’s Dan Rafael, Malignaggi downplayed Porter’s experience sparring with Pacquiao by taking a few shots at the Filipino champion.

“Once you become world champion I think you set yourself apart from the rest of the class, and Shawn did that by winning the world championship,” Malignaggi told Rafael. “All that other bulls— about sparring with Manny Pacquiao and all that, I don’t rate Manny Pacquiao as a very good fighter. I don’t rate him as a very intelligent fighter, actually. So all that other bulls— about the sparring and all that stuff, it really, for me, goes in one ear and out the other. But what Shawn did to Devon was very impressive, and certainly it put him in a different light in a lot of different ways, in a more positive way.”

Well, that certainly came out of nowhere.

I could understand people dropping Pacquiao down a few pegs after the decision loss to Bradley and the knockout defeat to Juan Manuel Marquez, though I would have disagreed. But after he soundly beat Bradley in the rematch, I really can’t understand how a boxing analyst like Malignaggi could say that about Manny.

Pacquiao has been a very good fighter throughout his career and is still a very good fighter. As far as him not being very intelligent as a fighter, I think his speed and skill is so good that it stands out above everything else. In other words, Pacquiao doesn’t really have to outfox opponents because he’s just better.

So what prompted Malignaggi’s comments?

Malignaggi’s shots at Pacquiao could be rooted in distrust. Several years ago, Paulie said he believed Pacquiao was on steroids. He’s maintained that belief in recent times. Maybe Malignaggi doesn’t give Pac-Man respect simply because he believes he’s cheating.

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  • John Gamadia

    PUALINA MALIGNAGGI is a cry baby and if he keeps making comments about THE GREAT MANNY PACQUIAO on steroids then he better have a million dollars to give like Mayweather gave to Pacquiao in lawsuit. I think PAULINA is hating on Pacquiao because first of all PAULINA should just put up or shut up, secondly PAULINA is a title holder and still isn’t making MILLIONS like MANNY or FLOYD.

  • http://ninsci.weebly.com/ Deeboy

    Obviously Paula isn’t very smart himself. Just compare achievements in boxing between Paula (yes I said Paula) and Pacman. There’s a huge difference one is a pound for pound fighter and one loses to pound for pound titlist all the time. No one would want to see a pacman fight with Paula in it. It would be a slaughter.

  • johnhender

    Pacman would destroy this guy in under 2 rounds. I hope Porter school him and Pacman sues him to the poor house. Malignaggi show us some proof is you think Pacman is using steroids . Pacman doesn’t need your respect because you will never fight him . Pacman has more knock outs tham you have fights

  • Ben Vidal Gabriel

    I believe any mediocare boxer who makes comments against a great fighter seeks attention. See how people now react to Mallinagi’s comments about Pacman. He is using Pacman’s name.

  • Ben Vidal Gabriel

    Look at this pic mallinagi, this ia a dumb defense. I thought u were intelligent. U were defending with ur funny face. Dont put ur arms wide or u will get so open. Ask pacquiao to teach u some tricks. U are so dull.

  • Ben Vidal Gabriel