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Friday, December 15, 2017

Timothy Bradley – eye, face swollen nasty style after fight

Timothy Bradley eye face

Timothy Bradley fought Diego Chaves to a draw on Saturday night, and he had plenty of bruises to take home with home in addition to a questionable decision.

Bradley appeared to injure his cheekbone early in the fight and said afterwards he thinks it is fractured (shocker – right?). The entire left side of his face was puffed up, though he said it did not impact his vision.

“It was a lot of headbutts early on and he landed a couple of good right hands on the top of my eye, I felt it. It increased the swelling,” Bradley said in his postfight interview with HBO.

One judge scored the fight for each fighter, while the third scored it a draw.

“I thought the decision was horrible, but hey, I’m not a judge. I give maybe four rounds, maybe five the max … I feel like I won the fight.

“I feel like I won the fight clearly, but the judges saw it a different way.”

Timothy Bradley face eye

No surprise, fans had a little fun with Bradley’s disfigured face.

One person compared it to Will Smith in “Hitch”:

Another compared it to Martin Lawrence:

At least this was nothing compared to Denis Lebedev after a loss to Guillermo Jones. That was nasty.

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