Video: Shane Mosley Wanted to Quit Against Manny Pacquiao After 9th Round

Anyone who shelled out the $55 to watch Shane Mosley run from Manny Pacquiao for 12 rounds last month knows he was only there to collect a paycheck (a fat one at that). It will probably tick you off even more knowing that Mosley wanted his corner to stop the fight after the 9th round. Check out this video from Showtime Sports:

Examiner says that exchange took place either before or after the 10th round, and it appears the ring card lady is holding up a 10, making me believe this was before the 10th. Showtime sent out this teaser to try and entice people to watch the final Pacquiao-Mosley Fight Camp 360 episode Saturday evening as a lead-in to their Glen Johnson-Carl Froch bout.

I’m sure they had the clearance from Mosley to use any material they dig up, but I’m guessing Shane will probably be ticked off that this became public. It’s not like he’ll be fighting anyone else, but this is just a blow to his already harmed reputation, not to mention his ego. Then again, at least he and Oscar De La Hoya have something else in common. I also wonder what Shane’s hot girlfriend will think of it.

Glove touch to Black Sports Online for spotting the video

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Savage-Chezz/100002232744479 Savage Chezz

    This is the MAIN reason FMJ will not fight Pac…. Pac will humiliate him and hurt him badly….

    As a matter of fact, now that I think of it, I really do not want Pac to fight FMJ…. With all the NEG attention FMJ gets (and he gets into a lot of it) if Pac were to beat him…. I honestly believe that FMJ would go kamikaze, and try to shoot and kill Pac or commit suicide….

    Pac the Merciful want not want that, as he is a Good Guy….

  • Anonymous

    This show you how Pac demolished bigger and more powerful opponent. He knockdown Mosley in the early rounds (3rd), where Mosley is still capable of mixing it up  If Pac knock down mosley in the later rounds, haters will justify that Mosley has no more legs due to his age,  but he did it in 3rd and the whole fight change in favor of Pac.
    When Pac was furious when the referee ruled a knockdown against him, he suddenly step into another level and pulvurize mosley, that is when mosley was asking to stopp the fight. But his trainer refused, and he just keep on running away.