Milka Duno the New Danica Patrick?

Get your looks in now because she’ll be wearing a racing helmet tomorrow. Milka Duno will be making her IRL debut Sunday at Kansas Speedway, according to the St. Petersburg Times. There are some concerns that she’s not ready for IRL racing, and that she could be rushed because of her marketability. You make the call on that one:

Not bad, not bad. Pic via Fark, although be advised, if you follow the link you might see something that resembles Michael Jackson more than the hot chick above.

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  • http://www.youbeenblinded.com HG

    this picture, yes.. fark picture, not so much

  • Alan 1 and only

    she looks doinkable from where i’m standing.

  • Peter

    Much better than that skank Danica Patrick

  • http://mylifeandredsox.wordpress.com/ Derek

    Oh yeah she is much hotter than Danika

  • Nicole

    Danica patrick has the looks and the skills to run off milka Duno!

  • Nicole

    Danica Has more exspirience!

  • Nicole

    Danica is much prettier in real life than the other skanks!

  • SWilson

    Both Milka and Danika are doable, know what I mean!!!

    Got Milka?
    Did Danika!


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  • http://www.dreambook.com Tom “Leadfoot” Henderson

    PROS: Ok, it’s all in how your taste runs. Milka Duno is hot, but NOT smokin’hot. Nice long silky-shiney hair — oh how she could tickle a guy or gals tender-parts! She’ sports a full-figure bod, great chest-bumps, a rammin’ rear end, very potent lips which are as shiney and wet looking as her hair! Her ‘hands’ are strong, so she would have to be careful not to dis-MEMBER a guy when she was strokin’ – not gettin’ any pokin’!

    CONS: She has a BIG MOUTH and it is NOT big in a sexy way! When she speaks, she is lucky her foreign-yap-trap is attached to a female-type woman! If ‘Milk-Me’ was a dude, she would be very familiar with getting knocked on her ‘cute firm fanny’!

    Ah Ha! Comment Moderation is enabled indeed! So, Ms. Moderator — tell me (use my e-mail addy – no problemo!). Would YOU DUNO MS. DUNO? I bet ya’ would! Too bad she’s such a big-mouth cry-baby when things do not go her way!

    Hugs and Kisses EVERYWHERE,

    Tommy “HOT-ROD-LEADFOOT” Henderson


  • http://www.dreambook.com Tom “Leadfoot” Henderson

    Oh yes – one final thought. If “Milky-Do-Me” had removeable teeth, she would move up 80-points on the good old, “DO-ME-SCALE”! Yet, I’d still like to see how that hair feels ….. “DOWN THERE”! I know she would be gentle, slow and deliberate as she performed the good old PICKLE-TICKLE”! Can YOU feel that hair in action? :)

  • http://www.dreambook.com Tom “Leadfoot” Henderson

    Awwwwwwwwww …. nobody cares about Hee-Hee-Lee-Oh Castraned-nay-vez anyomre. he’s a “Dancing In The Cars Star” no more.

  • http://www.dreambook.com Tom “Leadfoot” Henderson

    “your own 825 creditscores rating wichita falls texas…
    comprehensively thanklessly altercation …”

    OH GOODY A COMMERCIAL!It be funny these pages are never updated!