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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Stripper, NASCAR, Embezzlement

Let’s play word association: what do the three terms above have in common? Give up? Easy — Fatemeh Angela Harkness.

Fatemeh Angela Harkness, 31, of Red rock, pleaded guilty in January 2004 to conspiring with banker Gary Jones to embezzle more than $1 million from his Austin bank from 2000 to 2003. She received a 40-month sentence.

Harkness and Jones used the money to assemble a NASCAR team called Angela’s Motorsports. The team, featuring driver Mike McLaughlin, entered cars in the Busch Grand National Series starting in late 2002.

But the sly chick fled to Mexico, and then the United Arab Emirates, before finally surrendering last month. And now she’s headed to jail for what I’m sure will be a very long time. But how does “stripper” fit into the equation you ask? She used to be one. Alas, the circle is now complete.

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