Osama bin Laden picture after being killed?

Osama bin Laden was killed on Sunday May 1st. Knowing bin Laden’s reputation for being elusive, many people said they wouldn’t believe the news until they saw a picture of him dead. Well here is a censored version of the rumored picture of Osama bin Laden after he was killed. Keep in mind this is a rumored version, though FOX News says pictures do exist:
UPDATE: These photos are fakes despite how real they look.

Now, here are two uncensored versions of the rumored Osama bin Laden picture:

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Osama Bin Laden is Dead, Killed by Anderson Silva Front Kick

On May 1st, 2011, America learned that Osama Bin Laden was dead. Bin Laden was killed in a Special Ops operation ordered by the President last week. The operation went forward on Sunday and we learned Osama was killed in a compound in Pakistan. He reportedly was shot in the head during a firefight and his remains were taken into custody.

Meanwhile, President Obama stalled longer than LeBron James’ decision to announce the news in the White House. We’re hearing he’s had the news for a few weeks but waited until after Royal Wedding to announce it because he was pissed about his snub. OK, that’s not really true but it was a great tweet from Lob Shots.

What really happened is that Obama decided to announce the news on Sunday night during the East Coast feed of Celebrity Apprentice to piss off Donald Trump. OK, that’s not really true either, but Trump won’t believe the news until he sees the death certificate. Anyway, it’s great news and something we had to share here. And if you don’t understand the Anderson Silva reference, go here. Thanks Rey.

Also see video of the fan reaction at the Phillies-Mets game after learning about Bin Laden’s death.

The Playoff Beards Live On!

I was somewhat hesitant to post an update on the status of the playoff beard because the Bruins were in the middle of a tough series, but now that they gritted out their series with an overtime win over the Canadiens in Game 7, it’s time for an update.

Both myself and Chad Margulius of IntheOT.com have been growing our beards in support of our teams and had to face nerve-racking situations this week. For me, Boston had fallen behind 0-2 against the Canadiens, won three straight to take a 3-2 lead, and then lost Game 6. Thankfully they won Game 7 4-3 in overtime to advance.

For Chad, his Vancouver Canucks were looking at the ultimate collapse. The Canucks went up 3-0 on the defending champion Blackhawks, blew the 3-0 lead, and had to grit it out against Chicago in Game 7. Even with goaltending issues between Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider, the Canucks won Game 7 to advance in the playoffs.

Next up for the Bruins is Philadelphia while the Canucks take on the Predators.

Now let me be the first to tell you that growing a playoff beard isn’t as simple as it looks. The third member to accept the playoff beard challenge, Arsen, couldn’t handle the beard and dropped out even though his Red Wings moved on. These things can get itchy and annoying, but you still have to sack up. In the immortal words of David Putty, “Gotta support the team!”

Here’s the background on the LBS Playoff Beard Challenge and a picture of how we looked when the playoffs began. Let me tell you, it’s only been two weeks and I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror. Scary.

LBS Playoff Beard Challenge Begins

The Stanley Cup Playoffs began on Wednesday evening, but for a Boston Bruins fan like myself, it doesn’t begin until Thursday night. With that in mind, I introduce to you the contestants brave enough to participate in the LBS Playoff Beard Charity Challenge. From left to right, we have the King Nut, myself, whose team is the Boston Bruins; Chad from IntheOT.com (check out his site for great insight) supporting the Vancouver Canucks; and site contributor Arsen, whose team is the Detroit Red Wings.

It’s not too late if you decide you want to man up and participate in the fun times. Get used to updates, because we’ll be posting them throughout the playoffs. All participants will have a donation made to the charity of their choice, with the person whose team lasts the longest getting the largest donation. You are now entering the no razor zone.

Grow a Playoff Hockey Beard with LBS for Charity, Get Featured on the Site

It’s that wonderful time of year again. The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin on Wednesday which means most players involved won’t shave until their team gets knocked out of the postseason. Some squads are going with playoff mullets, but most are expected to rock the traditional playoff beard in a hope that it will bring them luck.

In the past, we’ve written about the recommended playoff beard guidelines and that should help you get caught up with the tradition. Two times during my life, once during college and another in the early years of the site, I decided to grow a playoff beard with my team. While the grizzled whiskers can get annoying, joining your squad in a show of solidarity can’t be beat.

So here’s the deal: LBS is challenging you to grow a playoff beard in support of your team. Starting now, you don’t shave until your team gets knocked out of the postseason. If you choose to participate, send us beard progress reports and pictures and let us know who your team is, and we’ll feature you on the site. Then, after your team either wins the Stanley Cup or gets eliminated, LBS will make a donation to the charity of your choice on your behalf.

If you already have a team, this will be a great chance to join forces with them and unite. If you don’t, it’s a fun opportunity to choose a team so you’ll have a vested interest in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. My team is the Boston Bruins and I’ve picked them to reach the Cup, so I’ll be rolling in stubble for several weeks.

Come on, tell me you don’t want to wind up looking like this in a few weeks!

Congrats to Ben Smith for Picking UConn and Winning the LBS March Madness Pool

March Madness has ended, the 9th place team from the Big East is your national champion, and I’d like a refund back for that horrible movie last night. Anyway, it’s time to follow up on the LBS March Madness Bracket Contest.

All congratulations go to Ben Smith who picked his alma mater to win it all (something LBS writer Del should have done). Smith ran away with the pool posting 99 points.

We asked Ben what he thought about winning and what made him choose UConn. Smith, who attended UConn and roomed with LBS’ own Steve DelVecchio, says “It feels good to win, and it feels better that UConn won it for me. I chose UConn because I recently graduated there. I honestly stopped following all the pools I was in when I had two teams in my elite eight still alive; it was one of those years with my picks. Luckily in the end, my team pulled through for me.” Congrats to Ben on the victory, come forward and accept thy prize, noble man (a copy of MLB2K11).

Second place goes to LBS’ leading lady Sakeena, who scored 71 points and road the Butler Bulldogs all the way to the Final Four. She also nailing four of the Elite Eight teams, correctly picking Kansas, North Carolina, UConn, and of course, Butler. She gets a prize pack from Axe that includes new Axe shower gels, a shower tool, and some JBL iPod dock speakers.

Jaclyn Frishman withstood the disappointment of having two Final Four teams knocked out in the second round of the tournament by having a nearly perfect West Region, helping her finish third. She got all but two games correctly in the West and had half the Elite Eight teams picked. She’ll receiver her choice of Top Spin 4 the video game, or an LBS shirt.

Jason Hoffman locked up fourth place by picking UConn to reach the Final Four, edging out 5th place finisher Sean Zech by a point.

Congrats to all the pool winners and thank you to everyone who participated! As for the winners, please contact me via email to receive your prize.

Watch March Madness Online for Free

CBS, TBS, TNT, and TruTV are teaming up this year to ensure every single game in the 2011 NCAA Tournament is televised. That means if you have cable or a satellite dish, you can watch any game going on at any time on one of those four stations.

The other good news is that March Madness on Demand is being offered once again for free. Just go to the MMOD site and launch the application which brings up a sweet looking interface (pictured above). From there, you get to choose what game you want to watch. This system is a heck of a lot better than the days where you had to wait “in line” before you finally got to watch a game online.

The other nice thing about March Madness on Demand this year is that the application is available on iPhones, iPod touches, and the iPad. It’s truly amazing to think of how far things have come from the days of needing CBS to take you from site to site to now being able to control what you watch at home, on your computer, or even on your phone.

How about let’s give it up for technology and the way its perfected our ability to consume March Madness to the fullest!