Join LBS March Madness Pool, Win Prizes

If you haven’t had a chance to join the LBS March Madness pool, make sure you do. Enter here. The top four finishers win prizes, including your choice of:

– MLB 2K11 the video game
– Top Spin 4 the video game
– iPod stereo dock courtesy of AXE shower gels
– LBS T-Shirt
– Bragging rights!

Don’t forget to join in the fun.

Join the LBS March Madness Group, Win Prizes (and Respect!)

It’s that time of the year where everyone fills out their brackets to show off their knowledge of college hoops. You’re probably planning on joining several pools, so why not join in on the LBS March Madness group? It’s pretty simple — join our bracket on Facebook by clicking here. We have prizes available to the top four finishers.


See What We’re Giving Away to the Top Four Finishers

– Copy of MLB2K11 the baseball video game with Roy Halladay on the cover, and featuring Brian Wilson. They have the Perfect Game Challenge where you can win a million bucks if you throw a perfect game. Here’s the official trailer for the game:

– Copy of Top Spin 4 tennis video game that includes an All-Star cast of modern and legendary players (check the trailer here)

– Axe Shower Gel prize pack. Includes AXE Shower Gels and an AXE Detailer Shower Tool, and the new JBL On Stage IV iPod dock speakers.

– LBS Nuts t-shirt. here’s how it looks:

So click here to join the LBS March Madness Group and win some prizes!

Contests: Johnsonville NFL Jersey Giveaway, CSN Stores $125 Gift Card

Contest 1
Undoubtedly you have been preparing hardcore for your upcoming fantasy football draft. You’ll be studying up so you can throw everything from the kitchen sink to the kitchen tables at your opponent. Luckily for you, I’ve been doing expert fantasy football work for Sporting News Radio and have been putting together my draft boards to help guide you (here are my RB rankings).

I wanted to invite you to join a private league for LBS readers through Johnsonville’s Rush for 2000 Challenge. The game is really cool and very simple: pick one running back per week and the better your guy does the better you do. Go to the Johnsonville Rush for 2000 Challenge to sign up and choose the Larry Brown Sports league to join: password is moresausage. Also at the league site you can learn about the prizes they’re giving away each week.

Contest 2
As you read in the title, we’re giving away an NFL jersey and a $125 gift card to CSN Stores (all kinds of awesome stuff, check em out!) as part of our own contest. Here’s how it works:

We’d like you to spread the word about LBS. All you have to do is send an email to your friends/family recommending larrybrownsports.com (don’t forget to include a link!) as a fun, entertaining sports site for them to check out. Or if you prefer, you can email out an individual story you think they might enjoy. Make sure you CC me on the email (larry@larrybrownsports.com) so I receive it.

The person who emails the most amount of people gets their choice of an NFL jersey for their favorite team (compliments of Johnsonville) or a $125 gift card to CSN Stores. The runner up gets whatever prize is left over. No making up email addresses either — we can track them to see if they’re bogus. This contest will run through the end of the week.

LBS Moving to New Site Server/Host

Over the past few days you may have noticed the site being down on occasion or slow to load. We spent the weekend migrating from our old host to a new web host with an upgraded server. It’s just a bunch of internet jargon that I really don’t understand either. Point is, sorry if your LBS experience has been hindered in any way over the past few days and the plan is for everything to run smoothly and uninhibited in the future. LBS is growing and that’s a good thing! Thanks for being a part of it and we appreciate you continuing to spread the LBS love.

LBS Survey, Help Please

This will only take 30 seconds of your time, I promise. Our advertising partner would like more information about you because they’re trying to learn more about our readers. All I request is that you fill out this very simple 10 question survey. Upon completion of the brief survey, you’ll be eligible for a $100 American Express gift card. Pretty please fill it out, with sugar on top.

Here’s the link to the survey.

Introducing the LBS Boss Button

I realize that you may be reading the website at work or some other environment where you might not want people to know what you’re up to. With that in mind, I have taken a cue from CBS March Madness online and NBC’s Olympics coverage by creating our very own LBS Boss Button. It is located on the right sidebar, just below the search box. I feel it is a pretty convenient location and that it takes you to a pretty safe page. Please email me or comment on this post with your feedback on the boss button. Like the idea? Would a different location be more helpful? Does the page it jumps to work for you? Let me know … I’m trying to protect you so you can continue to enjoy LBS whenever and wherever possible!

3,000 Stories of Crappiness and Counting

It’s not often that we pat ourselves on the back here at LBS, and that’s probably because most of what we do is crap. I recognize that. But even if our expertise is only posting garbage, we take some pride in knowing that we’ve been doing it for quite some time. This little blurb here is officially the 3,000th post written at LBS, which isn’t bad considered the site is just over three years old (started in January of 2007 – we haven’t changed much, have we?). We’re averaging just over two and a half posts a day since the site’s inception. I realize that you’d love to see more content generated here. I’m right there with you. Unfortunately, things like full-time jobs and life sometimes get in the way, but I continue to make a great effort to give you an enjoyable product with fresh content as frequently as possible.

It’s almost funny that a few years ago we were in the heart of a blogs vs. mainstream media debate. Now, nearly all the big sports sites have bloggers working full-time, and even some blogs that started out part-time have gone full-time. That makes it hard to keep up with the competition production-wise. With that in mind, keep your eye on the byline for each post because you may start to see new writers pop up in an effort to provide you with more quality content. Lastly, and most importantly, thank you for taking time out of your day to read the site. Whether it’s once a day, once a week, or once in a while, I don’t care — just that you’re reading means a lot to me. Thanks for your support of LBS and please pass along the word if you know someone who might enjoy the site.