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Monday, November 30, 2015


3,000 Stories of Crappiness and Counting

It’s not often that we pat ourselves on the back here at LBS, and that’s probably because most of what we do is crap. I recognize that. But even if our expertise is only posting garbage, we take some pride in knowing that we’ve been doing it for quite some time. This little blurb here…Read More

New LBS Weekend Radio Shows

A lot of people who read the site have no idea that I work for Sporting News Radio as a show host and update anchor and that I work on this website on the side. Likewise, many people who listen to the show have no idea that I also have a sports site on the…Read More

LBS Now Hosting Sunday Mornings on Sporting News Radio

We apologize for interrupting your normally scheduled programming to bring you this announcement. Some of you may have been aware that aside from updating LBS with frivolous sports content, I also host a show and do sports updates on Sporting News Radio. For the past 6-7 months, I had been hosting a Friday overnight show…Read More

LBS Out a Week on Vacation

That’s right, I’m going parasailing with my 20-year-old girlfriend. And keep it quiet — the wife doesn’t know anything about it! See you back here on Tuesday, the 21st (unless I find my way to a computer before then …) I leave you with a photo gallery of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, back in…Read More

LBS Hosting on Sporting News Radio

Just wanted to let you know that I’m pretty pumped up to be hosting a Friday overnight show on Sporting News Radio. I realize the 11pm-4am PT slot means it’s Saturday morning on the East Coast, but hey, if the sun ain’t up, then it ain’t a new day yet in my book! Anyway, the…Read More

Win a Pepsi Super Bowl Prize Pack from LBS

For as much as you do for the site by reading, commenting, and supporting all things LBS, I don’t do nearly enough for you. But I’m going to try and make things up. I have a Super Bowl prize pack from Pepsi to give away that would be perfect for someone hosting a party. Here’s…Read More

The Aftermath: Pre-Surgery Videos

OK, so my last week’s worth of posts and comments disappeared due to some sort of unfortunate database glitch. For anyone who missed it, I checked into the emergency room last Monday, believing my appendix had burst. Well, not only did my appendix burst, it was also discovered during surgery that my guts were pretty…Read More

Trying Out a New Commenting System

OK, so many of you have realized that the comments haven’t exactly been working too well lately. (That’s code for every single comment has been flagged as spam over the past week). Anyway, to try and get around this problem, I’ve instituted a new system where a program called disqus will host all the comments….Read More

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