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Monday, August 3, 2015


Video: Carl Pavano Freaks Out on Trash Can After Royals Outing

Could it be?  No, come on.  Has the mustache lost its luster?  Contrary to popular LBS belief, facial hair may not be everything after all.  Twins ace Carl Pavano finished a terrible month of April on Sunday with a loss to the Royals.  His ERA through six starts is 5.84.  We know Pavano’s head isn’t…Read More

Manny Ramirez May Play Winter Ball

You didn’t really think Manny Ramirez would just retire after his PED suspension and walk away from baseball in such ignominious fashion did you? You really thought he would just quietly walk away towards the depths of the afterlife without pulling off some “Manny Being Manny” trick? Shame on you. If you happen to venture…Read More

Orlando Hudson: Home Fans Aren’t Supposed to Boo Their Players

The San Diego Padres are tied with the Houston Astros for the worst record in baseball. They’ve scored the fewest runs in MLB (only 70 through 25 games) averaging fewer than three runs per game. This was supposed to be a “rebuilding year” after the team traded Adrian Gonzalez to Boston, but they signed Brad…Read More

Kevin Towers Toyed with Radar Gun to Mess with Brad Penny, Other Pitchers

Now we know why Brad Penny has been hampered by shoulder injuries for a good portion of his career. After hearing former San Diego Padres general manager Kevin Towers’ recent comments, it all makes perfect sense. Using a clever little trick, Towers may have contributed to Penny eventually throwing his arm out. Hardball Talk shared…Read More

Barry Bonds Visited Bryan Stow in Hospital

We’ve done so much Barry Bonds bashing over the years here at LBS, it’s only fair to point out when the seemingly heartless man actually does something positive. NBC Bay Area reported Wednesday afternoon that Bonds actually visited Bryan Stow in the hospital. Stow you’ll recall is the Giants fan who was attacked by savage…Read More

Ryan Raburn assists Miguel Olivo home run

Congrats, Ryan Raburn — you’re now in the same category as Jose Canseco. And that’s never a good thing. Credit Raburn for the assist on Miguel Olivo’s first home run of the season, a solo shot in the second: Here’s a look at the play from another angle: Knowing the Mariners, that’s about the only…Read More

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