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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Buster Posey Injury Could Lead Giants to Call Bengie Molina

Giants prized catcher Buster Posey suffered an awful break Wednesday night when he was injured on a collision at the plate. Marlins pinch hitter Scott Cousins tagged up from third on a fly ball in the 12th and launched into Posey to score the winning run. Posey’s left leg was planted in the ground and…Read More

Rays Make Fan Take Off His ‘Yankees Suck’ Shirt

Truth be told, I have kind of forgotten that “Yankees Suck” is a somewhat inappropriate phrase. Seeing “Yankees Suck” written on a t-shirt or hearing 30,000-plus people chant it at a ballgame, parade, or even football game barely even captures my attention. What probably would cause me to do a double take is if I…Read More

Female Indians Fans Shotgun Beers on Camera (Video)

That’s what you call a commitment to partying.  We have shown you a lot of crazy fan antics over the years here at LBS, so it’s tough to find something we haven’t seen before.  Fish have been thrown onto the ice at NHL games, fans have completely humiliated their fiancee on camera, and dead bodies…Read More

Huston Street Rips Bob Geren

On Tuesday we brought you the thoughts of A’s reliever Brian Fuentes who ripped manager Bob Geren for his lack of communication regarding bullpen roles. It was hard to determine which side was right — Fuentes had been pitching poorly and it seemed like he was blaming someone else for his problems. Geren meanwhile should…Read More

Brian Fuentes Rips Bob Geren for Mismanaging Bullpen

Relief pitchers are sort of like NFL kickers. They are their own breed of people and need things to be structured in a certain way. Ask a kicker to kick more 40-yard field goals in practice than he normally does and he’ll probably have a nervous breakdown. Ask a relief pitcher to help the team…Read More

Carlos Beltran Could Block Trade to Screw Fred Wilpon, Mets

If you had a chance to read Mets owner Fred Wilpon’s comments about the current state of his team and players on Monday, you don’t need us to tell you the things he said were idiotic and ill-advised.  For starters, it probably isn’t a good idea to refer to your team as “sh***y” when you…Read More

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