Aubrey Huff Went Zoolander with Red Thong at Giants Parade (Video)

With so many updates on Aubrey Huff’s red rally thong, we may have to rename this site Huff’s Thong Sports instead. Here’s the background on the thong in case you’re unaware, and it must be pointed out that Huff had it in his mouth at the parade. He wore that thing every day at the end of the season – gross. But what is really cool is that Huff went straight Zoolander with the thong at the parade. If you don’t know what that means, check out the video:

I’m just glad he didn’t wind up with an atomic wedgie after that stunt!

Giants Fans Love Their Buster Posey

My buddy Jason finally got revenge on me for the Angels taking out his Giants in 2002. All was forgiven after the Giants won the World Series this year, and he was one of the thousands on hand for the parade Wednesday. That’s pretty impressive considering he trekked from LA to SF for the shindig. While he was there, he came across these willing ladies:

The ladies love their Buster Posey. And Tim Lincecum too. It makes sense — those girls seem to be about the same age as the batterymates.

Ryne Sandberg Leaves Cubs After Losing Out on Managerial Job

Many Cubs fans were heartbroken (what else is new?) when the team announced they would drop the interim tag for manager Mike Quade. Quade took over the job in August when Lou Piniella announced he was stepping down to be with his mother. The Cubs had some success under Quade going 24-13 and that was enough reason for the organization to retain him as the team’s manager.

The decision upset many Cubs fans who were eager to see franchise legend Ryne Sandberg get a shot. Ryno had been managing in the minor leagues since 2006 and was named the PCL Manager of the Year for the Iowa Cubs this past season. The Hall of Famer was understandably upset that the Cubs passed him over for the job and he has responded by leaving the organization.

Sandberg was offered the chance to go back to Iowa to manage their Triple-A team but he’s decided to move on to another organization. GM Jim Hendry says he’s hopeful the organization will be able to hook up with Ryne in the future, but I’m guessing it will take plenty of time for Sandberg to get over the snub.

This sounds like a Mike Scioscia situation in the making. Scioscia was a fan favorite serving as a catcher for the Dodgers his entire 13-year career. The Dodgers overlooked him as the team’s manager so he went to the Angels and has become one of the best and most respected managers in the game. Hendry better hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Sandberg otherwise this will go next to the Billy Goat on the list of Cubs curses.

Aubrey Huff Brings the Red Thong to San Francisco Giants Parade

When we passed along the story early in September that Aubrey Huff started wearing a red thong as a slump buster, we had no idea it would develop the cult following that is has. Huff was in a 3-for-32 slump when he first started wearing the lingerie but he went on a tear shortly thereafter. He hit .281 with an .830 OPS in September and he drove in eight runs in the playoffs. The thong became a well known story amongst Giants fans as San Francisco finished the season going 20-10 to make the postseason. They went on to win the World Series as we all know, and Huff brought his lucky red thong to the parade in San Francisco on Wednesday:

Now if Giants fans could just let go of the LA envy we’d be cool. Remember, you guys played the Rangers, not the Dodgers.

Thanks to Michael DeRosa for the pic.

UPDATE: With video of Huff sniffing the thong via SI Hot Clicks

San Francisco Giants Tattoos on the Rise After World Series Run

In addition to Tim Lincecum hoping the city was smoking and my facebook news feed being littered with Giants-related updates, there was another consequence of the Giants running through the playoffs and winning the World Series. Many San Francisco fans have been getting the team’s logo tattooed on their body.

San Francisco Examiner says on Monday alone, one given tattoo shop had five people come in to request the ink job and about 20 did in all throughout the postseason. Another shop says there were requests coming in throughout the season but there was a rush during the playoffs too.

You figure that would be something the players would do, but with them changing teams constantly it’s really only the fans who can do it. Players come and go, but fans can love their team for life.

Tim Lincecum Was a Playoff Beast and Hopes San Francisco Is Smoking

Was there a better pairing between player and city than Tim Lincecum and San Francisco? The diminutive pitcher went from Cy Young winner to World Series stud with stellar pitching in October. Lincecum tossed eight innings of one-run ball allowing just three hits while striking out 10 in a Game 5 win over the Rangers. He went 2-0 in the World Series, beating Texas stud Cliff Lee twice.

Lincecum was 4-1 in the playoffs with a 2.43 ERA, .188 batting average against, 43 strikeouts and just nine walks. He beat Derek Lowe, Roy Halladay, and Lee both times making this article look foolish. Timmy went head-to-head with some of the best pitchers in baseball and beat them all to win the World Series.

Asked after the clincher how he hopes San Francisco would be celebrating he answered “Just a lot of craziness I’m hoping. Lot of beer flowing … smoke in the air I’m hoping …”

With the way Giants fans have been acting throughout the entire World Series, I’m sure there was plenty of smoke in the air. And like I said, he fits in with the team perfectly. Lincecum should take some time to celebrate — he certainly earned it.

Photo Credit: Matt Slocum-Pool/Getty Images

Brian Sabean Acquisitions Keyed Giants’ World Series Run

Though the San Francisco Giants pitching staff was consistently one of the best in baseball, their offense had been a sore spot and more of an oxymoron the past few years than a threat. Calling them punchless would have been an understatement; Pablo Sandoval led them last year with 25 home runs and 90 RBIs while Bengie Molina’s 16 dingers and 95 RBIs paced them in 2008. The team struggled to score runs and often spoiled strong pitching performances by their starters, leading to phrases like getting “Cained.” Despite all their struggles to score runs, they made upgrades one player at a time and managed to win the World Series just three years after dropping Barry Bonds.

General Manager Brian Sabean knew his pitching and defense was good enough to win the World Series if they could only score a few runs. He acquired second baseman Freddy Sanchez last year at the trade deadline to try and bolster the offense. They came up short of the playoffs last year so Sabean went back to work. He took a gamble on Aubrey Huff in the off-season, signing him based on his track record and in hopes that his poor season in 2009 was a fluke. His work still not done, Sabean made two key pickups during the season utilizing the waiver wire to perfection.

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