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Friday, July 31, 2015


Bud Selig and MLB Take Over Dodgers from Frank McCourt, Seven Years Too Late

MLB commissioner Bud Selig finally determined something Wednesday he should have known seven years ago: Frank McCourt is not a suitable owner and operator of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The stunning announcement was made that MLB would take over the business and day-to-day operations of the historic franchise and appoint a trustee to run things….Read More

Phillies Fans Boo Robot After it Bounces First Pitch (Video)

There was a big stir caused when it was announced a robot would be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a Phillies game this week. I don’t get the fuss; how is this much different from an old school pitching machine like the one Jimmy Dugan hit off of in A League of Their…Read More

Is Alex Rodriguez Really the Face of Baseball? DirecTV Ad Says so

If you’re a baseball fan or DirecTV subscriber, chances are you’ve probably seen the Extra Innings advertisement featuring Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. In the commercial, A-Rod clubs a home run to deep left center at Yankee Stadium and begins his trot around the bases. His stroll begins on the streets of New York City,…Read More

Pittsburgh Pirates Still a Hapless Bunch

Avast ye, matey’s! It has been said that Halley’s Comet might appear on Earth twice in a typical human lifetime. The same could be said of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Somewhere on the spectrum of winning the lottery a few times in a row and finding one of those stamps with the upside-down airplane on them…Read More

Colby Lewis Misses Start for Birth of Child, Richie Whitt is Outraged

Here’s my take on players missing games for the birth of their children: if it’s early enough in the season where people are insisting there is no need to panic about the Red Sox 5-11 start, you’re excused. Apparently that is an opinion that Richie Whitt of the Dallas Observer and I differ greatly on….Read More

Video: Keenan Cahill, Brian Wilson, Cody Ross Lip Sync Dynamite

Back in spring training, we had heard that YouTube star Keenan Cahill was headed to Arizona to make a video with Giants players Brian Wilson and Cody Ross. Well he did, and the result is spectacular. Check out this must-see video of Cahill, Wilson, and Ross lip-syncing to Dynamite. It is beautiful:

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