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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Derek Lee Could Be Headed to Atlanta

The Chicago Cubs have been nothing shy of terrible this season. That’s why it’s not surprising to hear that Derrek Lee, who has spent the last five years with the Cubs, may be getting traded to the Atlanta Braves. The Cubs are currently 20 games under .500 and 18 1/2 games back in the NL Central. If…Read More

Torii Hunter Being Torii Hunter

Unfortunately for Adrian Beltre, the Anaheim Angels have been playing Torii Hunter in right field for the first time since like 1999.  Combine that with the fact that the right field wall in Fenway Park comes up to most outfielders’ waists, and you’ve got a situation where it’s extremely difficult to hit a home run…Read More

Strasburg Throws Heat at Bryce Harper

Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper could easily become the faces of the Washington Nationals for many years to come if they live up to the hype that has surrounded them already.  Despite giving Nationals fans a slight scare with his shoulder problem this season, Strasburg has already exceeded expectations.  The 17-year-old Harper, on the other…Read More

Orlando Cabrera Is the $2 Million Batboy

It may just look like a little kid handing the umpire a bottle of water, but that actually is Reds shortstop Orlando Cabrera with the “BB” on his back. Orlando’s been out since August 3rd with an oblique injury but he decided he would lend the team a helping hand on Sunday at home against…Read More

Gerald Laird Succeeds at Pissing Off Armando Galarraga

It’s so ironic how Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galaragga was unfazed by Jim Joyce’s blown call that ruined his perfect game yet something so simple as teammate Gerald Laird’s words pissed him off. Apparently Galaragga was not on the same page as catcher Alex Avila during his first inning of work on Sunday against the…Read More

John Sterling Botches Austin Kearns Home Run Call … Yeah Baby, Yeah!

John Sterling is the voice of the Yankees on the radio. Apart from his disgusting press box habits, Sterling is well known for his signature calls. More concerned with schtick than content, Sterling has a specific home run call for each one of the Yankees players. For instance, his current calls include “it’s an a-bomb,…Read More

What Will the Red Sox Do With Papelbon?

Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon blew his sixth save of the season Thursday afternoon against the Blue Jays.  Six blown saves ties a career high for the right-hander with a whopping 46 games left in the season.  Blown saves always hurt, but Thursday’s was as bad as they get.  John Lackey, who has been inconsistent…Read More

K-Rod Arrested for Beating Up Father-in-Law After Loss

The Mets hit a trifecta on Wednesday night in a way that only they can. Their bullpen blew a 2-0 lead, star pitcher Johan Santana was sued for sexual assault in civil court, and closer Frankie Rodriguez was arrested and charged with third-degree assault. Here are the details on the fight: Rodriguez and his wife’s…Read More

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