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Thursday, October 8, 2015


Minor Leaguer Josh Kroeger Blows Out Knee Celebrating Walk-Off (Video)

When does it end?!  Here is our promise regarding celebration injuries: when they stop happening, we will stop talking about them.  Unfortunately for people like the New Orleans Zephyrs Josh Kroeger, the end doesn’t appear to be near.  In a span of about two years, traditions like the home run trot and the pie-in-the-face have…Read More

Evan Longoria Rocking the ‘Wild Thing’ Haircut (Picture)

So this is what it takes to get a Major League ballplayer to finally honor Ricky Vaughn?  Normally when we show you funny haircuts it has something to do with a logo shaved into a head, like this one from Tony Allen, this one from a delusional die-hard Brewers fan, or this hilarious Family Guy…Read More

Fan Darren O’Donnell Seeing Every Baseball Park on a Bicycle

How big of a baseball fan do you think you are?  What kind of physical shape would you say you are in?  Whatever your opinion of yourself, we can almost guarantee you are not as big a fan as Darren O’Donnell.  We can also state pretty confidently that you aren’t in the kind of shape…Read More

Chipper Jones Rips ‘Substandard’ Umpiring

The day after umpire Phil Cuzzi allowed Cameron Maybin to walk on three pitches (eventually leading to the only run of the game), All-Star Chipper Jones let loose on poor calls in baseball. Chipper was upset that he struck out to end the Braves-Orioles game Sunday on two poor calls by home plate umpire Mark…Read More

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