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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Ozzie Guillen Has Never Seen a White Man Run as Fast as Peter Bourjos

One skill Ozzie Guillen has never seemed to master is the act of giving a compliment.  One of the most misunderstood personalities in baseball, Guillen frequently gets himself into hot water with his mouth — whether intentionally or not.  It’s all good.  We know Ozzie means well. After the Angels swept the White Sox in…Read More

Fort Myers Miracle to Poke Fun at SEC with Fake Diploma Giveaway

Minor league baseball should be all about having fun, and the Fort Myers Miracle are no strangers to that.  Already known for their great promotions like the Jim Tressell “rest the vest” night and entertaining antics like punishing players with a pop star backpack, the Miracle have come up with another genius giveaway. According to…Read More

Kansas City Royals Continue to be a Losing Franchise

According to reliable sources (Wikipedia), “The Kansas City Royals are a Major League Baseball team based in Kansas City, Missouri.” Only part of that is true. Here is a toast to one of the only teams in professional sports to defy the laws of physics and be able to reacquire the “expansion team” label. If…Read More

David Ortiz Calls His Shot in Return from Injured Heel

David Ortiz has been out of the Red Sox lineup for nine games and — with the exception of Tuesday night — Boston’s offense has let it show. Before Adrian Gonzalez’s two-homer game on Tuesday, the Red Sox lineup was lacking pop. Considering Ortiz has been arguably their best power hitter this season, it’s safe…Read More

Brewers Grace Cover of Sports Illustrated for First Time Since 1987

It’s tough to believe it has been almost 25 years since a member of the Milwaukee Brewers was featured exclusively on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Actually, no it’s not.  The Brewers have not been very good in recent history.  Since 1987, they have had only five winning seasons.  They made the playoffs once during…Read More

Jered Weaver Proves Money Is Not his Top Priority

Think about all the times in sports you’ve heard an athlete or coach say it’s “not about the money” when the opposite is true. For Angels pitcher Jered Weaver, that statement actually applies. Weaver signed a five-year $85 million extension with the Angels Tuesday, turning down the potential to earn much more on the open…Read More

Mike Stanton Has More Power than Mark McGwire, Teammates Say

Mike Stanton may be the least known, least celebrated young star in baseball. The 21-year-old is second in the National League with 30 home runs and already has 52 for his career. It’s not just the quantity of home runs he’s hitting that’s impressive, but the distance of his blasts that’s drawing attention. Mr. Giancarlo…Read More

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