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Sunday, April 26, 2015


Aroldis Chapman Hits 105MPH Again, This Time in the Big Leagues

This just in: Aroldis Chapman throws hard.  There have been plenty of stories about the Cincinnati Reds’ freak of nature blowing up radar guns and throwing upwards of 100mph.  Back in march, we heard that Chapman regularly hit 102mph on the gun.  Impressive?  Yes, but guys like Joel Zumaya and Daniel Bard have been there…Read More

Villanova Baseball Player Solicits Steroids Advice on Message Board

A person claiming to be a Villanova baseball player recently posted a series of questions on a message board asking for advice on managing his cycle. Let’s put aside the legal and ethical issues at hand for a second. How about focusing on how dumb someone can be to post incriminating information like that…Read More

NL Playoff Preview and Players to Watch

Also check out Alan Hull’s AL Playoff Preview As the season wraps up and the National League contenders begin to separate themselves from one another, here is a look at some key players to watch down the stretch and through October. ATLANTA BRAVES Derrek Lee: There is no better way to add zeroes to the…Read More

Indians Turning Progressive Field into Snow Days Amusement Park

The Cleveland Indians haven’t done too many things right this year on the field. Credit them for getting something right off of it. Even though their latest project could upset the purists who don’t like seeing mounds destroyed for soccer games and the like, the Indians are getting innovative by unveiling plans to run a…Read More

50 Home Run Club Stats and Flukes

Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista hit his 50th home run on Thursday, leaving me continually startled by his impressive batting this year. I called Bautista’s season the “most improbable and greatest power surge ever,” and I believe that is the case. In fact, I went through and analyzed the careers and stats for all…Read More

Jose Bautista Has Most Improbable and Greatest Power Surge Ever

Jose Bautista’s incredible home run march has been ongoing this entire season. I could have written this post a few days ago, a few weeks ago, or month ago, and it still would have applied. So why write it now? Well the Toronto third baseman/right fielder has bashed his way to the nice, round, and…Read More

Jim Edmonds, Russell Branyan Add to Weird Baseball Injuries

The extensive list of weird injuries continues to grow. Sadly, it looks like we also have a couple of repeat cases too. Reds outfielder Jim Edmonds hit a home run on Tuesday night and hurt himself circling the bases. Edmonds thought he had popped his Achilles tendon taking his victory lap but it turns out…Read More

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