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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Carlos Ruiz Out with Bruised Testicle

What can we say? We have the sense of humor of a few six-year-old boys here at LBS. Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz missed Wednesday night’s game because of a left testicle contusion. He got hurt after getting hit in the schnuts by a foul ball Tuesday. Chooch managed to catch the final three innings of…Read More

Orioles’ Chris Davis Headed to DL After Sleeping on Shoulder Wrong

The sooner baseball players start taking their health more seriously, the sooner we can stop talking about weird and embarrassing injuries.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve slept weirdly and woken up with soreness.  But I’ve never wound up on the DL because of it.  In fact my neck hurts from the way I slept last…Read More

Fans at A’s-Orioles Game Forced to Turn off Light-Up Jackets

If fans at the Coliseum choose to wear light-up jackets, they should be allowed to wear light-up jackets. Why? Because they’re fans and they’re at the Coliseum.  That’s a rarity.  Why piss off 20 percent of the fans that chose to attend your game? Apparently the light-up jackets worn by an A’s and an Orioles…Read More

Batting Stance Guy Kills it with Baseball Analysts Impressions (Video)

Many of you have probably already heard of Batting Stance Guy — the blogger who has made a name for himself by perfectly mimicking the batting stances of tons of MLB players.  The master of baseball impressions may have gotten a little bored with impersonating players, so he moved on to analysts.  Needless to say,…Read More

John Buck: Logan Morrison Focused More on Twitter than Baseball

Logan Morrison was demoted to Triple-A after Saturday’s game, leaving many people to question the Marlins’ decision. We’ve already established that LoMo’s outspoken ways were a major reason why they sent him down. We’re also learning that the front office wasn’t alone in their thoughts. Catcher John Buck told The Miami Herald that Morrison’s tweeting…Read More

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