Good News Yankees: Cliff Lee Won’t Hold Spitting on His Wife Against You

Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee already passed his tryout for his future team beating the Yankees in Game 3 of the ALCS. Phifer went eight scoreless of two-hit ball, walking one and striking out 13. The stupendous southpaw is getting set for his second straight appearance in the World Series and his free agency price tag goes up with every start.

It’s a foregone conclusion that Lee will be wearing pinstripes next season, but New Yorkers were beginning to worry after Bob Nightengale’s feature in USA Today described the disgusting acts Yankees fans took against Lee’s wife during the ALCS. “She says there were ugly taunts. Obscenities. Cups of beer thrown. Even fans spitting from the section above.”

Well good news Yankees fans, Phifer is sensible and won’t hold it against you. Asked about the incident, he said Tuesday “Some people get a little alcohol in them and act inappropriate. There’s so many people there you can’t control them all. I know it’s been made into a big deal, but that’s really all it is, just two or three or four people just acting like fools, and 50,000, you can’t group them all together. But there’s always going to be a couple goofballs in the crowd that think they have a right to do that stuff.”

Lee may be taking the reasonable approach here, but you know there will be an extra surcharge the Yanks will have to pay as an apology for the fans’ behavior in the ALCS. I’m expecting Lee to join his buddies CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett on the Yankees next season. He’ll definitely be cashing in and helping the Yanks make a World Series run next year.

Cody Ross Wanted to be a Rodeo Clown, Settled for Playing Professional Baseball

The playoffs is the time when more fans pay attention and players’ reputations are made. Swing it like a stud and you’ll be honored with a legendary nickname such as “Mr. October.” Flop and they’ll call you “A-Fraud” or “Mr. May.” Stand out with superior play and fans everywhere will recognize you for your accomplishments. Giants outfielder Cody Ross has done just that, going from part-time player to post-season super hero.

Ross has carried the Giants in the playoffs, hitting four home runs and driving in eight runs, doubling the next highest total of his teammates. He has four of their six home runs and is OPSing 1.189 while his next highest teammate is Pat Burrell at .737. Ross drove in two of San Francisco’s three runs in the series-clinching Game 4 against the Braves. He took Roy Halladay deep twice in Game 1 of the NLCS, a 4-3 win. His home run off Roy Oswalt provided the lone run for the team in a loss the next night. Ross also hit a double in three straight games to end the Philadelphia series. He has gotten hot, carried his team, and endeared himself to an entire fanbase. Oh yeah, and he’s not even fulfilling his childhood dream!

“When I was younger that’s all I wanted to do, be a rodeo clown. I guess I thought that riding the bull was too dangerous,” Ross said. “Actually being a rodeo clown is probably a little more dangerous than that. You have to protect the guy from getting stepped on and run over. I just liked the way they were, maybe it was the mentality they had, no fear. That was probably the reason I was so drawn to them.”

That’s the sort of thing that happens when your father is a cowboy who enjoys roping and wrestling steers. Good thing Ross dedicated himself to baseball because he sure is good at it. Now we know what he’ll be doing in retirement.

Neftali Feliz Guarantee? Rangers Have Better Team, Will Win World Series

We noted yesterday that the Rangers are favorites to win the World Series over the Giants. Walking into the Texas locker room, closer Neftali Feliz admitted to me that he had seen the story on LBS and agreed.

OK, that didn’t happen, but he really did tell Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes that the Rangers have the better team and that they’ll win the World Series. Rojas relayed Feliz’s thoughts via twitter, prompting ESPN college basketball writer Diamond Leung to wonder if the guarantee makes Feliz “Jose Namath.” Guarantees are getting played out and nobody did it as well as Joe Namath who said it when it actually meant something.

Feliz is expressing confidence in his team as he should be. Between their pitching and the way they’re hitting, they appear to be the better team and that’s why they’re favored. Texas has the advantage with Cliff Lee starting Game 1 on Wednesday, but Game 2 goes back to the Giants as they have Matt Cain over C.J. Wilson. When it heads to Texas for Game 3, I’d put Colby Lewis as the slight favorite over Jonathan Sanchez. LBS author Danny Lee says it will be a snoozer, but I’m excited for the World Series. As a baseball fan, it’s impossible not to be.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

Giants Fan Offers Weed for World Series Tickets on Craigslist

Craigslist: Where idiots meet to exchange tickets for pot and attract undercover cops. This has to be a fake because you’re just asking for trouble, but I guess some people really are that dumb. Here’s the hilarious post on craigslist in San Francisco brought to our attention by SI Hot Clicks:

Now that’s taking barter to a whole new level. Just a thought: why doesn’t this person sell the 420 and buy tickets with the proceeds? I guess if you’re making such a post in the first place you’re probably not too bright and that’s a little too much to ask.

Rangers vs. Giants World Series Is a Major League Snoozefest

Better check the thermostat in hell. Consider this baseball’s version of Haley’s Comet colliding with a white whale. The Texas Rangers are playing the San Francisco Giants in the World Series?!? I haven’t been this confused since I first listened to a song by America (if anyone knows what “Ventura Highway” or “Sister Golden Hair” is about, lob me a call).

Unless you’re Rip Van Winkle (in which case just hit the snooze and wait another 20 years for the Dodgers to reach the Fall Classic), you’re probably well aware that our nation’s pastime is in the hands of these two Major League misfits. San Francisco hasn’t won a title since Godzilla first terrorized the streets of Tokyo. Even Mothra has had a better success rate. Texas has reached the goal of World Series bliss about as many times as I have split the atom while standing on one leg (not as easy as it sounds).

By the time someone from “Glee” sings the national anthem, and Ken Oberkfell throws out the first pitch prior to Game 1, the story lines will be more worn out than a show featuring one of the Osbournes or a midnight commercial starring the Hulkster. It’s Texas and San Francisco… Whataburger versus Levi’s. Cowboy boots and loafers. Oil tycoons and dot-com millionaires. The Bushes against Nancy Pelosi. Walker Texas Ranger karate-chopping Harry Callahan. J.R. and Nash Bridges. Top sirloin and tempeh tofu. Bounty hunters and hippies. ZZ Top and CCR. The Big D and the city once known as “Baghdad by the Bay” (I think they’ve shied away from that recently). Remember the Alamo? Are you going to San Francisco? Six Flags and the Golden Gate Bridge…

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Texas Rangers Are World Series Favorites Over the Giants

It’s a bunch of firsts in the World Series this year: the Giants are looking for their first World Series win since moving to San Francisco for the 1958 season while the Rangers are playing in their first World Series in franchise history. Somewhat surprisingly, the team with the least postseason experience is favored in World Series betting odds to bring home the Commissioner’s Trophy.

Both teams pulled off upsets in the LCS with the Rangers dominating the Yankees in all four of their wins while the Giants beat the Phillies by a narrow margin in all four of their victories. The way Cliff Lee, Colby Lewis, and C.J. Wilson are pitching the Rangers are deserving favorites. Lee is now 7-0 in eight career postseason starts, posting a 1.26 ERA and 9.56 K/BB ratio. Because Texas clinched against the Yankees in six games, the studly southpaw is set to start Game 1 against San Francisco.

C.J. Wilson threw a shutout in the ALDS against the Rays and lost both of his starts to the Yankees. Though he looked good in Game 2, he may be surpassed by Colby Lewis in the World Series rotation after getting hit hard in Game 5. Lewis went eight inning of three-hit ball to send Texas to the World Series with a Game 6 win. He’ll have five days of rest should Ron Washington decide to start him in Game 2 on Thursday. Not only has the pitching been consistent for Texas, their offense has been stellar.

Josh Hamilton homered four times against the Yankees winning ALCS MVP honors. He’s swinging the hot stick and the Rangers have so many other offensive weapons it’s hard to say they’ll be shut down. Ian Kinsler and Nelson Cruz both hit three home runs in the ALDS and are OPSing more than 1.000 in the playoffs. Additionally, both catchers (Bengie Molina and Matt Treanor) have been hitting for Texas, and Elvis Andrus has stolen seven bases and has a hit in every single playoff game. Except for their shaky bullpen, Texas is not showing any weaknesses. I’m going with the favorites to win the World Series in six.

Brian Wilson Really Loves ‘The Machine’ from 8mm Movie

I don’t know if Brian Wilson had an extra role in the movie 8mm or what, because he sure acts like he’s getting residual checks. Every time he has a chance to bring up the movie in an interview he’s done so, and he seems to be making it his personal mission to ensure everybody checks out the 1999 Nicolas Cage film.

In late August, the crazy closer stunned Chris Rose in an interview on the Cheap Seats when he had an S&M gimp-looking masked man walk through the background as they were talking. The Pulp Fiction-looking gimp is actually a character from 8mm called the Machine, who’s a masked pornstar. A few days later, Wilson broke out a mask from his back pocket during a bizarre interview with Jim Rome (must-see if you haven’t checked it out).

And in case you missed it, Brian Wilson broke out another reference to “The Machine” during an NLCS celebratory interview with FOX reporter Chris Rose once again:

That is one wacky dude. Let’s just hope the Rangers win so we don’t have to worry about another appearance from the Gimp err, the Machine.

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And if you want to see the video where the Machine first appears, check it out at the 0:43 mark:

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