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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Milton Bradley: Baseball’s Bad Guy

Will it ever stop? Only a year ago Milton Bradley was declaring himself the reason the Cubs would win the NL Central. After antics like throwing balls into the stands with only two outs and having an all-around disappointing season, Milton was finally cut loose and traded to Seattle. Milton Bradley started blaming Chicago for…Read More

Joe Nathan Took an Unnecessary Risk

It’s what Spring Training is all about.  Players testing out their arms and legs to make sure they are in their very best shape for the upcoming season. But for Minnesota Twins closer Joe Nathan, his season got shut down before it ever really got started. Back on March 6th, Nathan left a spring training…Read More

Ron Washington Used Coke Last Season

A relatively big bombshell in the world of baseball was dropped on Wednesday by SI writer Jon Heyman. Heyman reported that Rangers manager Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine use during the 2009 baseball season. Washington knew he screwed up and even gave the league and his team a heads up prior to the test,…Read More

Aroldis Chapman Hits 102mph on the Gun

Aroldis Chapman first burst onto the international scene when he showed his stuff at the WBC and Cuban National Series. Although Chapman didn’t dominate in either competition, scouts saw his ridiculous fastball and impressive breaking ball. Like many top Cuban prospects, Chapman defected and then established residence in Europe so that he could cement his…Read More

Jayson Werth’s Beard Rivals Johnny Damon’s Jesus Look

Phillies All-Star outfielder Jayson Werth caused a mini-stir by showing up to Spring Training in Clearwater, Florida sporting shaggy hair and a long beard to match. Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki of Phillies.com shared a few pictures of Werth in his most recent post. Here’s the new version of Johnny Damon — Jayson Werth and…Read More

MLB: Where Steroids Are Allowed but Guns Aren’t

You have to love the way MLB came out and patted itself on the back this weekend. I can’t be certain that MLB is responsible for the article hitting the Associate Press, but I do know that they took a “preemptive strike” against weapons in clubhouses. From the AP: Signs have been placed in spring…Read More

Wifey Doesn’t Want Damon in Detroit

One offseason question has persisted since the Hot Stove and lasted until Spring Training, amazingly enough: where will Johnny Damon sign? The Yankees made it clear that they weren’t willing to overspend to keep both aging sluggers Damon and Hideki Matsui, allowing each player to become a free agent. Godzilla signed with the Angels and…Read More

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