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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Lesbian Couple Claiming Discrimination Against Target Field Security

If a team decides that they would rather not have couples kissing in their ballpark, that’s their prerogative.  Perhaps the owner of the team thinks the act of kissing or other romantic behavior is inappropriate in front of young children, which depending on the particular act could be a legitimate concern.  What is not acceptable,…Read More

MLB Draft: Easily the Biggest Crapshoot in Professional Sports

This past week another sport continued the spectacle known as the draft. Baseball held its annual event, which has so many rounds that it might still be taking place, though this is largely uncorroborated since no one really chooses to pay attention, unless you live in Altoona. Once the domain of wartime conscription, breweries, and…Read More

St. Paul Saints to Give Out Tweeting Weiner Boxer Shorts (Picture)

For those of you who were not aware, July 23 is known as National Hot Dog Day. What better way to celebrate National Hot Dog day than to eat some frankfurters and have a few laughs of the expense of U.S. Representative Anthony Wiener? The St. Paul Saints, an independent baseball team that is known…Read More

Ryan Dempster Kills it With Harry Caray Impression (Video)

Plenty of people have had a go at impersonating the legendary Harry Caray over the years.  The most successful of the bunch is probably Will Ferrell, who lit up Saturday Night Live for years with a phenomenal Harry Caray impression.  Another guy who has gotten pretty good at it is Cubs hurler Ryan Dempster.  Dempster…Read More

Angels Fan Mike Langdon Ends Up in Arte Moreno’s Suite By Mistake

Every once in a while we hear a classic tale from the ballpark that only comes along — as cliche as it may sound — once in a lifetime.  This past Saturday, the script for one of those tales was written for longtime Angels fan and former season-ticket holder Mike Langdon. The 50-year-old Langdon was…Read More

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