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Monday, December 11, 2017


Bryce Harper attempts idiotic bunt with two strikes (Video)

With the Washington Nationals and New York Yankees tied 1-1 in the top of the seventh on Tuesday night, Bryce Harper was willing to do whatever it took to get on base. Attempting a bunt in a 1-2 count probably wasn’t the best way of going about that.

Harper, who led off the inning, squared around to bunt against Masahiro Tanaka and fouled the pitch off, resulting in an incredibly boneheaded strikeout. He tried to justify the decision after the game.

“I think with two strikes, you’re just trying to get on base right there,” Harper said, via Alex Schiffer of NJ.com. “He threw a good pitch to bunt actually. I just got on top of it and fouled it back. I mean, if I lay it down perfect, actually if I don’t even lay it down perfect, if I just lay it down on the third-base side, I’m safe at first base and I’m on first with (Ryan Zimmerman) coming up.”

Sure, but not with two strikes. And considering he tied the game with a solo home run off Tanaka in the fourth, Harper probably had no business trying to bunt his way on to begin with.

Nationals manager Matt Williams, who dropped his head in disbelief after Harper’s strikeout, did not hide the fact that he was disappointed.

“Yeah, we’ll save that one for another day,” Williams told reporters.


Harper said he was simply trusting his gut.

“You know, it happens. I’ve done it before,” he explained. “Bunted with two strikes before. Maybe not at the big league level, but I’ve done it before. So it was in my head the whole time when I was 1-2. I went with my gut and it didn’t work.”

You should probably get that out of your head next time and just swing away, Bryce. Williams doesn’t want to do his secret handshake with a power hitter who strikes out on a bunt attempt.

Video via @1007MountainDr

Ned Yost has priceless quote about Jason Vargas being hit in the nuts (Video)

Jason Vargas was hit in the nuts during the fifth inning of Monday’s Royals-Twins game, and the man soldiered on through another 1.1 innings to get the win in the game. As impressed as we are with his ability to shake off such a potentially devastating injury, we were even more impressed with his manager’s quote afterwards.

Vargas acknowledged after the game that the ball hit him “where you don’t want to get hit” and even joked to MLB.com’s Jeffrey Flanagan that he was “lucky to be standing up.”

After Vargas complained that he didn’t get the lead runner at second after being hit, manager Ned Yost backed up his pitcher with a hilarious quote.

“He probably saw 3 …..on the ground and didn’t know which one to pick up,” Yost joked via Flanagan.

That is awesome.

Vargas retired the next batter to end the inning, and then he sat down the side in order in the sixth. That’s not a bad effort for the southpaw, who picked up the win after tossing six scoreless. And if there’s another bright side, it’s that he was at least wearing a cup when he got hit in the jewels, unlike this dude.

Jason Vargas nuts

David Ortiz tells critics ‘I can wake up and hit, bro’


For the past few seasons, David Ortiz has done his best to fight off the decline that usually accompanies players in their late 30s. However, the 2015 version of Ortiz doesn’t resemble the one we have become accustomed to.

Through 51 games, Ortiz is hitting just .219 and a has a .375 slugging percentage, which would be a career-low. The veteran designated hitter was given a couple of days off towards the end of May to work on his swing after suffering through a 20-at-bat stretch in which the 39-year-old recorded just one hit.

Not surprisingly, questions about whether or not the Red Sox slugger still has anything left are being asked. When asked directly to Ortiz, he does not take too kindly to it.

“You don’t disrespect people like that, you know what I’m saying? I’ve come a long way, and everyone knows my status, and to come and wipe it in my face just because things are not going well right now, I don’t think the question was fair. That tells tells me how things are around here. People forget too fast, and I don’t think it’s right.”

“I’m not washed up,” he said via WEEI. “I guarantee you that. I can wake up and hit, bro. That’s my nature. I’m not washed up.”

Ortiz has managed to say productive much longer than many major league players and has certainly built up a considerable amount of goodwill among those who follow and cover the Red Sox. And, if you were going to be on his numbers improving by season’s end, you would probably be correct. However, right now they don’t look very David Ortiz like, meaning questions will probably continued to be asked until they start to look more like normal.

Ashe Russell made a fashion statement with his MLB Draft outfit

Ashe Russell MLB draft

Ashe Russell sure made a fashion statement with his outfit at the MLB Draft on Monday.

Russell, a 6-foot-4 pitcher from Cathedral (Indianapolis) High School, was selected No. 21 overall by the Kansas City Royals. He stood out among the crowd of prospects attending the draft because he was wearing a red shirt with a white pattern, white tie, and white collar.

Perhaps he was mistakenly told the Cincinnati Reds were going to take him at No. 11? Regardless, we give the Clay Buchholz lookalike some points for his bold move.

Photo: MLB/Twitter

Apple will pay Indians’ bullpen ransom for Brandon Moss’ 100th home run ball


Last week, Indians outfielder Brandon Moss reached a career milestone when he hit his 100th home run. Unfortunately, the ball went into his own team’s bullpen. Instead of doing the nice thing and returning it, Moss’ teammates decided to hold the ball for ransom.

Among the list of items requested from Moss were $5,000 cash and 50-gallon drum of lube. There were also numerous Apple products like iPads, an iPhone, Apple watches, and MacBook Airs. Thanks to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Moss won’t have to come up with the electronics on his own.

During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Cook said his corporation would pick up the tab.

“It’s a shopping list for the Apple Store,” Cook said via Bloomberg. “Brandon would have had to raid an Apple Store to get that ball back. That didn’t seem quite right to us. And, so, what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna pay the ransom.”

That’s one less thing Moss has to worry about. He gets his cherished possession and members of the Indians bullpen get what they wanted. Everyone wins.

Minor league game stopped to watch home stretch of Belmont Stakes


American Pharoah on Saturday became the 12th horse to capture the Triple Crown and first since 1978. Unsurprisingly, the horse’s attempt at history was a big deal in Louisville, where American Pharoah also won the Kentucky Derby last month. It was such a big deal that a minor league game in Louisville was stopped temporarily so everyone in the stadium could watch the end of the race.

Saturday’s Triple-A game between the Louisville Bats and Buffalo Bisons was briefly delayed as the home stretch of the Belmont Stakes was shown on the video board at Louisville Slugger Field. At the time, the Bisons had a 5-0 lead. However, Louisville rallied to score five runs in the bottom of the fourth inning and added another in the fifth before eventually losing 11-6.

While Bats fans in attendance were surely disappointed at the outcome of the game, they were able to witness history, which is a pretty nice consolation. The only disappointing part is they missed this awesome video from the post-race show.

Photo via: Twitter/ScottJenningsKY

Woman suffers severe injuries after being hit by broken bat at Red Sox game


A woman suffered serious injuries that were initially labeled “life-threatening” on Friday night after she was struck in the head by a broken bat at Fenway Park.

The Boston Red Sox fan could be heard screaming in pain by those in attendance in addition to on the telecast. She was left bleeding profusely after a shard from Oakland Athletics outfielder Brett Lawrie’s bat went flying into the stands.

The Boston Globe reports that the woman was sitting with her son at the time of the incident. A Boston police officer who rushed over to the scene immediately scooped the boy up and shielded his eyes.

After receiving medical attention for several minutes, the woman was placed on a stretcher and wheeled off the field behind home plate and in front of the Red Sox dugout. Her screams were audible in a fan video that was posted on Deadspin. Below is a more graphic photo of the woman being taken out of the ballpark:


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