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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Ryan Zimmerman: Strasburg’s Leverage Will Never be Higher

Last week we had a similar story where Vernon Davis was telling Michael Crabtree to take what he can get from the 49ers and get his butt into camp. I backed Crabtree in that case because football’s different from baseball — players generally are better when they’re younger because they’ve sustained less injuries. Couple that…Read More

Adrian Beltre on DL with Testicle Injury

Between Nicklas Lidstrom and Felix Pie, we’ve seen athletes get ensnared in some serious testicle issues lately. With these other guys maybe it was a fluke injury, but with Mariners third baseman Adrian Beltre, there really isn’t anyone to blame for the injury other than himself. Despite playing the hot corner and dealing with balls…Read More

Adam Dunn Goes Golden Sombrero

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had a player take the golden sombrero. Franklin Gutierrez came close over the weekend, but luckily for his sake he reached base in his final at-bat after striking out the first four times. And so it was the case on Tuesday night that Nationals slugger Adam Dunn struck…Read More

Guillermo Mota Throws at Prince Fielder, Brings Back Piazza Memories

There’s one thing in baseball I’ve never really understood and that’s the tradition of hitting batters. If a guy’s better than you and getting the best of you, the only way you can respond is by hitting him? What kind of jacked up sportsmanship is that? One guy gets hit then another guy gets hit…Read More

Rafael Furcal Appears to Have Pussed Out in 9th Against Brewers

So Monday night I actually went to my first ballgame of the year, more by chance than anything else. While many people are focused on the failed Dodgers comeback and the disappointing out Manny Ramirez made to end the game with the bases loaded, there is something else that caught my attention. With two outs,…Read More

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