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Friday, October 9, 2015


Carlos Beltran Could Block Trade to Screw Fred Wilpon, Mets

If you had a chance to read Mets owner Fred Wilpon’s comments about the current state of his team and players on Monday, you don’t need us to tell you the things he said were idiotic and ill-advised.  For starters, it probably isn’t a good idea to refer to your team as “sh***y” when you…Read More

Edinson Volquez Sent to AAA After Rant About Reds Offense

Edinson Volquez has performed like an expendable good for the Reds throughout most of the season. It is generally unwise for a pitcher with a 6.35 ERA (who has given up five-or-more earned runs in three separate starts this season) to give his team a reason to become more frustrated with him.  Since Volquez was…Read More

Russell Martin Paints His Nails Yellow (Picture)

For some reason I woke up today thinking someone’s man card was getting revoked. The weather sucks out here on the East Coast and I’ve been in a bad mood that needs to be taken out on someone, so it just seemed right.  Luckily we had SI Hot Clicks to point us in the direction…Read More

Brad Lidge: Ryan Madson Best Closer in NL

When the injured Brad Lidge returns to the Philadelphia Phillies bullpen, he will not be fortunate enough to resume duties as the closer. While he’s been out, Ryan Madson has done so well manager Charlie Manuel says things won’t change. Even with the loss of duties, he has no problem applauding Madson for his season…Read More

Jim Leyland Accepts Fan Second-Guessing About Removing Porcello from Shutout

Tigers manager Jim Leyland is an outspoken character who is unafraid to voice his opinion. Last week he said interleague play was flawed, he’s argued against instant replay, and he steadfastly believed that Miguel Cabrera’s alcohol problems wouldn’t affect his play. Now he’s ranting against the fans who call into sports talk radio shows to…Read More

Mets Owner Fred Wilpon Rips Own Team, Players in Interview

The following is not a Saturday night live skit. We promise. This is the real deal. An April Fool’s joke in late May really makes no sense, so there goes that possibility. New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon is just that fed up with his team’s lack of success, and he apparently doesn’t care much…Read More

Frankie Rodriguez Happy to ‘Shut Up’ Yankees Fans with Save

Mets closer Frankie Rodriguez is known as a hot head who isn’t afraid to show his emotion on the hill. He likes to celebrate wildly after saves, and he took particular joy in closing out the Yankees in the opener of a three-game series Friday night. “You’ve got 50,000 people. Probably, you’ve got 35,000 screaming…Read More

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