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Saturday, November 1, 2014


David Ortiz Is Every Bit as Bad Now as He Used to be Good

It’s so weird to see such a prominent slugger like David Ortiz go from having it to not having it so quickly. It’s one thing for a guy to be a flash in the pan — an All-Star one year and nothing the next. It’s even understandable to see someone have a few peak years…Read More

Mike Lowell Sees the Steroids Cloud in Baseball the Right Way

I heard lots of player/manager reaction to the Manny Ramirez steroids bomb that got dropped Thursday morning. Some guys have the typical accomplice-type mentality saying that we should wait to see how the facts play out. Some guys have the typical head-in-the-sand mentality saying we should just move on and talk about the game/wins and…Read More

Manny Gets What He Had Coming

There are so many angles to this story it’s hard to know where to begin. It would be naive, and stupid, to believe that Manny Ramirez is the only guy in the bigs still using something. Only difference right now is that Manny was dumb enough to get caught. This is probably karma for Manny…Read More

LBS Baseball Tickets Giveaway from Carl’s Jr. Orange Cream Shake

To anyone who reads and/or contributes to the site by telling friends, visiting it, commenting, or passing along tips, your patronage is extremely appreciated. You’re what keeps me going here every day. Sometimes I like to try and give a thank you by running contests where the winner receives prize pack giveaways. And now thanks…Read More

Rays Reliever Joe Nelson Is a Trekkie, Uses Vulcan-Grip Changeup

When Joe Nelson was in the minors, his agent supposedly told him that if he ever made it to the majors he’d be a marketer’s dream (wasn’t Happy Gilmore told the same thing?). While Nelson’s been in the majors previously in his career, it took some success for him to finally get some notice. Nelson…Read More

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