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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Marijuana Ad in SF Weekly Using San Francisco Giants Logo

Weed and the Giants, it’s the new baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet. If you recall in October during the World Series, fans were offering bud for tickets, Josh Hamilton commented that fans were toking up in center field, and Tim Lincecum said he hoped the city was up in smoke after the Giants won it…Read More

Ryan Vogelsong Would Not Wear the Ribbon?

Hey Bochy, Lincecum, this man will not wear the ribbon. Who? Who will not wear the ribbon? I’m wearing the ribbon, he’s wearing the ribbon, we are all wearing the ribbon. So why aren’t you going to wear the ribbon? I guess we’re just going to have to teach Ryan Vogelsong to wear the ribbon!…Read More

Roy Halladay’s Only Weakness: Hot Weather Over 90 Degrees

Roy Halladay’s streak of road starts where he pitched at least six innings ended at 63 Monday when he left his start in the fifth inning. The Phillies ace was drenched with sweat, had trouble seeing the plate, and lost velocity on his pitches because of the heat. He was dizzy and possibly dehydrated in…Read More

Sean Rodriguez Pop-Up Shatters Light Bulb at Tropicana Field (Video)

Anyone who has watched baseball since 1998 will tell you Tropicana Field is an awful venue.  When umpires have to go over ground rules before a game that involve baseballs hitting a catwalk, something is terribly wrong.  Fly balls have hit the catwalk in Tampa on numerous occasions and umpires have had to make decisions…Read More

Marlins Reliever Edward Mujica Caught Sleeping in Bullpen (Video)

One of the benefits of playing the Cubs in Chicago is day games. Day games are great because it’s sunny out, it leaves your evenings free, and fans get to miss work to attend. The downside is it doesn’t allow the players much time to sleep off their hangovers from partying the night before. That…Read More

Go Crazy Pittsburgh! Pirates in First Place!

Don’t be alarmed folks, that black logo with a yellow “P” in the middle of it is not some foreign object — it’s just a Pittsburgh Pirates logo. I know we’re not used to seeing their flag fly above everyone else in the NL Central rung, but alas it’s true. Thanks to a win over…Read More

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