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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Red Sox Want to Sell Mixed Drinks All Over Fenway Park

Things could be getting a lot rowdier at Fenway Park in the Summer of 2011. Baseball fans all around the country love to complain about having to buy $9 beers at the ballpark, but that doesn’t stop them from pounding a dozen of them on a warm summer evening. Sometimes there’s nothing more refreshing than…Read More

MLB Picks and Awards Predictions 2011: Del’s Selections

Are you sick of meaningless regular season NBA and NHL games and tired of hearing about the NFL lockout?  Perfect.  So are we.  Fear not, my friends — that smell you’re smelling is baseball season.  It may be long, but it gives us something to do for more than half the year.  On Wednesday, Doc…Read More

MLB Picks and Awards Predictions for 2011 by Doc Brown

It’s part of the annual passage of Spring — the transition from ripped up brackets and vasectomies to fantasy baseball drafts and predictions. And nobody does it better (worse?) than Doc and Del. We’ve been previewing the MLB season and pronounced the Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies the biggest contenders. Now it’s time to put…Read More

Doyer Dogs Debut at Dodger Stadium

Doyer dogs debuted at Dodger Stadium Monday night for the exhibition game between the Angels and Dodgers. They’ll be offered all season long and serve as an alternative to the standard Dodger Dog, complete with a Hispanic twist as the name implies. Doyer Dogs will be “grilled all-beef hot dog served with chili, nacho cheese,…Read More

Mark Trumbo Can be Capable Replacement for Kendrys Morales

The Angels haven’t had the best run leading up to the season. They lost out on Carl Crawford in free agency — a player many people thought they were a lock to land — and they also missed out on Rafael Soriano and Adrian Beltre who were other reported targets. Then they acquired Vernon Wells…Read More

Joel Sherman Scolds Us All for Targeting Alex Rodriguez

Wow. At least that Fitzy guy was joking when he made a video telling us all to leave Bill Belichick alone. Joel Sherman of the NY Post — not so much. The Sherminator has outdone himself this time.  On Thursday, he decided to plead with the public to stop picking on Alex Rodriguez.  No more…Read More

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