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Thursday, March 5, 2015


He Should Have Gone with the 4/26 Club

In one of the most laughable lawsuits I’ve come across, rapper Jay-Z is suing Red Sox DH David Ortiz for opening up a club in the Dominican Republic using the same name as Jay-Z’s chain nightclub, 40/40 Club. Apparently there are three branches of the 40/40 Club by Jay-Z — New York, Atlantic City, and…Read More

Here’s Hoping Pujols is Unlike the Others

Albert Pujols is at it again.  The one hitter in the MLB who seems unaffected by the Steroid Era year after year already had five home runs in his first seven games and is hitting .400 through the first nine.  Actually, Pujols just broke a Major League record for the most home runs by a…Read More

Nate Winters Is a Real Life Kirby Kyle

I was going through some of the stories at Fanhouse and came across a headline that was hard to scan past: “Florida H.S. Pitcher Overcomes Loss of Leg to Start Again.” Naturally I was hooked and had to read further about this legless pitcher. Turns out it’s about Nate Winters, a 16-year-old junior at Winter…Read More

Money, Age, and Skill Factor Into Free Agency More than Race, Orlando Hudson

In an article on Yahoo! Sports, Twins second baseman Orlando Hudson strongly inferred that African-American baseball players Jermaine Dye and Gary Sheffield are still free agents because of race. While I can’t go inside the heads of owners and general managers in MLB to see if that’s the case (and it’s historical fact that baseball…Read More

Wrigley Field Ruined by ‘Upgrades’

As we all know, the Chicago Cubs have brand new owners this year — the Ricketts family. And boy, do they have big ideas for the Cubs and historic Wrigley Field. When I say big, I mean eight 19′ x 14′ photos of current players and manager Lou Piniella hanging outside of the ballpark right…Read More

Bud Selig: MLB Is Considering Adding Playoff Teams, Additional Wild Cards

Commissioner Bud Selig was on hand for the opening of Target Field in Minnesota Monday where the Twins hosted the Red Sox. He spent some time in ESPN’s broadcast booth to talk about many of the issues facing the game. Selig discussed the League’s drug testing policy, MLB’s efforts to get more African-Americans playing the…Read More

Overrated Joe Torre Mismanages Dodgers Bullpen

Joe Torre is a friendly guy, great with the media, and he stars in hilarious State Farm commercials. He’s also extremely overrated and at least partially responsible for the Dodgers 2-4 start to the season because of bullpen mismanagement. Because a manager doesn’t pitch, run, field, or hit for the players, they shouldn’t be given…Read More

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