Dodger Fans Boo Frank McCourt During Joe Torre Farewell Speech

The Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks 3-1 on Sunday to end their season. Joe Torre finished his last year as the team’s manager with an unimpressive 80-82 record and he gave his farewell to the fans following the disappointing year.

The Dodgers were coming off two straight NLCS appearances and widely expected to compete for the division crown. Instead, GM Ned Colletti’s hands were tied in the off-season and he was unable to buy any necessary pitching to help the team. He criticized star Matt Kemp early in the season and sent the young slugger into a spiral. Manny Ramirez was on the disabled list three times and had a bust of a season. Andre Ethier started off like a stud then broke his pinkie. Closer Jonathan Broxton was overused and lost his job. For all the accolades the highly acclaimed manager receives, he only led the Dodgers to an 80-82 year.

Perhaps the whole spirit of the season was ruined by the pending divorce case between Frank and Jamie McCourt. While the two are fighting for custody of the team, we’ve found out that they took millions out of the team to finance their personal lifestyle. I’ve been hammering the Dodgers for years over their cheap ways, but it took the divorce case for most fans to realize how awful Frank McCourt has been as an owner.

Let’s do the list: doubled ticket prices, doubled parking prices, hired a psychic for hundreds of thousands per season, paid their sons hundreds of thousands for not working for the team, and took over $100 million from the franchise for themselves. Fans finally have caught on and gave McCourt the only type of salute he deserves: the call of the boo bird. Check out Joe Torre’s farewell speech and listen at the 32 second mark for the boos:

Frank should take a cue and stop fighting for the Dodgers. The fans are sick of him and don’t want him as the owner any longer. Maybe MLB can do something about the situation because he clearly is not fit to be the owner of a big-market team, let alone any baseball team.

Felix Hernandez Has to be the AL Cy Young Award Winner

Much to his dismay, the Seattle Mariners decided to shut down Felix Hernandez and skip his scheduled start in the season finale on Sunday. King Felix will miss a chance at solidifying his Cy Young candidacy, but it shouldn’t matter; Hernandez has shown that he is undoubtedly the best pitcher in the American League this year.

Hernandez finished the season 13-12 while leading the Majors with a 2.27 ERA. The 24-year-old stud also threw 249.2 innings, which was one shy of tying Roy Halladay for the MLB lead. Hernandez’s monstrous innings pitched total was more than anyone else in baseball the past five seasons and the most in the American League since Halladay threw 266 in 2003.

In case you don’t understand the significance of this achievement, we’ll put it simple: the more innings you pitch, the more you’re helping your team by sparing the bullpen and giving the club many more high-quality innings than they would get from more inferior pitchers.

In addition to the stellar innings total, Hernandez blew hitters away with his blazing fastball and devastating curve and change up to the tune of 232 strikeouts. The 232 total placed King Felix second in baseball, one behind Angels pitcher Jered Weaver.

Still not impressed?

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Arizona Diamondbacks Dress Rookies Up in Speedos and Swim Outfits for Hazing

If August is the month for rookie hazing in the NFL, then September is the time for rookies to get it in baseball. First it was the Twins dressing up their rookies in cartoon and Sacha Baron Cohen costumes, and then it was Logan Morrison in a hideous outfit. While that’s nothing compared to getting awful looking haircuts, it’s probably better than walking around the Bay Area in speedos and swim caps, as the Diamondbacks rookies had to do. Thanks to AZ Snake Pit for the tip:

On second thought, it’s not too different from Bay to Breakers. They probably did blend in around the area.

Photo Credits: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Blue Jays Rock the Fake Mustaches in Cito Gaston Farewell Game

Wednesday evening marked Cito Gaston’s final home game as manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. The team had a huge ceremony to honor the manager who brought the city two World Series titles. They invited his former players out, played video messages and tributes, and his current players even gave him a farewell Rolex. You could tell how much the players love and respect Gaston, and they showed it with a facial hair tribute. Not only did Vernon Wells reference Gaston’s mustache in a speech, but the players all put on fake mustaches to celebrate Gaston. In fact, outfielder Travis Snider drew one on with eye black and even played the entire game with it on. Check it out:

The Jays sent Gaston out at home with an 8-4 win over the Yankees. Snider actually hit a two-run home run in the first and added an RBI single in the second. At 82-76, the Blue Jays are having a fine season. After losing their top two pitchers the past two years, giving away Alex Rios in waivers, and losing half their pitchers to arm injuries, the above-.500 showing is more than impressive. Gaston did a fine job with the bunch in his second tour of duty in Toronto.

Kevin Towers Leaning Towards Retaining Kirk Gibson as Diamondbacks Manager

A week after the Arizona Diamondbacks announced the hiring of former Padres general manager Kevin Towers as their new GM, it appears as if they’ve decided on a manager. John Gambadoro of KTAR in Phoenix reported on Wednesday that the Diamondbacks and interim manager Kirk Gibson were working on a two-year deal. FOX Sports Arizona says the same thing and that any deal would not be reached until the season ends. On top of those reports, KT did an in-game interview on ESPN during their Wednesday night game between the Diamondbacks and Giants that showed his feelings.

Towers spoke positively about Gibson when asked about the managerial situation. “The little I’ve been around Gibby so far has been real positive,” Towers said. “I like the look in the eye, the fire in the belly — he’s intense. He played underneath Sparky Anderson, Jim Leyland, Tommy Lasorda — those are the guys that taught him the game of baseball. Those are the kinds of managers that I want. So far, really good.”

It clearly sounds like Gibson will be back as the team’s manager and that’s not a bad thing. I thought firing Josh Byrnes was the wrong move for them, but Towers is an extremely competent GM who knows how to work on a tight budget. That will be the situation in Arizona, and his top priority will be building a pitching staff. The mid-season acquisition of Daniel Hudson helps enormously, and if Brandon Webb can bounce back from injury, they’ll be much closer towards having a good rotation. The offense, despite its astronomical strikeout numbers, is pretty set. Now Towers needs to do what he did so well in San Diego — assemble a strong bullpen.

Roy Halladay Finally Gets a Shot at Pitching in October

There has never been a pitcher in Major League Baseball history that deserves a shot at taking the mound in the postseason more than Roy Hallday.  For years, Halladay was one of the best arms in the American League.  As luck would have it, he was stuck pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Jays have not been to the playoffs since 1993.  The last time they were there, they went on to win a title by defeating — get this — the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series.  For almost 20 years, Toronto has been stuck behind the Red Sox, Yankees, and more recently the Rays.  They’re a franchise that just hasn’t managed to get back on track since winning back-to-back titles in the early 90s.

Yet, Halladay never complained.  Anyone who knows anything about baseball saw a perennial Cy Young contender wasting away in a city where baseball fans have become an endangered species.  All Toronto’s ace did during his 12-year stay was take the mound and pitch.  More often than not, he did his job better than any other starter in the AL during that tenure.

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Video: Cardinals Reliever Blake Hawksworth Hit in Face With Line Drive

With the amount of comeback line drives that are hit in the direction of pitchers, it’s amazing there are so few serious injuries.  Unfortunately, scares like this have become part of the game.  St. Louis Cardinals reliever Blake Hawksworth was taken to the hospital Saturday after he was drilled in the face with a line drive off the bat of Cubs outfielder Sam Fuld.  Hawksworth suffered severe lacerations to his face and lip but somehow seems to have avoided a concussion.  He walked off the field under his own power and will reportedly be kept overnight in the hospital.

The video is tough to watch, so I’d only check it out if you have the stomach to watch a baseball hitting someone in the face.  You can also see blood collecting pretty rapidly on his jersey right after he goes down.  Here’s the Blake Hawksworth line drive to the face video:

Between this and Dan Mason’s dislocated knee, it’s been a pretty gruesome few days for the sports world.

Video Credit: YouTube user ggarro6