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Saturday, December 20, 2014


Matt Bush’s Pathetic DUI Crying Video, Resists Arrest

Matt Bush has really turned himself into a first-class laughing stock. Here’s the deal: if you’re a former first-round bust but you do it quietly like Tim Couch or Brian Bullington, you’re not going to catch much crap. But if you’re a total jerk about it like Ryan Leaf or Matt Bush, we won’t soon…Read More

Cardinals Pitchers Grow Mustaches For Good Luck

Baseball players will do just about anything to turn their fortunes. Jason Giambi used to wear a gold thong for good luck, Jeff Francoeur didn’t change his boxers, and many players like screwing with their facial hair. We’ve seen Eric Byrnes grow a porn stache while he was on a hitting streak, and lately it’s…Read More

Joel Hanrahan Gets Credit for the Win Without Even Pitching

Mark this down as a “first” for Joel Hanrahan to be mentioned here at LBS. Maybe if he did a white olympics video we’d have reason to write about him other than this. Anyway, the Nats and Astros continued a game on Thursday evening that was postponed from May 5th. The game was tied at…Read More

MLB Continues to Stubbornly Reject Harsher Drug Policy

MLB’s attitude towards steroids is very similar to that of Manny Ramirez (who said he didn’t owe the fans an explanation for his suspension) — we’re above you and we don’t have to be accountable. When you’re talking about a regular season that has 162 games, a 50 game suspension is less than a third…Read More

2009 MLB All-Star Game Snubs

It’s a yearly tradition unlike any other — the obligatory fans suck at voting and so do the players and managers so here I am to help everyone out — MLB All-Star Game snubs post. I mean, if we can’t figure out All-Star voting to argue over in early July, over what can we argue??…Read More

Even Tiger Woods Knows Yankee Stadium Priced Their Tickets Too High

According to SI.com’s Fortunate 50, Tiger Woods pulled in $100 million between winnings and endorsements and that was in a down economy. To him, spending $100,000 is like us spending 50 bucks on dinner and a movie. That sort of ridiculous bankroll means Tiger has no idea what real expenses are like. But apparently Tiger’s…Read More

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