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Friday, October 31, 2014


McCourt Goes Parcells on Manny, Calls Him ‘The Player’?

Surfing through what was otherwise a fairly boring T.J. Simers column, I came to one note that stood out in particular. According to Simers, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt was referring to Manny Ramirez in an interview with Mason and Ireland on 710 ESPN in Los Angeles as “the player.” Simers made a crack about McCourt…Read More

Vegas Getting its Wish: Phillies Won

One of the really interesting aspects of the World Series comes from the Wise Guy angle. With several futures tickets outstanding for daring soles who bravely bet money on the Rays to win the World Series at 200-1 before the season started, there’s no secret who Las Vegas and other online casinos want to win…Read More

Dodger Fans Are Smart, Dump Beer on Police in Left Field Pavilion

I’d like to think that most Dodger fans are pretty sensible creatures. Unfortunately Doyer fans have decided to make up for the Raiders not being in town anymore and have left me disappointed. They’ve been involved in stadium shootings, been banned from local bars, and now they’re apparently dumping beer on police like complete idiots….Read More

Terry Francona Gives Ortiz, Drew Home Run Sign, Move Pays Off

You remember that movie Forest Gump? It was based on a book called Being There. Also known as the Terry Francona story. That dude has just totally been along for the ride during the Red Sox success the past few years which includes a pair of World Series titles. How hard is it to pencil…Read More

Joe Torre Doesn’t Look Like Such a Genius Anymore

It bothered me that Joe Torre got so much credit for the Dodgers making it to the playoffs, and even more after they swept the Cubs. The amounts of praise he received was nauseating. There was talk about what a calming influence he provided, how he was able to tie together the two groups of…Read More

Matt Stairs: ‘I Swing for the Fences’

I’ve always been a fan of Matt Stairs, professional hitter. He has a unique style and always struck me as such the prototypical beer league softball player. Only he plays real baseball. And he plays it well. And in one statement, Stairs showed exactly why I love him so much. Check out this correspondence with…Read More

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