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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Eric Gagme Ready to Close Again

Well, that was quick. After saying he didn’t deserve the closer role following Saturday’s loss, the Brewers showed they agreed by yanking Eric Gagme as closer. Gagme said he didn’t need a mental break like Jason Isringhausen from the Cardinals, but he got one anyway. I guess two days of watching his teammates get saves…Read More

Paul DePodesta: Moneyball Geek Turned Padres Blogger

When your team is the worst in baseball — yes, the Padres are the worst team right now — what do you do to cope with the disappointment? You start a blog, of course. The man many of you affectionately know as the former Dodgers GM and Moneyball assistant to Billy Beane, Paul DePodesta, has…Read More

Hanley Ramirez Getting Paid by Marlins

It’s quite ironic. I was just having a baseball conversation with my Dad and he said that there aren’t many better bargains out there than what Albert Pujols is making from St. Louis. I countered quickly by asking, “what about Hanley Ramirez?” That was a quick conversation stopper. Unfortunately that will only answer the question…Read More

Curtis Granderson Joins the Golden Sombrero Club

A big hearty thank you goes out to Signal over at Signal to Noise , one of the finer and longer-standing sites in the sports blogosphere, for passing along the tip. I am proud to announce that Curtis Granderson has become the second player this year to join the LBS Golden Sombrero Club since its…Read More

Richie Sexson: ‘Gutless .200-Hitting Joke’

Though the game featured two teams well below .500, the Thursday night matchup between Texas and Seattle had no shortage of entertainment. Felix Hernandez had already hit two Rangers in the game, including catcher Gerald Laird, so Richie Sexson came up to the plate in the 4th anticipating he would be thrown at. After shaking…Read More

Managers Explain this One to Me

I made it pretty clear a few weeks ago that I love creative managers. Ones who don’t just play by the book, but guys who actually try something new to give their team advantages. I like ones that use common sense like bring in their best reliever (the closer) into the game in the 8th…Read More

Carlos Pena Takes the Golden Sombrero

Some people will tell you that a walk off home run is the most thrilling feat in baseball. Some say it’s an inside-the-parker. Some say it’s a steal of home. Others say it’s a diving catch to save the game. Me, I’d have to go with the strikeout. On the side of the hitter. Not…Read More

Ozzie Guillen Is a Hall of Famer Part II

There was a time and day when I couldn’t stand Ozzie. He was loud, crude, and obnoxious. He was out in front of the team, the center of attention on a World Series champ where I felt the players deserved the attention. I despised that. But now that time has gone on, I’ve grown to…Read More

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