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Friday, October 31, 2014


Julio Franco Reveals Age, Was Really 54

Most of you probably have heard by now that Houston Astros shortstop Miguel Tejada revealed he is really 33-years-old and not 31, as he had professed to be throughout his entire Major League career. He initially lied to the A’s when they signed him as a kid out of the Dominican Republic because his youth…Read More

Baseball Players Are Meant to Be Fat

There’s one thing about the media and their treatment of certain baseball players that’s irked me lately: their absurd treatment of overweight (read: fat) baseball players. Not to say that you should be a fat ass and play baseball, but I just can’t stand the way the media handles baseball players and their body weight….Read More

Korea’s Had Enough of Lima Time

Honestly, when I first saw this story, my initial thought was: Korea has a professional baseball league? Well, apparently they do, considering Jose Lima signed with them and had been playing there. But sadly I must pass along the tragic news that Jose Lima’s run with the Kia Tigers has come to an end. Lima’s…Read More

How the Heck Do the A’s Keep Winning?

Quickly, what’s the best team in the AL? If you were thinking Boston, New York, Cleveland, or Anaheim, you’re wrong. Those four playoff teams from last year are enjoying mixed success this year, with both Boston and Anaheim at 8-6. But much to my surprise, and probably yours, it’s not one of these talented and…Read More

Joel Zumaya’s Rehab Going Well

For the most part, I’m not too big on posting pictures of athletes partying and boozing it up with chicks and whatnot. If I were ever in their shoes, I’d probably appreciate people keeping those photos to themselves rather than sending them to TMZ or some other gossip site. But sometimes the pictures are just…Read More

1-800-STEROIDS: MLB Has Roids Hotline

George Mitchell would be quite proud. Taking a step to enact many of the suggestions put forth in the Mitchell Report, MLB has begun employing an anonymous hotline where tipsters can out players they believe are juicing. The tips go directly to MLB’s new Department of Investigation, also a suggestion from the Mitchell Report. And…Read More

Ian Kennedy ‘Jerked Off’ Before Start

Yes, it’s true. At least according to YES Network broadcaster, David Cone: I have heard of relievers banging chicks from the stands in the clubhouse while the game was going on, and I’ve heard of relievers jerking themselves off while games were going on (also in the clubhouse), but I’ve never heard of a pitcher…Read More

Did MLB Agents Set Players Up With Steroids Doctor?

You know, this whole concept wouldn’t surprise me. Just think about the sheer basics here: agents make money off their clients, clients get more money if they produce more on the field, steroids increase production, agent refers player to steroids place, all parties are happy. Couple that cycle with the fact that many agencies are…Read More

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