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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Donald Fehr Fights Back with the ‘Illegal Leak’ Argument

In the aftermath of two more big names being leaked from the ’03 steroids list, you knew the Players Union wouldn’t just sit back silently without comment, right? Well, the snake that is Donald Fehr spoke up as you could imagine and is doing everything possible to take the focus away from Manny Ramirez and…Read More

Handicapping the Hall of Famer Who Jose Canseco Says Used Steroids

When it comes to the subject of steroids in baseball there isn’t a more credible source than Jose Canseco. The dude was practically the godfather of roids in baseball, the way he tells it. Players, owners, agents, the union — they all lie, but Canseco tells the truth. And when he was asked about the…Read More

Nomar Garciappara Appears Nervous About 2003 Steroids List

The A’s were in Boston to finish up their series with the Red Sox Thursday when the David Ortiz/Manny Ramirez report emerged. Naturally NESN went over to the Oakland clubhouse after the game to get the thoughts of Nomar Garciaparra who was a teammate of both Manny and Papi in Boston during the 2003 season….Read More

Pirates in the Market to Trade Bat Boy

The Pirates have been an easy target for my derision lately, and that of MLB in general since ’92 — their last winning season. They haven’t even won 80 games in that 17 year span and they seem to be content with their bottom-dwelling status as the farm team for everyone else. Their GM Neal…Read More

A Baserunning Blunder Between Chien-Ming Wang and the Hall

OK, so maybe the Wanger wasn’t exactly headed for Cooperstown (settle down NY media, you don’t have that much influence) but it’s incredible how easily players can rise and fall in baseball — particularly pitchers. Yankees starter Chien-Ming Wang was 54-20 his first three and a half seasons in the bigs, posting under a 4.00…Read More

Bud Selig Considering Reinstating Pete Rose in MLB?

In the same weekend that Hank Aaron said steroids cheaters belonged in the Hall of Fame so long as their records include asterisks, the former home run king also campaigned for the reinstatement of the hit king, Pete Rose. From USA Today: “I would certainly like to see him in,” Aaron said. “He belongs in,…Read More

Phillies Need to Stop Screwing Around, Pull Trigger on Roy Halladay Already

When it comes to evaluating mid-season trades, I like to examine things on a case-by-case basis. For instance, you won’t hear me give a blanket policy saying “always trade prospects for established players” or “you must win now.” Instead, I like to examine all factors at play such as payroll, how realistic the team’s chances…Read More

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