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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Mark Teixeira Running Over Bobby Wilson: Clean or Dirty?

Two weeks ago, the Angels had a surplus at the catcher position. After this weekend, they’re somewhat thin. Things started a week ago when Jeff Mathis, who had been hitting his way into a regular gig, got hit on the wrist trying to block a pitch in the dirt. He landed on the disabled list…Read More

A-Rod Angers Dallas Braden by Running Across Pitching Mound

A player on the field ripping A-Rod’s etiquette while running the bases? Where have I seen that story before? A’s pitcher Dallas Braden, who went six innings of two-run ball to beat the Yankees Thursday, made more noise for getting angry with Alex Rodriguez than he did by pitching well. Instead of explaining everything, why…Read More

Willie Mays Hayes Lives at Fordham

Now this is how you avoid a tag at home plate.  I don’t have much to add to this video — you just have to see it for yourself. That was Brian Kownacki of Fordham jumping over Iona catcher James Beck to score a run. FU came back from down 9-1 to win 12-9 in…Read More

Cubs are Hurting Zambrano by Sending him to Bullpen

The Chicago Cubs announced Wednesday that pitcher Carlos Zambrano would no longer be in their starting rotation. Instead, Big Z will be placed in the bullpen as an eighth inning pitcher, an area that the Cubs have greatly struggled with this season. Prior to Wednesday’s game, the bullpen had already blown four of seven saves…Read More

Edinson Volquez Is Just Plain Stupid, so Is MLB

Once again, we have another player testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. This time it’s Cincinnati Reds‘ pitcher Edinson Volquez. At this point, isn’t it just dumb to take any substance banned by MLB? Yeah, I think so too. Now the thing that grinds my gears is that not only was Volquez stupid for taking…Read More

Sox Stop Skid on the Bat of Darnell … Who?

You’ll have to forgive me for the picture to the right.  I scoured the internet for a solid ten minutes before finally settling on a picture of Darnell McDonald in a Reds uniform.  Maybe if I had waited until tomorrow, I’d find a picture of him in a Red Sox uniform that would be more…Read More

David Eckstein > Pablo Sandoval

For as diminutive in stature as Padres second baseman David Eckstein is, the guy has a somewhat surprising amount of power. Eckstein hit eight homers in 2002 with the Angels and eight in 2005 with the Cardinals, knocking in more than 60 runs each season. On Monday night, the 5’7″ second baseman put a crooked…Read More

Red Sox Have Hit Early Season Rock Bottom

How early is too early to talk about a team’s struggles or successes in Major League Baseball when the season is still incredibly young?  Should we give a team until at least the start of May before we either start singing their praises or bashing them?  Maybe, but I don’t feel like it.  The season…Read More

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