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Monday, October 20, 2014


That Gil Meche Signing Was Good

It’s pretty easy to rip the Kansas City Royals — I mean they’ve been about as bad as it gets for the last five years — losing at least 100 games in four of those seasons. Seriously, that’s bad. Like really bad. Like, couldn’t you at least turn it around in one of the years…Read More

Everything Is Wrong for Toronto

Considering the Red Sox got done sweeping the Blue Jays on Thursday, this is a bit old. But it didn’t get posted at my boy Derek’s My Life and an addiction called the Boston Red Sox blog until Saturday, and I didn’t see it til now. So yes, it’s old, but it made me laugh….Read More

Indians Players Are Easily Amused

Yes, I realize that clubhouses are like big-kid summer camps, only full of 20 and 30 something year old players rather than 12 year-olds. Yes I realize they play cards and drink, and gamble, and do exactly what 25 men do when they’re hanging out together for months at a time. But this? Did I…Read More

Which SS/3B Tandem Is the Best?

Typically the trivia questions they ask at the ballpark are lame. As are the questions they pose on TV while you’re watching a ballgame. Except for in this case. My buddy, frequent commenter here at LBS, and occasional site contributor, Alan Hull, notified me that one of the questions posed during a Dodgers/Marlins game (I…Read More

Richie Sexson: Feast or Famine

Watching the Mariners play the Tigers yesterday, it became pretty clear to me. Not unlike the Rob Deers and Cecil Fielders before him, Richie Sexson is the ultimate feast or famine batter in today’s game. Check it out — Sexy went 1 for 4, with a 3-run bomb, raising his batting average to .152. Here’s…Read More

Yankees Will Follow Clemens to the Playoffs

No question in my mind about it. I never wavered when it came to my expectations for the Yankees, regardless of whether or not they were in last place. The Yanks still have an incredible lineup, and their pitching has grossly underachieved — thanks in large part to injury. With Wang and Mussina back healthy,…Read More

Roger Clemens Is Now a Yankee

Reporter Mike Moriarty joined John Fricke and Marques Johnson on Fox Sports Radio moments ago and said Roger Clemens was in George Steinbrenner’s box for Sunday’s Mariners/Yankees game and announced the news that he is now a Yankee. Roger addressed the fans during the 7th inning stretch telling them Thank you all. Well, they came…Read More

No More Beer in the Clubhouse?

By now mostly everyone knows that Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was killed in a car crash, and that there’s heavy suspicion Hancock was driving drunk. I’ve already discussed several factors about the tie in between alcohol and baseball, for instance Tony La Russa’s Spring Training DUI, and the fact that the Cardinals home venue is…Read More

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