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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Braun: Brewers Didn’t Expect to Win

For anyone who’s played team sports, you know that attitude is just as important as talent. If you’re well-prepared to win, focused on winning, and believe you’re going to win, there’s a good chance you’re going to win. But sometimes teams really don’t approach games with a winning mentality, and sometimes they’re just going through…Read More

Jason Giambi’s Slump-Breaking Thong

Roids, HGH, non-apology apologies aside, this is what makes Jason Giambi a fun guy. In a recent interview with Portfolio, Jason Giambi said that he wears a Golden Thong whenever he needs to break out of a slump: The deepest, darkest secret harbored by the New York Yankees first baseman is that whenever he is…Read More

Barry Bonds Now Starring in Rap Videos

Since nobody’s interested in picking up the slugger, he’s gotta figure out new ways to occupy his time. Apparently Baroid has figured out what to do in between curls at the gym and hacks at the cages. As AJ mentioned at Deadspin, Barry’s now making cameos in music videos. Check him out around the 0:45…Read More

Ken Griffey Jr. Quite the Penny Pincher

Baseball pranks certainly provide tremendous entertainment and help lighten the mood especially when your team’s struggling. One of my favorites was when Jarrod Washburn brought an ostrich into the Angels’ clubhouse and scared the daylights out of Ramon Ortiz. That was tremendous. But what Ken Griffey Jr. did was also fantastic. Apparently he enjoys creating…Read More

Your 2008 Orioles: Where Magic Happens

You have to figure that pretty much anything is fair game when Kevin Millar’s on your team. Mr. Cowboy Up was no doubt a part of this music video the Orioles filmed to promote the team for the upcoming season. An excellent find that Jimmy at SI passes along. Check out those boys sing: The…Read More

There’s Nobody Like Manny

He is just one of those once-in-a-generation players that we are lucky to have playing while we’re all fans. There’s nobody like him, and there probably won’t be anyone similar to him at any point in the future. From pointing to the ball to tell his teammate to get a gapper, to using the bathroom…Read More

Florida State Baseball Makes a Mockery

Don’t know how many people saw this story since it is kind of an oddity, but Florida State baseball player Buster Posey played all nine positions in one game Monday night. At first I thought it was pretty cool when I saw the headline, but then I actually read how it was done and it…Read More

Eric Gagme Ready to Close Again

Well, that was quick. After saying he didn’t deserve the closer role following Saturday’s loss, the Brewers showed they agreed by yanking Eric Gagme as closer. Gagme said he didn’t need a mental break like Jason Isringhausen from the Cardinals, but he got one anyway. I guess two days of watching his teammates get saves…Read More

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