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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Chipper Jones Sports the Sombrero

Man, just when you thought the LBS Golden Sombrero Club had seen its last days, we get two players achieve the milestone in the same week … from the same team no less. A few days ago it was Braves rookie outfielder Jordan Schafer turning the trick against the Giants in the first game of…Read More

Carlos Zambrano Ejected After Bumping Umpire, Beats Up Gatorade

Carlos Zambrano has a well-deserved reputation as a hot head. The fiery character was in typical form on Wednesday afternoon during the Cubs/Pirates game. With the Cubs leading 2-1 in the Top 7th, Zambrano threw a wild pitch that allowed Nyjer Morgan to score the game-tying run. Zambrano felt that he had covered the plate…Read More

Jordan Schafer Goes Golden Sombrero

It was a brutal day for Braves outfielder Jordan Schafer Monday in San Francisco. The rookie went to the plate four times and punched out all four times, gaining entrance into the notorious LBS Golden Sombrero Club. Schafer went down hacking his first three times up, twice against starter Jonathan Sanchez, then the third time…Read More

Mets Curse Strikes: Frankie Rodriguez Collapses Because of Back Spasms

The moment Frankie Rodriguez signed with the Mets I knew things wouldn’t end well. I’ll admit they have started out well on the field considering K-Rod has gone 12/12 in save chances, tying for the major league lead. Well if it wasn’t the bats of the Braves, Phillies or Marlins that struck him down, perhaps…Read More

Johan Santana’s Overreacting to Hitting Kevin Youkilis

The Mets and Red Sox met on the first night of interleague play in MLB on Friday with Johan Santana squaring off against Daisuke Matsuzaka. Johan went seven innings giving up three runs (two earned) on seven hits, picking up his sixth win of the season. With two outs and the bases empty in the…Read More

2009 MLB Attendance Numbers Are Down

It’s only been about seven weeks of the season, but the attendance figures are already down for MLB this year. The most glaring and immediate cause would be the recession that has left many people jobless and/or fearful of spending. More peripheral issues to explain the decline would be the poor weather in certain cities…Read More

Managerial Lineup Card Screwup has Michael Bourn Bat Twice in a Row

First it was Rays manager Joe Maddon this past weekend, now it’s Cecil Cooper. There’s something about managerial lineup card screwups lately. Maddon had two of his players written in the lineup card as playing third base and thus he had to forfeit the DH spot. Much like Maddon, Astros manager Cecil Cooper fell victim…Read More

Mets Sure Know How to Blow a Game

Though Mets fans have been used to this recently, I can’t imagine them being too accepting of Monday night’s loss to the Dodgers. Really, this was a new low for them, almost as if they’re inventing ways of losing games. In case you missed it, the Mets committed five — count ’em — five errors…Read More

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