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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Angels Are Not Signing CC Sabathia

They’re just blowing smoke, playing the game. See, the Angels’ real target is Mark Teixeira — he’s the one that really beefed up their team and rounded out their lineup. Adding Sabathia would just make the Angels pitching heavy but still leave their lineup vulnerable. Sure, he’s a nice addition for any club, but not…Read More

Pirates Looking to Channel Indian Fan Base, Sign Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel

I guess when you haven’t had a winning record since the days Terry Bradshaw was quarterbacking the Steelers, you’re bound to start thinking outside the box. Not only have the Pirates thought outside the box, GM Neal Huntington has swooped in on Taj Mahal, snatching up two potential pitchers with non-draftee free agent contracts. Now…Read More

Mussina Hung ’em Up at the Perfect Time

On the mound, Mike Mussina didn’t show much emotion. He never had the fire or flare of a superstar, and never struck most Yankee fans as the type of stopper they expected to have for a guy making $19 mil a year in the final seasons of his then-monster contract. Perhaps it’s the money that…Read More

Writer Encouraging Free Agent Doom for the Yankees with A.J. Burnett

Look, the Yankees already do a good enough job screwing up their team via free agency without needing help from outsiders. Think Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright for starters. Last year, the front office listened to the writers who suggested they start rebuilding their farm system and stay away from signings that plagued them in…Read More

Nolan Ryan Whipping the Rangers’ Young Pitchers into Shape

Compared to the old days, or even when Nolan Ryan pitched, the hurlers these days are pussies. That’s putting the Roy Halladay, CC Sabathia, Brandon Webb crowd aside considering those dudes actually make efforts to finish off their games on a regular basis. I’m not saying the way we handle pitchers these days is a…Read More

Why Would the A’s Acquire Matt Holliday?

The answer to that question should be pretty self-explanatory: the guy’s a damn good player. Matt Holliday’s an All-Star, an MVP candidate. He’s going to help any lineup in which he’s hitting. He’s going to play good defense in left field and even steal you a good amount of bases. And for his extraordinary skills,…Read More

Jake Peavy Now Playing GM, Too

OK, so the Padres need a ton of help to become a competitive team again. Their offense last year was dreadful. They have one All-Star stick in Adrian Gonzalez, and a few decent ones in Brian Giles and Kevin Kouzmanoff. Their lineup was so bad that Jody Gerut appeared to be a brilliant pick up….Read More

Don’t Buy Dodgers’ P.R. Spin on Manny

I love the way the Dodgers are trying to play this whole Manny Ramirez free agent negotiation. It’s going down exactly as I expected. Anyone who follows the Dodgers knows that Frank McCourt can’t afford to pay Manny the type of money he wants and probably deserves. At the same time, Manny is ridiculously popular…Read More

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