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Friday, October 31, 2014


Jonathan Papelbon: Straight Cash Homey

There’s no secret that I think very highly of Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon. But there’s one thing about him I don’t understand. Check out this head scratcher from Jonathan Papelbon: I’m here to get my fair share of money,” he said. “My main priority is to stay healthy and be able to make money,…Read More

College Boosters Have Nothing on Dice K’s Seibu Lions

Man, just when I thought our collegiate athletics system of hundred dollar handshakes was pretty jacked up, this story comes across my desk. Apparently in Japan, they recruit and reward their baseball players much younger than you could imagine…much younger. From the Boston Herald via my man Ben Maller: Daisuke Matsuzaka’s alma mater is one…Read More

Crash Was Josh Hancock’s Second Car Accident Last Week

Thanks to fellow MLB FanHouser, Matt Watson, I have learned of a few more key details leading up to the unfortunate death of Cardinals reliever Josh Hancock. Turns out that the collision which ended Josh Hancock’s life early Sunday morning was his second collision of the week. Three days earlier, Hancock had a close call…Read More

How Long Before Jeff Weaver Gets Cut?

As far as dog shit pitching goes, Jeff Weaver is coming as close as you can get. And yes, I have the right to say this because I am an Angels fan and experienced exactly what Mariners fans are going through right now. In 2006, while getting paid over $8 million, Weaver went 3-10 with…Read More

Giants Close to a World Series Run?

Note: This post is written by site contributor Ted Bauer. You can check out his work at A Price Above Bip Roberts, which is one of the great blog names around. I associate the San Francisco Giants with failure, and not just because of the 2002 World Series, which transpired when I was a senior…Read More

Best Hitters in the American League

OK, my boy (and occasional site contributor), Alan Hull, brought it up in the comments section for The Travis Hafner Shift picture, that “The Haf is the best hitter in the American league but a good argument can be made for Papi (and maybe now A-Rod).” I thought he had a good, and thought-provoking point….Read More

That Was Definitely Blood on Curt Schilling’s Sock

End the speculation. It was definitely blood on the sock. No question about it. And I will dissect every aspect of it: First, the surgeon explains it all himself (but of course the skeptics would say he’s part of Schilling’s click). Second, an interview on Cold Pizza with a spokesman for the Hall of Fame,…Read More

Yankees Are In LAST Place

(Everyone quick, point your fingers and laugh at the Yankees) And yes, when you have the highest payroll in the game, by FAR, that is totally newsworthy. Sure, it’s only 19 games, and there are 143 to go, but all be damned if this ain’t makin’ the Yankees sweat. How long before Mt. Saint Steinbrenner…Read More

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