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Friday, November 28, 2014


Jack Wilson Proudly Reps Donuts

I guess when you’re the Pittsburgh Pirates, stuck in the middle of a 15 year losing streak, and your fans are about to walk out on you, it doesn’t take much to get you excited. That’s kinda how I would categorize the following news. From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson was the star…Read More

Toledo Mud Hens Fight, Where Was Lou Brown to Break it up?

It’s not like I follow the daily happenings of the Toledo Mud Hens, but this story of exemplary team chemistry was emailed to me and it’s too good to ignore. Funny thing about Mud Hens stories is that I usually recognize at least one of the names of the people involved, since they are a…Read More

Pirates Fans Planning a Walkout

Last year it was Orioles fans, this year, Pirates fans. Apparently. Following the third inning of Saturday’s game against the Nationals, Pirates fans are expected to walk out of the stadium to express their displeasure with the organization. Team leaders Jason Bay and Jack Wilson didn’t have much of a comment in response, but the…Read More

Remembering Rod Beck

Beck happens to be one of the more successful athletes to have graduated from my high school. That in no way brings me anywhere closer to him, it just reminds me that he was a kid from the San Fernando Valley who went to Grant High School in Van Nuys — a regular joe. He…Read More

Schuerholz Implies Andruw Is Gone

On the cusp of free agency to be followed by millions upon millions of dollars, Andruw Jones is struggling through a crappy season. No matter, Braves GM John Schuerholz is already preparing for life without Andruw. Asked if he could imagine the Braves without Jones robbing hitters in center field, Schuerholz offered the following on…Read More

Smoltz Wants Chipper to Sack Up

Nothing like one veteran team leader calling a fellow veteran team leader a pussy in so many words. That’s basically what’s going on in Atlanta, if you can read between the lines of John Smoltz’s recent remarks. The stud pitcher, for whom I’ve already proclaimed my affection, made some comments after Friday’s 5-0 loss to…Read More

Rangers Owner Tom Hicks says Juan Gonzalez was Probably on Steroids

That is great. Fantastic. ESPNEWS was running the clip from an interview that Hicks did on KTVT in Dallas on Tuesday, following the announcement of the one year contract extension for GM Jon Daniels. In the interview, Hicks answers what he thought were some of the mistakes by the franchise. Check out his response: Chan…Read More

Johan’s Making Bert Blyleven Go Bald

Johan tossed a CGSO last night against the Mets, striking out an uncharacteristically low one batter, while throwing an economical 92 pitches. But getting the win for himself and the team wasn’t the only outcome at stake for Santana. There was something more riding on it. The challenge Bert Blyleven made to Johan Santana went…Read More

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