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Monday, May 25, 2015


Edgar Martinez Didn’t See Steroids Rampant in Mariners’ Clubhouse

It’s been quite some time since I’ve mentioned Edgar Martinez’s name in any context. I’ve always liked the man; he was a fantastic hitter, and really made you believe there was a science to it. Perhaps that’s why I take his word as being more credible than that of Shane Monahan, who if you remember,…Read More

Yankees Have This Whole Spring Training Thing All Wrong

First it was Yankees’ catcher Francisco Cervelli getting his wrist broken when Elliot Johnson of the Rays slammed into him at home plate. As a response, Joe Girardi said the Rays were playing too hard and that running over a catcher isn’t something you should be doing in Spring Training. By nature, that’s horrible logic;…Read More

Even at 80, Lasorda Still Runs the 4.4 40

… to the buffet line. Just kidding. But honestly, the belly led the way when Lasagna bolted out of the dugout Tuesday in the Dodgers’ spring training game against the Marlins. The rest of Tommy wasn’t far behind and by the time the entire load made it, his weak-sauce case to argue a call was…Read More

The Pope Messes up Yankees’ Schedule

If you’re an MLB freak and have taken a look at the schedule for the opening month, you may have noticed that the Yankees are getting shafted. They’re essentially on the road from April 8th-28th, a span of nearly three weeks. That’s pretty bad, though not too shocking given typical MLB road trips. But one…Read More

Tiger Woods Got Owned by John Smoltz

Maybe this can put a halt to all the talks about Tiger being the best athlete in the world. A few days after going golfing with a Braves threesome including Tom Glavine, Jeff Francoeur, and John Smoltz, Tiger decided to slip on a batting helmet and step into Smoltz’s office. From the description of the…Read More

Felix Pie Out With a Twisted Testicle

Much like Ken Griffey Jr. who suffered an injury to his nuts recently, Felix Pie is also hurting in the family jewels. The dude apparently missed a few games this spring because of one odd injury — he was out with has been described as a “twisted testicle.” No joke. From the Cubs’ official site,…Read More

Danny Almonte Now Starring for Altus Junior College in Oklahoma

From the “Where are they now?” department comes this update on former Little Leaguer Danny Almonte who once threw a perfect game in the LLWS when he was 14, pitching against 11 and 12 year-olds. Last we heard of Almonte, he was 19 and married to a 30-year-old hairdresser in NYC. He never got drafted…Read More

President Bush Rips on Himself, Red Sox

If approval ratings were based on how the President relates to athletic teams, the country would be demanding a third term for Dubya. The guy broke out all the stops when he met with the Red Sox Wednesday at the White House to congratulate Boston on their World Series win. Amongst some of his zingers,…Read More

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