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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Does Paul Janish Deserve Induction?

In case you’re wondering how this works, yes, I scan MLB boxscores each night. I’m not looking at standings, I’m not looking at pitching lines, I’m not looking at who went deep. There is only one thing on my mind when on Sombrero alert: the K column. And as soon as I see a “4,”…Read More

Milton Bradley Charges the TV Booth

When the term “anger management” was coined, I’m sure the person had Milton Bradley in mind. This is a guy who was one of the nicest dudes I’ve ever been around in an MLB clubhouse. But for some reason, he has a short fuse, and when it gets lit, man, does he blow like nobody…Read More

Elijah Dukes Dissed His Manager, Dawg

LBS and MLB FanHouse favorite, Elijah Dukes, had another magnificent moment on Tuesday night. After clubbing a 9th inning double against the Pirates, he was driven in by Lasting Milledge’s go-ahead two-run HR which eventually won the game. The pair did a little handshake at the plate which has so often become the trend these…Read More

Athletes, Clemens, Now Popping Viagra?

There is something I never will be an expert on: the world of performance enhancing drugs. Just not my thing. As of now, Viagra isn’t an illegal drug according to MLB — what do they care what dudes are doing to enhance their peckers? But it looks like they might develop some interest in investigating…Read More

Joey Votto, Miguel Montero in the Club

I didn’t quite have the chance to post this up after Sunday’s game, but since the Reds are still playing at the time of this publishing, I feel I can induct Joey Votto into the club. Reds first baseman Joey Votto joined the LBS Golden Sombrero Club taken an ofer against the Marlins in a…Read More

Jon Lester Thinks MLB is Stupid

I may have been harsh on Jon Lester in the past, but I’m actually here to defend the guy. When the suspensions for the Coco Crisp/James Shields brawl came down, there was one I couldn’t quite understand: Jon Lester, five games. Where the heck was he in the fight? Nowhere, far as I could tell….Read More

James Shields Has a Mean Hook

OK, first of all, when did the player formerly known as Jamie Shields become James? Nevermind. What is important, however, is that not only does Shields have a wicked breaking ball on the hill, but apparently it serves a dual (duel?) purpose. Check out the hook he unloaded on Coco Crisp in the 2nd inning…Read More

Canseco vs. Schilling, Celebrity Boxing?

The last time I was pulling for a celebrity death match it was to have Tommy Lee and Kid Rock fight over my woman, Pamela. While that certainly would provide entertainment, I’m not quite sure it would generate as much hostility as the scenario Jose Canseco posed. My man Ben Maller points out that Jose…Read More

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