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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Jason Giambi Says Eff You to the Shift

Jason Giambi’s a colorful player, to say the least. It’s stories like his slump-busting golden thong and his lucky porn stache that endears him to the fans (and probably what gets him off the steroids hook in the eye of the public). Anyway, between the thong and the ‘stache, the latest act by Giambi to…Read More

Dodgers Need to Trade Andruw Jones

***This is a special farce written by site contributor Alex Ubeda*** After being benched for three days in a row, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andruw Jones and his agent Scott Boras asked for a trade and the Dodgers responded. The Dodgers are sending Andruw Jones and his $36 million contract to the A’s for 22-year-old…Read More

Great Day to Be an Angels Fan

The double-coup the Angels pulled on Tuesday was easily one of the peaks of the baseball season. First, things got exciting when reports in the morning said the Angels were warming to the idea of acquiring Mark Teixeira from the Braves. Later in the day, the dream became reality and the Angels all of a…Read More

Dodgers Holding Joe Beimel Bobblehead Giveaway Night

Alright, so I was watching the Dodger game the other night when a particular giveaway night they were promoting caught my attention. Just like every other team in MLB, the Dodgers do the whole Fireworks Night, back to school lunch bag giveaway, hat night, and of course, the fan-favorite bobblehead night. Now ordinarily the bobbleheads…Read More

10 Worst Deadline Deals of the Decade

Note: This is something I posted two years ago at my blog on Fox Sports before I had started this site. Since I put so much time into it, I felt it was worth sharing here (and I’ve copied and pasted word-for-word). In light of the upcoming baseball trading deadline, I came up with a…Read More

Could Manny Wind Up a Yankee?

For some reason all the talk out of Boston over the weekend revolved around Manny. I guess it sort of started when he pushed the traveling secretary for the team and had the matter “handled internally” by the organization. Since then, he has missed games because of his knee and even pulled himself out of…Read More

Bust Matt Bush Busted at Bar, Again

If this story looks familiar to you, it’s because we went through this whole thing four years ago. Matt Bush was the No. 1 overall selection in the 2004 MLB draft. The Padres took the local product ahead of top talents who have already produced in the big leagues such as Justin Verlander and Jered…Read More

So Jeff Samardzija Throws Pretty Hard

To understand how I feel about Jeff Samardzija, all you need to know about is one play. Does 20-17 say enough to you? In case it doesn’t, here’s a refresher. Anyway, it’s pretty incredible to see the guy go from balling on the football team at Notre Dame to pitching for the Cubs in only…Read More

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