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Sunday, April 26, 2015


Remembering Kazuhito Tadano and His Gay Porn Video

That Julian Tavarez story we posted about earlier, wherein Tavarez declared if he weren’t a baseball player, he might have pursued a career in adult films, got me thinking. It reminded me of another baseball player who had been in porn. Back when he was a college student in 2002, former Indians pitcher Kazuhito Tadano…Read More

The Angels Own the Yankees

Since Joe Torre took over as manager of the Yankees in 1996, only one Major League team has a winning record against his New York club. And if you can’t guess who it is based on the title of this post, then someone needs to hit you over the head with a tack hammer because…Read More

What’s Wrong with Lance Berkman?

Hey, you remember that Lance Berkman guy? The stud who made you forget who that goateed first baseman was…Bag…er, I forget. I digress, Lance Berkman has been an absolute beast ever since his first full-season in the bigs in 2000. The guys career OPS is .975 — I think that says enough. He’s bombed over…Read More

A Rough Day for Andruw Jones

Not to single out any individual performances or anything … but I must single out an individual performance from Sunday. In case you missed it, Andruw Jones went 0 for 5 against the Red Sox. It wasn’t just any 0 for 5. It was 0 for 5, with five strikeouts. He didn’t even put a…Read More

Raul Ibanez Hurt Himself Sleeping

Look, it’s baseball, home to the weird injury. But this has to make the list. Right up there with Sammy Sosa’s unusual sneeze, Clint Barmes’ deer meat, and Jay Witasick’s watermelon elbow. Raul Ibanez didn’t play for the third time in four games because of a sleeping injury. Seriously. It’s certainly not the most glamorous-sounding…Read More

John Smoltz Is One Tough Mo-Fo

Only 5 days prior to Saturday’s start, John Smoltz dislocated the pinky on his throwing hand while tagging out a runner. Yeah, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “come on, it’s just a pinky, what’s the big deal?” Not so easy The right pinky of Smoltz’s pitching hand was bent upward at a grotesque angle. The…Read More

Happy Birthday, Carlos May

My man, commenter JS pointed this out to me in an email … today, we must celebrate the birthday of Carlos May. He’s the only player (that we know of) who wore his birthday on his uniform! How sweet is that? Happy birthday, Carlos!

Who is Hunter Pence?

He’s a rookie center fielder for the Houston Astros, and he’s absolutely killing the ball. The 24-year-old former 2nd round draft pick of Houston in 2004 is batting .355 through 16 games this year, with 15 RBI. But check out what the rookie’s done recently — the Giants haven’t gotten him out once this series….Read More

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