Delmon Young: Punk With an Attitude

Giving Edwin Encarnacion a run for his money, Delmon Young was yanked from the D-Rays game Saturday for lack of hustling. Manager Joe Maddon said Delmon was disrespecting the game. Delmon as you could imagine, did not take to the benching too happily:

Young said he was treated unfairly because others have been doing the same thing. An inning earlier, B.J. Upton didn’t run when he hit a line drive that was dropped by shortstop Ray Olmedo, but Maddon said that was a different situation.

“S—, everybody else is m—–f—— doing it,” Young said. “S—, I’m the only one who m—–f—— gets in trouble for the s—. … I play every day. I don’t complain about going out there. So, I’ll see you guys next year. I’m shut down for (today).”

And with that, the Delmon left the building. Wow. Serious. Attitude. Issues. Don’t forget the infamous bat toss hammer throw. There’s no way the Rays turn their organization around with that type of behavior on the club, I don’t care how talented the players are. Poor form by Delmon, not just on the field, but for refusing to show up for the final game. Brutal.

(via Red at MLB FanHouse)

UPDATE: Per BNLizard in the comments, Young apologized to Maddon, and entered the finale on Sunday as a sub in the 6th.

Baseball Players Know how to Haze

My favorite was a while back when the Dodgers took Chan Ho Park’s finest suit and turned it into a tank top and shorts on a road trip. As you could imagine, Chan Ho was none too pleased about that. Here’s Josh Barfield from last year, courtesy 100% Injury Rate:

Also head over there to check their awesome compilation of the best rookie hazing this year in baseball. Believe me, there are some beauties.

Ken Griffey Jr.’s Nuts Hurt

There are some quotes that are so legendary you just have to spread the love. This would be one of them. From Awful Announcing and Matt Watson at FanHouse, comes this description of Ken Griffey Jr.’s latest injury, suffered Wednesday night:

Griffey said he didn’t remember anything after the initial shock of pain. He said he knew he threw it, but not sure where.

“The best way I can describe it is it felt like somebody bungee jumped off my right nut,” Griffey said.

I’m going to go throw up my lunch now. My balls hurt just reading that. And men, don’t act like you’ve never been there before. You know exactly what he’s talking about.

Lasorda/Clinton, Seperated at Birth?

That’s the Tommy Lasorda bobblehead that will be given out on Friday night at Dodger Stadium. It was pointed out in Alyssa Milano’s Dodger fan blog that it looks just like Bill Clinton, and you know what? She’s right. That’s exactly what Tommy would look like if he had maintained his Ultra Slim Fast diet.

That’s it?! Only 200 to Watch Marlins?

Truly taking Bob Uecker’s “nobody’s listening anyways” line to heart, the Marlins were playing in front of literally, almost nobody. That’s according to reports out of the Miami Herald. Man, we’re talking less than some of my high school games. This is brutal:

The announced attendance Monday at Dolphin Stadium was 12,345, but the crowd was estimated at about 1,000 and after a 40-minute rain delay in the seventh, there were probably 200 fans left in a stadium that seats more than 67,000 for baseball.

”Yeah that’s very [tough],” Olsen said of the tiny crowd. “We go into New York and Philadelphia and there’s 40,000 fans and we come here and there’s two. It’s very tough.”

If a player homers in Dolphin Stadium and nobody is there to witness it, did it really happen? Just something for you to ponder. And yeah, that’s gotta be embarrassing for these guys. When your major league crowds are smaller than your minor league crowds, it can’t be too fun.

Chest Bump to Ben Maller

Eric Gagne: Tipping Pitches, or Lame Excuse?

As I posted at FanHouse, the Red Sox think they have gotten to the bottom of Eric Gagne’s recent struggles. They say he was tipping his pitches, and that the problem has been corrected.

We’ve reviewed film very extensively and we felt like there were some things he might be doing which would indicate the pitch he was throwing,” said Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell. “To alleviate that we made some subtle adjustments.”

What the Red Sox reliever was doing was holding his glove down by his waist before his delivery and then grabbing for the ball in a different manner, depending on the pitch. For a fastball he was coming in more from the side, for a breaking ball from the top.

Here’s my issue: when pitchers struggle, why do one of two things always follow? Either one, they go on the DL with a mysterious “injury” (most often a bruised ego), or two, everyone says they’re tipping pitches. How about this one for a change: the pitcher just sucks! Is that a possibility? Why can’t we ever check C on the multiple choice test? Maybe Gagne ran out of steam. Maybe he was nervous. Maybe he lost some zip on the fastball. Why is it always that the pitcher is hurt, or tipping pitches? I’m not so sure if I buy it. I’m calling bullcrap.

Nick Lachey Almost Bought the Reds?

About a year ago, man-bander Nick Lachey became an owner of a minor league baseball team called the Tacoma Rainiers. That’s cool to me, because the dude can probably pour a little bit of cash into the organization should the need arise. What I didn’t know however, was that Lachey almost joined the elite company of Marge Schott. In an interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, he says he almost bought the Cincinnati Reds.

How did you get involved with the Tacoma Rainiers?

About two or three years ago, I was involved with a group that was trying to buy the Cincinnati Reds, which is my hometown. And we didn’t get the team, but obviously it kind of sparked that interest in me. The Rainiers were up for sale and… it was a good opportunity.

Hot damn, I’m just glad we didn’t have to find out what the 7th inning stretches would have been like at that ballpark. Who would’ve thrown out the first pitch on Opening Day? Backstreet Boys? O-Town? Good thing we didn’t have to live through that chapter of life. Could you just see Lachey chewing out Edwin Encarnacion after a game? ROTFLMAO!