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Sunday, December 17, 2017


Albert Pujols, Erick Aybar mess with Yasiel Puig before game

The Los Angeles Angels are having a lot of fun with Yasiel Puig this week. One night after Albert Pujols showed up Puig by tagging up at first and taking second on a fly out to center, Pujols and Erick Aybar decided to mess with the young Dodgers star on the field before the game.

A few innings before Pujols tagged up and took second on Puig Monday night, Puig tried to double Aybar off at first on a fly ball. The two exchanged finger wags. The horseplay on the field was obviously a spillover from all the ribbing that was exchanged the night before.

In the end, Puig and the Dodgers got the last laugh with a walk-off win in the 9th inning.


GIF via @cjzero

Adam Dunn pitched an inning and looked pretty good (Video)

Adam Dunn pitchingAdam Dunn of all people saw his first career action on the mound Tuesday when he pitched the 9th inning of his White Sox 16-0 blowout loss to the Texas Rangers, and he didn’t even embarrass himself.

Dunn started the 9th with his team down 15-0 and allowed a run on two hits and a walk. He got Elvis Andrus to ground out, JP Arencibia to foul out, and Rougned Odor to fly out. He did give up singles to Jim Aducci and Adam Rosales, and he walked Adrian Beltre. But check out the movement on this 81-mph pitch he threw to Beltre:

GIF: Adam Dunn with some nasty movement. Beltre is impressed.  on Twitpic

Was that his fastball? I’m not sure. He was mostly in the low-80s, which was enough to get the job done. And did he signal what pitch he was throwing to Andrus in that video? Sure looked like it.

The best to come out of Dunn’s pitching appearance may have been the great postgame quotes. Via MLB.com’s Scott Merkin:

Dunn’s career ERA now stands at 9.00. Maybe manager Robin Ventura can give him another inning of relief work to see if he can lower it to a respectable 4.50.

GIF via @corkgaines

Report: Biogenesis suspensions coming for two more players

Tony BoschTony Bosch and a number of other people who are linked to his Biogenesis clinic were arrested on Thursday morning in connection with the Drug Enforcement Agency’s “Operation Strikeout.” Bosch will plead guilty to illegally distributing steroids, and more MLB suspensions are expected as a result of the investigation.

According to ESPN’s TJ Quinn, law enforcement officials said Tuesday that their investigation has revealed two previously unnamed MLB players. Both are expected to be suspended by MLB.

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Bosch has provided steroids and other drugs to both professional athletes and high school-aged athletes. It was previously reported that MLB would put in a good word for Bosch with law enforcement officials if he cooperated in nailing Alex Rodriguez to the wall, which it seems he has done.

While Bosch could face up to a 10-year prison sentence for his charges, Quinn reports that the Biogenesis founder’s attorney struck a deal with the US Attorney’s office that had “little to do with” MLB. It is unclear if that alleged deal has anything to do with the two new names that have surfaced.

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Vin Scully uses high voice after umpire takes ball to the nuts (Video)

Umpire-ball-to-nutsVin Scully is one of the most remarkable 86-year-old men on planet Earth. Not only will he be returning to broadcast Los Angeles Dodgers games for a 66th season in 2015, but Scully is also still amazing at his job. His sense of humor remains fully intact, and he proved it in fantastic fashion on Monday night.

Home plate umpire Manny Gonzalez took a foul ball to a very bad spot during the 8th inning of the Los Angeles Angels’ win over the Dodgers. Scully described the ball as having nailed Gonzalez in “more than the right way” before playing out a hypothetical conversation between Gonzalez and Angels catcher Hank Conger.

Yup, Scully went with the high-pitched voice when impersonating Gonzalez. I’ve literally watched the above video about 15 times and can’t stop. The old man is still hilarious. I love it.

Video via The Big Lead

Mets accidentally give out souvenir with Phillies logo on it


The New York Mets did something over the weekend that is so New York Mets we would be remiss if we failed to mention it. The first 15,000 fans who arrived at Citi Field to watch the Mets get their asses handed to them by the San Francisco Giants were given a toy truck from W.B. Mason. At least one of them had a team logo on it that was not a Mets logo.

As Justin Klugh of Philly.com pointed out, a fan tweeted a photo of his souvenir truck during the game. It had a Philadelphia Phillies logo on it.

That could have happened to any team, right? When you give away 15,000 free items, one of them is bound to have a division rival’s team logo on it. It happens all the time, just like a team accidentally emailing its general manager’s credit card info to the media. All standard stuff.

H/T Extra Mustard

Tony Bosch surrenders to DEA; A-Rod’s cousin Yuri Sucart arrested


Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch surrendered to the Drug Enforcement Agency on Tuesday morning as part of the DEA’s “Operation Strikeout.” The news was first reported by ESPN’s TJ Quinn.

Bosch has agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids. The charges against Bosch are not limited to providing steroids to professional athletes, as he also allegedly distributed controlled substances to numerous high school-aged athletes.

While Bosch could face up to 10 years in prison, Quinn reports that he surrendered after his attorney struck a deal with the US Attorney’s office. If you remember, part of Bosch’s dealing with Major League Baseball included a guarantee from the league that they would put in a good word with law enforcement officials if Bosch agreed to cooperate. It is unclear what type of role — if any — Bosch’s alleged agreement with MLB played in his decision to surrender.

In addition to Bosch, several other Biogenesis associates were brought into custody on Tuesday morning. Alex Rodrguez’s cousin Yuri Sucart was also arrested on conspiracy charges.

Sucart filed a $5 million defamation lawsuit against A-Rod last year after Rodriguez publicly stated that Sucart pressured him to take steroids several years ago. If the charges against Sucart are upheld, it will be interesting to see if MLB or the New York Yankees can tie him to A-Rod.

Photo: Twitter/TJ Quinn

Albert Pujols shows up Yasiel Puig by tagging up and taking second (Video)

Albert Pujols taught Yasiel Puig a valuable lesson during Monday night’s game between the Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers. When Pujols was on first with LA leading 5-0 in the eighth inning, he somehow managed to tag up and take second base on a fly out to center field.

Pujols, who doesn’t run well at all, completely caught Puig off guard. Puig nonchalantly fielded the fly ball before realizing what Pujols was up to. Albert easily beat the youngster’s throw and mocked him for it after the inning ended.


Puig had fun with several of the Angels players over the course of the night. He made a catch on a line drive to center field two minutes earlier and tried to throw behind Erick Aybar to double him off at first, but Aybar got back safely. The two exchanged finger wags.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly told reporters after the game that he hopes Pujols taught Puig something.

“I hope he learns a lesson from it,” he said, per MLB.com’s Alden Gonzalez. “Albert knows how to play the game. Albert takes a few hard steps and if Yasiel comes up throwing, he stops. He drops his head and Albert knows there’s no play. We talked about them being an aggressive team. If you don’t pay attention, they will embarrass you, and he embarrassed him there.”

Puig has shown us on several occasions that he has a tremendous arm, which is what made Pujols’ successful tag up so hilarious. Now we see why Mattingly is hesitant to put Puig in center.

H/T Big League Stew

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