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Monday, July 27, 2015


I Guess Jeff Kent Didn’t do Steroids

He’s just one of those guys — the kind you hate when he’s on the other team, and the kind you, well, begrudgingly accept when he’s on yours. Actually, for my family, it was quite easy to not only accept Jeff Kent, but moreover, embrace him when he came to the Dodgers. The man works…Read More

Goose Gossage Would Have Been Tempted by Steroids

I was particularly intrigued by this story that came out Wednesday. Hall of Fame reliever Goose Gossage said he’d probably be tempted to use steroids if they were available in his day. From the NY Daily News: “They weren’t around in my time, but if they were I probably would have been tempted to use…Read More

Roger Clemens Won’t Call Steroids and HGH Users Cheaters

One part of Roger Clemens’ press conference today that stood out to me was when a reporter asked Clemens if he considered HGH and steroids users cheaters. Clemens did not directly answer the question — like he was scared to call himself a cheater. He was put on the spot and danced around the issue….Read More

The Oakland A’s Have Conceded 2008

Which makes me quite pleased as an Angels fan. As I told my buddy Alan today, this could be the year they finish at the bottom of the division. It’s looking like they’ll be behind Texas in the standings — how crazy is that? The A’s have broken off two of their most valuable parts…Read More

Hideo Nomo Is Back! … sorta

I got pretty pumped up recently when it was announced that the Dodgers would be bringing Chan Ho Park in for a look during Spring Training. As you could imagine, I was equally stoked to hear that Hideo Nomo would be given an opportunity to make a major league roster (yes, I realize I’m being…Read More

Padres Wisely Gambling on Mark Prior

ESPN, whose reporter Buster Olney wrote up the news of Prior’s agreement to a one-year, $1 million deal with San Diego, has a great graphic on Prior. In 2003, he won 18 games and finished third in NL Cy Young voting. In 57 starts since then, Mark Prior has won just 18 games. I don’t…Read More

Dodgers Stole Andruw Jones

OK, maybe it wasn’t exactly a heist, but it was a great signing by the LA club. After watching the Angels drop $90 mil on Torii Hunter, the Dodgers spent about a third the price on Andruw Jones, who is a superior player. Just when I thought they would do something dumb like throw $60…Read More

Jon Lester Is the Next Casey Fossum

It irks me when I hear about unproven players “holding up” deals because teams are unwilling to trade them. I understand the thought process for most teams — if you drafted a player, your franchise has invested in him, therefore you want to reap those benefits. For most GMs, it’s not easy to trade someone…Read More

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