Cubs fan makes great catch on homer, switches it and throws another ball back (Video)

Cubs-fan-catchAn elderly fan that was sitting in the Wrigley Field bleachers during the Chicago Cubs-Milwaukee Brewers game on Monday went from being just another spectator to owning the night in a matter of seconds. It all started with a great catch on a Mark Reynolds home run.

If you are going to wear a glove to the ballpark, you might as well turn in a Web Gem. This white-haired gentleman did just that to keep the ball in the stadium, but it was what he did after his awesome catch that impressed me the most.

Not wanting to give off the impression that he was excited to have a home run ball that came off the bat of the enemy, the guy quickly switched the ball for a dummy ball and threw the dummy ball back. You could tell it wasn’t the ball Reynolds hit because it was so filthy, but I’m sure most people didn’t notice. That was an all-time boss move.

Justin Verlander had ‘worst stuff’ of his career before shoulder injury

Justin VerlanderJustin Verlander pitched just one inning for the Detroit Tigers against the Pittsburgh Pirates Monday night before being removed with shoulder discomfort. Manager Brad Ausmus said Verlander wanted to stay in the game but there was no sense risking injury when his “delivery looked different.” His pitches looked pretty bad, too.

Despite not wanting to exit after giving up four earned runs in one inning, Verlander admitted he had no command over his pitches.

“Warming up, it didn’t feel great,” he said, via Tom Gage of The Detroit News. “Then it started loosening up. When I got on the mound, there were no sharp pains but the ball wasn’t coming out of my hand good at all.

“I was throwing 88 or 90, the worst stuff of my career. I told Brad I wanted to go back out there and would let him know if it got worse. But he said that was the end of my night. It’s been lingering for a little while, but I didn’t think I’d be risking anything more by going back out there.”

The Tigers lost 11-6 and fell into second place after the Kansas City Royals beat the Oakland A’s. Detroit has been in first since June 19, but there are still a lot of games remaining in the regular season. Had this been a postseason game, Ausmus probably would have let Verlander stay in.

“After watching him, I didn’t want to risk him getting seriously injured,” Ausmus explained. “His delivery looked different. My gut told me something was bothering him. I was immediately worried from the start of the game.”

Verlander has not been right all season. He is 10-11 with a 4.76 ERA coming off offseason sports hernia surgery. Miguel Cabrera, who had the same procedure done as Verlander, said last month that both have been struggling to regain their form. Cabrera seems to be having an easier time with it than Verlander.

With David Price now in the mix, the Tigers could have the best postseason rotation in baseball if healthy. Verlander seems to be struggling with the health thing at the moment.

Giancarlo Stanton hits another 470-foot home run (Video)

Giancarlo-Stanton-home-runGiancarlo Stanton has hit five home runs in his last five games. The 24-year-old phenom is on a tear at the plate, and many of his 31 homers this year could have probably left the ballpark twice if possible. His second of two long balls on Monday night traveled an estimated 470 feet.

Stanton, who homered in the first and third innings, has now hit seven home runs of 450 feet or more this season. That is more than any other team combined, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

When Jay Bruce robbed Stanton of a homer on Sunday, I joked that Stanton will have to hit it further over the wall next time if he wants it to count. I didn’t think he’d shut me up the very next day.

Oh, and Stanton can get it done with the glove, too. After belting his two homers, Stanton made a great play to rob Kolten Wong of extra bases in the fifth inning.

Is there anything this guy can’t do?

Jay Bruce robs Giancarlo Stanton of home run (Video)

Jay-Bruce-robs-home-runMiami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton hit his 29th home run of the season in the 1st inning against the Cincinnati Reds on Sunday. He should have followed it up by blasting his 30th homer of the year in the 8th, but Jay Bruce had other plans.

Stanton hit a high fly ball to the opposite field that looked like it was going to clear the wall, but Bruce timed his jump perfectly to make the catch. The ball hung up in the air for so long that it would have been understandable if Bruce lost track of it.

See what happens when you don’t launch it 100 feet over the fence, Giancarlo? Better to be safe and hit the ball a mile next time.

Bryce Harper purposely messes up Braves logo behind plate (Video)

Bryce Harper showed some disrespect to the Atlanta Braves by scuffing up the team’s logo behind home plate as he went to bat each plate appearance in Saturday’s 4-1 win in extra innings.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Chris Vivlamore says Harper did it each time he went to the plate during his 2-for-4 game. Vivlamore says Harper has been booed by the fans each time he has come to the plate, which could be the reason why he scuffed up the logo.

Harper played dumb when asked about it after the game.

“That’s the last thing on my mind when I’m coming to the plate. I have no idea,” Harper said after the game via the Washington Post’s James Wagner.

GIF: Bryce Harper scuffs Braves "A" behind home pla... on Twitpic

Yeah, sorry, not buying it, Bryce. Tell me that toe drag isn’t intentional:

Bryce Harper Braves logo

GIF via @cjzero

Coco Crisp’s latest haircut is definitely worth checking out (Video)

Coco Crisp of the Oakland A’s seems like one of the more fun loving guys in Major League Baseball and when it comes to his appearance, he generally attracts attention.

coco-crisp-haircutA couple of years ago, Crisp caught eyes with this tattoo/piercing. And who could forget the glorious afro he blessed us with after taking his braids out.

Sticking with Coco Crisp’s hair, check out the do he was sporting against the Minnesota Twins.

More power to him, because I definitely couldn’t pull that off. From the front, it looks normal enough. When Crisp turns around, is when you get the full effect.

That’s so Coco Crisp.

Yasiel Puig breaks bat on check swing (Video)

Yasiel Puig either has superhuman strength that leads him to do things nobody else can, or the guy really needs to check his lumber before approaching the plate.

Puig was up in the top of the 7th inning of the Dodgers’ 9-3 loss to the Brewers Friday when he broke his bat on a check swing. A check swing. There wasn’t even a ball around to saw him off. No Mariano Rivera cutter on the hands. No Aroldis Chapman 104 mph fastball busting his bat. He broke his bat just by checking his swing.

Wood cannot handle Puig’s power. Look at the bat bend:

Yasiel Puig broken bat