Cubs fan drops wedding ring on field while catching home run ball (Video)

A Chicago Cubs fan nearly turned a souvenir into a major mistake on Tuesday night when he dropped his wedding ring onto the field while snagging a Jorge Soler home run ball.

Michael Haberkorn was ecstatic when he caught Soler’s home run in the 7th inning of Chicago’s 7-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds. He was all smiles while handing out high-fives until he looked down at his left hand and the look on his face turned into one of sheer terror.


Haberkorn realized he was no longer wearing his wedding band. It’s unclear when the ring popped off, but he was fortunate enough that it ended up on the warning track and was relatively easy to spot.


According to Cut 4, security later retrieved the hardware for Haberkorn and he even got to meet Soler.

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“Congratulations to him, and I guess me too for catching the ball,” Haberkorn said.

Congratulations to Haberkorn because he gets to keep the souvenir. If he lost his wedding ring while catching a homer, his wife probably would have burned the ball.

Adam Jones smashes pies in fans’ faces after Orioles clinch division (Video)

The Baltimore Orioles — yes, the Baltimore Orioles — clinched their first AL East division title in 17 years on Tuesday night with an 8-2 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. The O’s haven’t exactly had the best attendance all season (14th in the MLB with a ballpark that is 66% full on average), but Adam Jones didn’t hold that against the fans who stuck around celebrate with the team.

Jones incorporated several fans into the popular pie-to-the-face celebration ritual. The star center fielder smashed several Orioles fans with pies and gave them a moment they’ll remember forever.


Baseball players love to celebrate after a long season, and we have seen teams shower fans in champagne and beer on several occasions. Jones’ approach was refreshingly original.

Braves fan ejected for heckling Bryce Harper (Video)

Tim-Welke-ejects-fanAn Atlanta Braves fan took it a bit too far while trying to distract Bryce Harper on Tuesday night, and he was ejected from the ballpark as a result. During the 6th inning of Washington’s NL East-clinching win over the Braves, a fan could be heard raining four-letter words down on Bryce Harper.

“Bryce Harper you f—ing suck you piece of s—!” the fan said with dignity and class.

To Harper’s credit, the Nationals star ignored the fan and was prepared to continue his at-bat. Home plate umpire Tim Welke, on the other hand, had heard enough. As Big League Stew noted, the fan had reportedly been harassing Harper for several innings.

“Hey! Hey! Get rid of that guy!” Welke yelled toward a Turner Field usher. “Get rid of him now!”

The fan was promptly escorted off the premises.

Some fans who heckle players are fortunate enough to later take a selfie with them, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. There are creative and permissible ways to go about trying to distract the opposing team. That guy didn’t use any of them.

The irony of the whole situation is that the Nationals went on to clinch the NL East while the Braves are 5.5 games back in the wildcard race. If Atlanta was in the hunt, there might have been enough noise at Turner field to drown out that fan’s naughty language.

Video via Reddit

Charles Barkley’s first pitch at Cubs game was just off the mark (Video)

Charles Barkley was one heck of a basketball player, but his talents on the court certainly did not transfer to the diamond.

Sir Charles threw out the first pitch before Tuesday’s Cubs-Reds game at Wrigley Field and his pitch was not one of the best we’ve seen. If a batter were in the box, the pitch probably would have hit him in the leg, not that it would have hurt at Chuck’s velocity.

Barkley later did an interview with FOX Sports and talked about the first pitch. He said he didn’t really play baseball growing up and said this was his first time throwing out a first pitch.

At least Chuck didn’t look completely “ridiculus” on his toss.

Charles Barkley first pitch

Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig got into argument in dugout (Video)

Yasiel-Puig-Matt-Kemp-arguingYasiel Puig and Matt Kemp appeared to get into a heated exchange during the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 11-3 win over the Colorado Rockies on Monday night, but no one on the team has been willing to say why. The altercation took place during the sixth inning. Manager Don Mattingly was later seen speaking to Puig through Puig’s interpreter.

As you might expect, Mattingly kept the details of the incident in-house.

“Oh, just talking in the dugout, same old things,” he told reporters sarcastically, via Mark Saxon of ESPNLosAngeles.com. “We’re like the [Oakland] A’s, the ’72 A’s.”

The A’s won three consecutive championships in the 1970s but were notorious for getting into fights with their own teammates. Reggie Jackson and Billy North even had an full-blown brawl in 1974.

Kemp was equally vague, basically ignoring any questions about his exchange with Puig.

“A good game we played today, huh? Good game,” he said. “Go Dodgers!”

Kemp had struck out and Puig had walked during the sixth inning. The Dodgers ended up scoring eight runs in the frame, but Saxon speculated that Kemp may have been upset with Puig when the youngster didn’t take third base on Adrian Gonzalez’s single before Kemp came to the plate.

Mattingly was reportedly upset with Puig in spring training over his baserunning blunders, so that wouldn’t be a surprise. We all know how much of a scatter brain he can be.

Chris Davis helps flip truck over after accident on highway

Chris-Davis-silent-treatmentAfter accepting a 25-game suspension for testing positive for Adderall, Chris Davis will be away from the Baltimore Orioles for the immediate future.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Davis will be out of the news, however.

On Monday, the Orioles first baseman found himself in a situation that required assistance, and he provided just that.

There are surely more than a few who are disappointed at Davis for his suspension, but even they can be appreciated of his act during a time of need.

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Jason Kipnis curses out Indians fan who calls team ‘pathetic’

Jason-Kipnis-IndiansThe Cleveland Indians were swept by the Detroit Tigers over the weekend in a crucial three-game series that may have spoiled their chances to win the AL Central. The Indians are now 6.5 games out of first in the division and 5 behind in the wild card race. One fan traveled to Detroit for Saturday’s game and was disgusted with what he saw.

After the Tigers came from behind to beat Cleveland thanks to a two-run homer in the eighth by Alex Avila, the fan took to Twitter to blast his team. He got a very animated response from Jason Kipnis.


Here’s the embedded version of Kipnis’ tweet without the salty language censored:

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